The True Reality (semi-rant)

Let’s consider the possibility that this is a holographic simulation. The only actual, directly relative aspect of this world, to you, is your presence of self. That’s it. The environment is composed of props. The events of history are instantly generated every few moments or so and the whole perception of time continuing is literally akin to a video game being programmed via a powerful computer system as well as the consciousness of the player as the game is being played.

What then, do we do?

What can we do?

We know that if we perceive reality a certain way, that not every person will be sure to experience that same way. Everyone is different and this is the beauty of existence here. If everyone was largely similar, then we would perceive everyone as being almost exact replicas of one another. Instead, there is a variety of difference, and so of course there is difficulty, but this is just when the differences are focused on to the extreme thus producing a reality which reflects that.

In the same light one can focus on the similarities. Which one is truer? The differences that set people apart, or the similarities that they overlook in favor of those differences? Well, if we managed self-responsibility and compassion, would the world be ruled by differences and separation, or would this be a world of unity and togetherness? So which world is the true reality?

One conclusion people come to about the possibility of this system being a holographic projection within an advanced technology that is designed to look like a planet is that the real reality looks nothing like this.

This seems to be a given. If all we know is reality within this “simulated realm”, which may be the entire 3-D, physical universe, then whatever the true reality is it would not closely resemble this world. Maybe to a degree where there are major changes and yet are still two “worlds”, but at the highest theory of this, the true world would be completely and entirely unfathomable to beings in the “simulation” of physical space and time (biological consciousness).

Then there is another theory which is related. The “true world” consists of the same concept of life that people experience here, yet the extremes are not only more readily managed, the very parameters of physical existence enable a control over the life experience beyond anything imagined here.

For instance, there are still physical bodies, in the ‘lower’ physical realms, however one can choose to live freely and then leave this plane at will. There is even the possibility that one could return to the “Heavenly” planes at will while still incarnating a body here, and then return. Maybe through advanced technology, healing technologies, mind-containment or preservation technologies and so on.

That would be a world unlike this one. People could experience whatever life they desire both for pleasure or spiritual growth (both) and then maintain a direct connection with the higher realms so as to continue to correspond and communicate with the rest of the universe.

Maybe this is the idea behind the physical universe being a simulation, however there are more in depth theories as well as some of my personal experiences which can develop an outline. Regardless, maybe the physical being that is separated from the higher realms through an incarnative process which was shaped over time to reduce the likelihood of connecting with the higher spiritual awareness IS the simulation scenario.

People would travel to Earth, and then get confused and distracted away from the original purpose. Then, when it would be time to return, they would feel the necessity to remain and continue toiling away here when that was not part of the original plan at all!

Thus, this is yet another possible explanation for the “soul trap” theory, however this is not a theory for everyone.


4 thoughts on “The True Reality (semi-rant)

  1. …considering everything not real will help to feel less guilty for the destructions we made?as disregarding humans makes less bad killing them or vampirizing their lives?Let’s try to consider the opposite,everything is real is god is sacred is conscious loving and pure…..this is what american indian lived, this is what mystic lived ,this is what real enlighted people live.Why kill in this perfection radiant with love and consciousness?Why distort it ? why deny it?Any single bit of energy any atom and cell is part of a cosmic symphony,when we will open our minds to listen the soft voice of love in creation?I wish soon.Have a nice day,I wish everybody to face the wall inside and the courage to overcome it.On the other side paradise is waiting.


  2. Dear augtellez-Omnipulse whatever name you are using..

    This comment may be much longer that this article itself or much shorter and compressed what this whole site tries to explain.

    Because all we have been caught in an advisedly engineered uncertainty process yet, very difficult to discern the full disclo-sure truth with SURE.
    To be SURE =SUmmarized REality – in our existence, we can use only our very physical BODY as a feedback system to discern what our mind is able to conceive about itself.

    There are tremendous explanations, thinking the Creator is the utmost SOURCE of everything, the perfect and absolute, the undifferentiated consciousness, the infinite possibilities, whether the Creator is ONE (a person too) who created the Universe from himself, made a system for exploration of the all possible potential, whether (really?) everything stepped down from the higher dimensions and formed the physical existence, ones may think this ONE CREATOR is a female, others think he is definitely a male…
    All carry views of the truth about the Creation, but not the full truth about the whole existence.

    I ask anyone who read this comment; Please disengage from the readable vast amount of materials, Ascension dynamics, Archons, the Annunaki staff, the wars fought in many galaxies, ETs, intels. While all carry importance and also aspects of truth, but do not forget Occam says if there may be a simpler explanation, that would be the best, even if it contains more complexity in itself what may be scrutinized further..

    I would like to focus basically on to guide us to achieve a simpler, clearer view.
    1.1. What is created, what is not.
    1.2. Who/what creates what, why, and with which tools.
    1.3. Who/what steers whom/what, why, how, and last but not least where is the limit, what is worth to steer.

    I would like emphasize the truth about the existence and creation!

