Memories of Parallel Earth and the “Cleansing”

People have access to memories of parallel Earth.
This Earth is the version where the majority, if not all of the darkness was compressed to. As a result there is constant fighting and experience of ignorance here, yet in the other version there is a paradise like existence with minimal suffering and ignorance.

This resulted in the “system” of reality being stressed to the maximal capacity and causing the minds of people to literally go into chaos.

What’s coming is either a fracture of this layer which would fracture “reality” all the way up the list like glass, or release of the majority of he chaos from here due to a withdrawal of the methods used to send all the suffering here.

There are explanations such as how the ones doing this are not even fully aware of why they are doing it because the selves they experience in the other realities are in paradise and know no pain yet the selves they experience here which they rarely collect are seen as an originator of suffering in this realm. This is because their parallel selves are taking part in the clandestine acts of cleansing all the suffering and ignorance from the higher parallel Earths and directing that all to this one.

These ‘layers’ are considered ‘timelines’ of Earth. Universal octaves of existence. The people who have this knowledge are usually estranged from this reality to a degree because this one is where the majority of the suffering in the universe is contained. The octaves of the universe are the same as the 7 harmonic octaves of sound and tones, the 7 colors, the 7 vowels, 7 chakras, 7 basic emotions, and so on.


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