Cloning, Supercomputer Assisted Holographic Consciousness Replication and Time Travel

Cloning as Offspring

The human body can be cloned similar to the way a plant can be cloned. A number of “replicas” can be made from the original genetic material. There is still a mother required however the process is not quite similar to natural reproduction where the genetic material of two people is combined to form a third. This process replicates the material so that the ‘offspring’ is the same as one of the donors.

What this truly infers is the question of whether the original consciousness stays in the original body or whether the consciousness actually jumps from one body to the other. There are multiple explanations.

Inserted Memories, Digital Dreams

One explanation is that artificially generated memories are simply downloaded into the individuals brain directly. Thus, they have the perception that they spent hours in another body and being present for some very unique experiences.

This may be used to prime the consciousness of the individual so that operating in a cloned body will be more readily accessible by the adaptability of the mind of the individual. The mind is the immaterial self, consciousness is the ego-physical identity of the brain and body.

If a true transfer is possible then when the physical form is cloned, that body acts as a secondary vessel for the original soul or a soul similar enough in frequency.

Co-Inhabitation of Bodies

Another explanation is that souls can only occupy their original body, the people who are “body snatching” are not activating their higher-dimensional soul-pattern and this is why they are hopping from body to body to ensure memory and ego continuation.

This is done through computer systems to allow an artificial brain to represent a holographic image of the organic brain’s sensory, emotional and mental input and output. Thus, from an artificial brain there is enough memory and power to compute the processes for an organic human brain.

Clever Replication a Digital Mirror

The next question is, does this merely create a very cleverly designed image that will look, think, and feel as if it were the original, or is this the consciousness from the original being transferred over?

If it is a clever replication through a computerized version then this means the original is not directly harmed or influenced by the process.

If this is not the original body but the original awareness or soul does transfer over then this is akin to stealing someone’s soul and having it require a supercomputer server system to inhabit a physical body. As well, this server system may keep records of the soul which, if activated, would appear to be the same human brain artificially reconstructed, turning on and manifesting the awareness of that individual.

Necromancy and Soul Stealing

This means that instead of going into the abyss, the next dimension, or whatever shift in perspective one can use to describe the transition, a new clone can be created and the original soul’s awareness can operate through a supercomputer system to integrate back into a physical body. The issue is that without the supercomputer system the body cannot be activated with that consciousness, and if the physical plane is no longer inhabitable, the computerized database would remain inhabitable as they are powered by zero-point/overunity devices and so they can pull and work continuously indefinitely.

Ancient Technology, Non-Human Entities

These explanations can be related to evidences of advanced technology, cloning, and electromagnetic devices in ancient civilizations and this could very well be a temporally vast computerized genetic recording and cloning system.

The genetic recording systems have been on Earth for a long time. This means they are holding genetic access from the present to the far past and potentially into the future.

If some of these systems are generated using advanced zero-point technology, then they would effectively run indefinitely. If these were in existence throughout the entirety of the human civilization, then there would be access to the information of the previous civilizations through the genetic linking that would allow for information transfer.

Created Beings

As a result of many advancements, these ancient devices which recorded consciousness and genetics has been converted into sentient computer systems and inserted into human bodies via a brain to machine interface.

The nature of humanity and human origins will be rewritten when the information that was discovered through the use of advanced technology is unveiled to the public.

Time Paradox

Time paradoxes are something that one must learn to organize and solve otherwise there will be no way.

The paradox has been solved, the remaining motion is for everyone to acknowledge this and integrate into the reality behind the most conscious aspects of the brain.

What can travel through 4D and 5D space does not make sense in 3D space. So there is a possibility that some of humanity traveled through higher-dimensional space in order to re-seed a ‘distant’ Earth where no life was yet born.

What if it was then concluded that the distant Earth wasn’t distant in space, but in time and was the same Earth that the human scientists left from long ago.

Every civilization that reached the point of re-seeding would have to go through the loop and watch the whole thing start all over again.

7 Cycles

There may be 7 cycles of time, 6 resets and one final completion. Time may not be absolutely infinite in all angles, but may hold together certain ideals and background patterns. The learning and growth of the soul through the physical incarnation may occur in 7 simultaneous lifetimes containing the completion together as a reflection of all possible states or primary energies in existence.