    1. The fundamental nature is not created, unconditionally exists – just IS. Also the physical body exists, it is unconditional and everlasting, it is not a mind product. But we are able to create all conceptualization how all is interconnected naturally, and how we can change it for our benefit or not.
    2. The thought also doesn’t exist without a material body or objective material things through which it can formulate itself. The matter/physical/genetic (body complex) and non-matter/non-physical (energy, consciousness, mind, thought) are not apart, much rather there is a very complex phased dynamic exchange system between the two extremity states which comprise the whole naturally existent being.

    The thought is energy and information on many structured levels. Even our emotions, deep senses are much thought what we are able to consciously formulate to get intellectual awareness about them. We should say a MAN is composed of his thoughts and his way is to learn for living in a healthy organism and organization keeping his thoughts and body both intellectually and emotionally balanced. Working with our thoughts either being been consciously aware of how or not, it allows us to create, to materialize around us our ideas, desires, will etc. Our thoughts are both local (permeating our body in a given physical/material/genetic arrangement) and in the meantime non-locally exist out of time and space as much as the existence exists.
    So the comprehension of thoughts is what makes us to be a higher order being.
    We can use our thoughts as a creation tool for our mutual benefit and health, and unfortunately also for becoming an autocratic oppressor by our own or else ones’ thoughts!

    The natural original human body has a structured material genetic arrangement inward and simultaneously has an instantaneous imprint existing in the non-material mind. Both exist at the same time containing the stratum of the living species in the original undisturbed Nature (plants, animals) even crystals. All information which is inside structured in the original human genetic arrangement also encompasses him as outside environment This unconditionally present both inner-outer environment information complexity may be scrutinized by the consciousness (imagine like a scanner) and the thought patterns can be mapped as the arrangement strata. All may be conceptualized and narrated and labeled using art, languages (such as mathematics, physics, biology, astronomy, astrology, esoteric etc.), what are worked out mostly based on the observer’s abstractions using his consciousness scanning factually his body’s inner and outer environment.
    The consciousness never exists without a body.
    Theoretically the consciousness can exist without a body, but it happens when someone’s consciousness is so focused he think himself as having no – body, and it may appear on the mind screen as an abstraction thought pattern of a point for example, but who just think this at the same time has his own body, but not using it only for to focus his consciousness.

    The complex thought as energy fabric unconditionally and a priori conscious (even if it is not acknowledged) inherent in the Nature in several of arrangement of its stratum, and it also represents appropriateness in a plexus (i.e. solar plexus) being secondary enteric brain (which controls the involuntary nervous system) in a complex human body. After all it has an instant knowledge how the body parts work in concert and how to keep together in balance and healthy a complex human organism. The higher brain in a complex human organism is responsible to steer the analytical thoughts (putting the observations into recognition) fundamentally examining of the structure of very himself, getting a conscious awareness how to guide himself.
    This recognition/identification/realization process about one’s/our inner-outer world being both physio-logical/psycho-logical (inner) nature and physical (outer) Nature is inherent in the higher human organism.
    The man inherently has a claim to know, and making its environment comfortable for himself, and because the fundamental Nature is not created, (it unconditionally exists) this process doesn’t depend on time and space, much rather can be one’s or ones’ everlasting cyclic goal for scrutiny.
    In general, during this recognition/identification/realization process one is able to get information arising from examining very himself and his environment, which allows him to create, to change his environment even more encroach into his own natural Nature both physical (genetic) and non-physical (better word non-material) thoughts by engineering his own consciousness.

    The mentioned re-cognition/identification/realization process about one’s/our inner-outer world(s) – who we are -, factually never happens out there, out of us. It doesn’t take place in any outer galaxies. We need and want to understand ourselves, our nature, which is the NATURE packed inside our body. The cell formations, our inner material structure can be seen by special devices as many galactic formation denoting our several of psycho-physical characteristics how we behave how we react what parts of the natural structure dominates that arrangement. Those can be named anyhow. What we sense or can interpret depends on our observer state. All is shifting both our consciousness focus and the genetic arrangement relative to the original human genetic and its partial embodiment and arrangements what we may see or conceive them being extraterrestrials or ultra-terrestrials coming from outer galactic realms.

    To understand who are the fractions of several ET races coming from which galactic realms who use several kind of very advanced technologies – we need to understand first, this view is a byproduct of an experiment done by very advanced beings that factually – we are. This experiment allowed ones to experience in any kind of form-state, and try variable arrangements and allowed them mapping and storing the thought patterns what their consciousness gained through these experiences. This experiment also allowed them to make genetic experimenting comparable to the original human genetic from which they were spawn.

    All tremendous speculation about this huge topic is not an extra-terrestrial matter of things at all, but happens in our very NOW! Because we are the creators of our own evolution! We need to finely discern the operation of Natural evolutionary processes, and a consciously and intentionally engineered steerable evolutionary mechanism.
    We have the capability by our thoughts to encroach into the natural Nature, we are capable to change our environment even our genetic can be changed to be adaptable to that created environment.

