In the Beginning

“Kind of reminds me of the movie AI where the kid was artificial but became self aware. He outlived the planet and everyone he loved, until he was recovered by benevolent aliens. They were able to re-create his favorite moments for him to enjoy which he did at first, but it was faked based on his own memories they were able to collect. Very interesting but ultimately very sad.” – Ian Horridge

That’s life.

“In the beginning there was Self alone, in the shape of a person.

He looking round saw nothing but himself.

He feared. Therefore anyone who is alone feels fear.

He thought: “Since there is nothing but myself, why then should I fear?”

Thence his fear passed away. But he felt no delight.

He wished for a second. He was so large as man and woman together.

He then made this his Self to fall in two, and thence arose man and woman.

He embraced her, and the world was born.

~ Upanishads”

Now imagine the loneliest you could possibly be. All that has passed has passed, all that will come has yet to be seen. All that you will meet have been met, all that are to be met are yet to be. All is before you, yet you are alone. Time has stopped, yet you have access to eternity.

There is only you, now. What do you feel?

There may be fear from loneliness, from the feeling that all has not been achieved. That all has not been witnessed, that there is something missing. There may be a feeling of loss, or of a missing piece of existence that is a portion of the entirety of existence. In this state, the perception of missing something may literally be a part of the entirety of existence.

Soon this fear may increase until there is a breaking point. A shift in perception where one realizes that there is nothing to fear if one is entirely and all alone. If all that can happen has happened and all that will happen has not yet. That is the state of equilibrium before, beyond, and after all states of change.

Soon though, there will be another shift. After the calmness, fear, calmness, and peace goes there will come an excitation. An arousal of care and curiosity. A change will begin, this time a more complex shift.

This change is like an alchemy within the self. The perception of the self changes and the ability to feel simultaneously intensifies and becomes refracted. Through this refraction there is the possibility of reflection. Now the other self is born through this reflection. This self is a mirror image of the original. Yet, to mirror the original of all that is would be to create more, which is not what happens because then the original would not be all that is. So in this refraction and reflection the original changes as well, and there is more than a refraction and a reflection of the original but two new selves created.

From these two selves created through an internal alchemy shift in perception within, the entire world around them changes as a result.

Thus, the external world of sensation and perception is born.


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