The Earth Reality Show

Mental Challenge 2: Imagine there is a group with temporal travel capabilities. This is used to view as well as travel to and interact with the past.

What happens if someone makes a change to the past?

The only change that is perceived, is that you now have the knowledge of how that aspect of reality that has always been here, was actually initiated when someone decided to interact with the past.

Here’s another one: The moon was introduced to this area in order to balance out the energy of the living beings on Earth and this can be seen as a protective measure as well as a control system.

Instead of advancing very quickly with less over-population and distortion, the moon is introduced and there is a modulation of the energy which slows the whole process down. This could be seen to allow a wider variety of living beings the opportunity to experience spiritual growth, or as a control system for those who are faster.

The idea here is that the group who introduces the moon doesn’t actually change history, they simply gain the knowledge that it was in fact them who introduced the moon or whatever change is being referred to.

Now to comprehend the time-paradox scenario a bit easier.

Imagine that a group takes genetic material, and sends this back to impregnate women of earlier times. Now the past, is sourced from the future. How is this possible? One did not change history through temporal interaction (at least not until other factors are introduced) yet, can one initiate history?

What would happen to those living beings who travel from the far past, through procreation of generation after generation, only to reach the future and be sent back in time to repeat the process?

Would this create a timeloop? Would this timeloop shrink with time where the amount of repeating variables would slowly reduce?

Would the resulting timelooped version of history be the actual original version? Is that possible?

If human beings have souls, would the soul pass on? Would the soul be what returns to repeat the process? Would new souls be introduced in order to keep the cycle going? Who would maintain the ‘show’ in order to keep things running smoothly?

Now imagine this.

Instead of one or two bloodlines. An entire city is sent back. They dress beautifully and carry specific advanced knowledge of technology and the universe. They produce a bounty of treasures and ancient civilizations. The modern world looks back and wonders how they did that.

Yet, did they exist originally? Or are they an overlay upon the original?


3 thoughts on “The Earth Reality Show

  1. I think time is an illusion experienced by travelers in the lower vibrational levels of the multiverse, and only the focus of the observer collapses the range of possibilities into a coherent event, so if one focuses with clear intention, they can change this particular variation of reality. I also think that this can be machine enhanced, thus CERN.

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