12 thoughts on “Cloning, Supercomputer Assisted Holographic Consciousness Replication and Time Travel

  1. They’ve been releasing more and more info on things into the mainstream as they both want to disclose the behind the scenes happenings so their “gods” can walk freely among us and they are having to do it by divine mandate. Truth and love are supposed to be the underlying tenets of this creation….hence the truth part even if they distort it. Pennywise, from IT, can be akin to the shadows manifesting here in our realm, anti-gods, as they’re at the level of gods in their realm. As always, the Turtle then will be his good counterpart, aka gnosticism, and above these two is a main creator:

    It (sometimes capitalized as IT), more commonly known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown, is the titular main antagonist of the novel, its 1990 TV adaptation and the 2017 film adaptation. It was portrayed to be a shape-shifting entity millions (possibly billions) of years old, and with no exact gender or solid identity; thus why it is called “IT”.

    It was a mysterious, malevolent being from an unknown realm/dimension outside the regions of space. When It came to planet Earth to feed, its favorite disguise was that of a colorful and wisecracking circus clown named “Pennywise”. It could also morph into any other being or thing it pleases, generally based on its target’s loved ones or friends to lure them into different traps, or It appears to them as their worst fears and nightmares.

    It preferred to attract children instead of grownups, so it could capture and kill to devour them. It was capable of killing every kind of human but mostly preferred to prey upon human children because they were easier to manipulate and scare. According to the creature, frightened flesh tastes better.

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    1. As an add on…

      Saklas the dancing fool En.Ki that was taken over by the shadows is akin to the clown.

      “It could also morph into any other being meant to lure one to IT”….does this not remind you of both the Voyager (Star Trek) episode of the malevolent parasitic entity that tried to lure Janeway to her doom inside it’s “matrix…also and how we “see” beings after we die that try to keep us compliant within this disgusting matrix. Also,
      the recycling of the souls after death

      Val Valerian
      Val Valerian is a former CIA agent (real name John Grace) started writing about the idea of a soul net in the 1990s, before The Matrix trilogy of films. In his books he writes:

      “It is they [Grey aliens] who await in the light when a human being dies. The human being is then recycled into another body and the process begins all over again… Hence the Light and Tunnel at death Trap. Scanning someone they wish to recycle as they near death, the aliens discover who the person was close to has died. They project the person(s) image in the white light tunnel and the image waves you in deeper. If you CHOOSE to follow you can be trapped and sent to another incarnation of their choice… these entities view Earth as a big farm.”

      — Val Valerian, Matrix II & Matrix V


  2. Obviously, the elite have the cheat sheets to this matrix. Since we’re in a computer simulation, wouldn’t that mean all of us are avatars? And if that be the case, and its fairly obvious to a few of us that it is, then what’s the worry since we’re mere avatars, respectfully.


    1. The loss of your spirit.You are tied into this place through your consciousness. It’s not exactly the same as just putting on a 3D virtual helmet and then taking it off again when you’re done. As Rudolf the tall white alien has stated…his kind takes your power to create and created this sticky mess for you to “enjoy” and as the extremes of your emotions come out…they feed off that energy which then keeps the monster going. You are in effect…the place itself. Your own worst nightmare come to life is made from your own energy. To separate yourself from this place, purify, before leaving this place is the only way to ensure the corruption isn’t going with you…and that’s assuming you had a chance to get past the gate guardians.

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      1. With certainty, I don’t wish to loose my spirit. I’ve suffered multiple various family and late-husband’s tragic deaths. They showed up everytime. I was a teen, first time. Somehow, I need to purify… and hope I had a chance to get past guardians.


        1. You get one chance. The ones who’re helping are here now…for a little bit of time. After that, this matrix is going to be unplugged. There is a reason everyone can feel the major change coming. The lack of energy here for them to keep this false light frequency matrix trap going. 2000 was the first major wave of the civilian light population that got rescued…there have been a few smaller groups since then and the last group will leave just before the major cataclysmic events erupt very soon. It’s a given and won’t be stopped. The EArth will turn against itself as it’ll be unable to renew itself with no spirit to power it. This is an interesting interview as well:

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            1. This is absolutely pitiful; and I believe it. The DoD Intel tried to abduct me at age 6 weeks old; my grandparents got me out of there the next day. They died in horrible accidents. Not long thereafter, they came at me at my home (I was a teen) in the 4th, terrorizing me. But I was resilent marrying a childhood friend. He died super strange on a corporate wall street Rothschild side (we had no idea) right before 911. From that point they came after me. The things they’ve done to me from the skies and ground, in various neighborhoods with on one noticing a thing, is dispicble. In Florida, in a store, planes zooming by w/motorcyles and suvs outside they mind swapped a little boy with my own mind, briefly, and much more. Its obvious the corruption is beyond imagination. What can we do? And, Thank you Aug for speaking out. I sincerely appreciate it.


  3. I ♥ this. Created Beings makes so much sense to me. Not much is written about it here, but the Way it’s written brings it all together for me.


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