Psychological Warfare, Antarctica, and Disclosure of Advanced Technology

I only trust myself and those who’m I have been in operation with.

Everything taking place on the surface is a form of psychological warfare. Literally, everything we see is first drawn up by a team and a research group of scientists and psychologists and occultists and then presented to the population after signatures and approvals and tweaking and the rest. Nothing we see up here is actually “happening”, it’s all a preplanned show that they call “Society”.

The unveiling of ancient Antarctic pyramids and structures were the initiation of a new phase of unveiling.

I was informed that the way The Unveiling (disclosure/the event) is handled can be through direct-disclosure being received as soft-disclosure. IE: Various groups releasing such information as ancient Antarctic pyramids existing which clearly indicate that the publicly sold version of history, civilization, and the origins of humanity are not what they seem, yet everyone still just goes along like it’s any other day.

Or, at a certain point, depending on the contradiction or conflict generated between those seeking to unveil the truth and those seeking to cover it up, the disclosure goes overt as a result of that very conflict.

The conflict is between those who have done things they do not want the public to know about and ruled over the masses through these secret groups and pacts.

They know that ultimately the truth must come out. It’s not a matter of if, but of when and how. They know that they will then be seen for who they really are and because of this they’ve developed many scapegoats, false-leads, distractions, scenarios, re-diversions of revelation, and so on and so forth.

They lead and rule by fear programming and everyone involved undergoes mind-washing fear programming to replace their morals with that of the group and to manipulate the bio-chemistry and neurological processes to deviate from the capacity to process information critically and re-ignite the self-willed decision making process.

Ultimately the program creates single minded, cybernetic robotoid people who are surgically, chemically, and hypnotically mind-controlled to carry out the bidding of the secret groups who do not wish to be revealed.

Within this, there are groups that do wish to be revealed. Because these groups are not willing to torture people and operate on their brains in order to produce psychic, psi-assassins and supersoldiers, this group must wait patiently for humanity to catch on and begin to give them the support that they require in order to make any overt, reality changing moves.

The truth behind this is that it is improper to come in and change an entire civilization up by revealing yourself or information especially if there is a kind of stand-off where the masses will be lost to terror attacks or war initiated by the other secret groups and in the same sense if the population will never learn on their own if another individual always ‘fixes’ the situation for them.

This has apparently happened 6 or 7 times before and civilization is on a repeat cycle while after each cataclysm the secret groups remain underground or in another “land” that can be access through Earth either physically or psychically and then they return as civilization begins again and rule over humanity through deception and superior knowledge.

Do the ends justify the means? This is the motto and question that always arises. Would it be worth it to destroy an entire civilization just to maintain secrecy and power in your group, if your group doesn’t hold the keys to the future? What if that secret group is, in fact, as a result of their genetic patterns, de-evolving out of sync with nature and becoming an inorganic species that no longer contains the cosmic and spiritual complexities to incorporate a soul-ed multi-dimensional existence?

That group then, through the greed and fear programming that they developed and maintained (even if they say other spooky guys came and did it to them first) reaps what they sow as they struggle so hard to defend themselves, to protect themselves, and the means that they use to do this results in the end not being valid in any way.

A cybernetic, immortalized, pain-pleasure based existence not only changes the brain structures to that of a psychopath or someone without the higher functioning brain centers active, it changes the energetic structure of the soul and DNA to devolve into a lesser complex being that can only maintain the essences of emotion and physicality that are necessary through the actions and uses of the system they belong to. In short, secrecy, power-methods (alone), and overly disingenuous means destroy the end that they seek to generate.

The rainbow bridge collapses under the weight of the heavy heart and those travelers remain trapped here, nomadic under their own presence.


So now that we can see that the Antarctic pyramids have begun to be revealed and along with this now people have a backdrop for the stories and claims of an ancient civilization there, WW2 missions and experiences regarding other races and electrogravitic craft, and all the other bits of information regarding that which people are not informed of, things will move forward as a result.

Once this part is fully secured, the disclosure of this Antarctic location as the source of highly advanced technology will be next.

I feel I have said this before as well, once this part is fully secured, the disclosure of this Antarctic location as the source of highly advanced technology will be next.

When we see this disclosure of highly advanced technology take place after the results of the revelation of the ancient Antarctic pyramids, we will know we are going to begin covert phase-2 disclosure and that overt phase-1 disclosure is on the horizon.

Overt disclosure will come when the people who performed these secret rituals admit that they were only doing it because of their cloned bodies that they designed in an effort to provide immortality to humanity and that their behaviors should be excused for the great gift they give to the masses.

Of course, this will be used to pull the neurological and genetic material of the masses into the machine that will attempt to use this incorporation of abundance to gather and construct its own pathway from the lower realms into the higher.

When we see the beginning of disclosure of ancient technology, this will also be used to direct the attention away from certain groups here and develop the baseline for the projection of power and manipulation onto certain boogie men that will be utilized to create one of the biggest on going shows in existence. Complete with make up, characters, role-cast, producers, film crews, maintenance crews, background or supporting artists and so on.

We can’t stop this show from taking place. We can, however, inform others and become informed ourselves so that we can remain focused on the truth of reality in that all of this can be whatever we make it but what has gone on in secrecy must come to the light and the people who are manipulating others to serve their own agenda which has blocked this civilization from attaining sovereignty must be both seen for who they are as well as given the opportunity to redeem themselves.

Continuing the cycle of hatred is the final trick that the control groups use. If enough people carry that in their hearts and minds, then this energy is literally used to construct timelines off of and through this process the whole cycle can be made to continue, however artificial and ultimately damning that process may become.

So the real truth is in uplifting our hearts and each other, WHILE those who are READY uncover the truth and assist in bringing it to the population.

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