There is Endless Love

In this environment there is love, and with the death of a loved one there is a lesson to be learned and love to be had. In the pain of life there is truth and enjoyment, but you are free to face the darkness as that is the contrast which makes the light bright.

Life is about a choice, an expression. We are given the choice to see the smaller view through the influencing of the pieces that generate experience or to see the larger picture which influences the whole. We may not always see the larger picture immediately, this is the point of learning. The larger picture always encompasses a lesson that incorporate the higher and the lower aspects, the beauty and the pain. There is no one sightedness in the larger view.

Once you know this duality, you can choose to focus on the darkness or you can choose to focus on the light and what you choose to focus on will expand through your awareness.

If we can see the beauty in the contrast, the truth in pain, the sensitivity in our own changing emotions, then we can continue to enjoy life to embrace the pain, to allow ourselves to express what we feel even when this is not what people are used to.

In a moment of joy there is an embrace of happiness, yet eventually that happiness will gently fade back down to neutrality. Some people are afraid to feel joy because of that knowledge that of temporality.

If we can see retain that joy in the moment of pain then we can learn from every change that we are faced with, even when we initially feel overwhelmed. Eventually, when the pain fades, that is what has happened, however we can embrace this in the moment instead of allowing time to play that role.

We can embrace both sides of existence, life and new life and choose to see beyond the smaller portion that we have access to from the physical perspective. From this notion we can project ourselves beyond the discontentment and tap into the soul of emotion, beauty, and truth that hides within any and every challenge.

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