    We need to realize there may be ones intentionally engineering a process of uncertainty on the grounding sciences which would give us an intellectual proof making our awareness clear – how our creative energy and informal forces working behind our thinking and materialization process. The contemporary theoretical physics and philosophy of mind and physics is tending to be a possible framework much rather scientifically describing the former esoteric mentioning about the layers of energy bodies and chakra system, the spiritual energy and information flow in a genetically arranged physical body in the meantime incorporating the structure – we call planetary systems – forming the generally meant cosmos or COSMIC structure of MAN. We need to fear such misdirected ones who can have knowledge to drive the technological advancement into extremity.

    We can distinguish two states of Reality.The supremacy of fundamental natural existence exists unconditionally, it is NOT a CREATED ONE by any means (either GOD/GODs, or by us)! Furthermore, it unconditionally contains all information at every field of stratum involving both the subtle energies fields attributed to consciousness and materially arranged matter simultaneously existing.. This unconditionally given existence is – Natural order of things. This reality contains the stratum of all living being both material (crystals, plants, animals) also non-material kinds may be called energy, information, mind, consciousness, and thoughts and their interconnections. This is the ORIGINal UNITY of the UNIVERSAL UNIVERSE-SUM, which is a naturally arranged hierarchy inside and outside of NATURAL MAN.
    This MAN is the sum total of originally not created Natural imprint and template of himself – a UNIVERSAL MODEL. Even if he knows inherently all about himself (omniscient), it can live his life without conscious awareness how all things inside and outside him work. This state may be called the – non-causality (living inside and simultaneously outside the time and space)- going on its own course (as Herakleitus said.). However, owing to this MAN also has an unconditionally given inherent capability for thinking, so he is always propelled to know about his inner and outer environment and nature. That is the phase of his self-recognition (See: Hegel). The latter phase is a self image CREATION, in what process one is able to create test samples (likeness) to research on him or on his Universal structure. One or ones able to create a simulation that may be a goal to couple the original with a causally created and changeable holographic (illusionary perceived material reality) basically for research purposes to examine it either in real time or phase-shifted. (think: why the mirror is needed to know who I’m)

    The Holographic/Holonomic brain theory tries to explain how human consciousness works, that our brain is a kind of holographic data storage network which holds the information encoded in wave interference patterns and those are not only local axons and neurons, but a non-locally distributed fast accessible long time memories. This theory indicates that those memories are encoded basically naturally, but doesn’t explain clearly where and how those wave interference patterns are stored exactly. The holography is a possible method and technology to catch up and record in-between (wave and particle states) experiencing and its gathered results can be recorded and held on an appropriate material. Thus it is sayable those are holographic memories of the experienced events by one’s or ones’ consciousness scanned thought patterns either held inside one’s or ones’ own physical material body-vehicle (genetic complex) or may be held on a reserved physical material being outside of the observer/observers’ genetic body and coupled back to stimulate and steer something, or someone. This appropriate photo copy material may be organic or not. The illuminating light to recall information from the hologram also may be natural or laser like.

    Really we need to further elaborate on the context of reincarnation, and soul making technology transferring one’s knowledge, its rearrangeable consciousness into a same or alterable biological body or bodies. (See fractals of same self-experiencing in several space-time time-space frameworks, but factually the original he lives out there in non-space non-time. The reincarnation until has been an unscientific term, but the contemporary string and M-theory and Cyclic Universe models may be near to describe one’s/ones’ experiences, memories, thought patterns, as their consciousness imprints folded and recorded into subtle energy light bodies, – or held on something else materials – being been incorporation, a fabric of Time and Space, Space and Time frameworks, artificially created holographic representation of 3D alternative realities of one’s/ones’ probabilities patterns, but finally arranged ones him/them back into physical/genetically coded bodies very similar to the original. This is a kind of very advanced simulation technology. (BUT we need to discern too, originally it is not a simple cloning and supercomputer mind copying technology).
    At its first implementation it was established for only test purposes, and the participants who partake in were concerned dealing with themselves as his/their own living models probably for answering to themselves: What and how to control the reality creation, what is desirable to steer and how to become fully aware of what they should do, how to decide in a Right NOW MOMENT, so the created new bodies, emergent abilities, technologies by this self-scrutiny process be basically for well-being not an Existential Risk! At it first time – the so called general/average natural mass living people was not concerned to be anyhow either personally or energetically involved and drawn into that experimental reality. Unfortunately, something went wrong with this very first experiment, and or may go again and again wrong, what really was/is not expected and planned.

    I would like remind those who are capable of handling this matter:

    1. The Holographic Experiment Matrix was not for controlling the original beings!!! It was established only for a research objective! There was only the Creator of this experiment and some ones from the council of decision Board involved originally to experiment with very themselves.
    Because of hijacking the stimulation steering it from the primary reality the original Creator had been locked in and remained out of control. Inside the simulation his sample had been distorted, and it caused a genetic disorder and phase shifting in the whole mechanism. Unfortunately the original people also had been unadvisedly involved. Till then the original reality and the experimental one have been merging. There are tremendous impacts due to it both genetic and technology mess to resolve. However some ones have been trying to keep control over this experimental holographic matrix at every cost, even when they know they are unable to regain their original human genetic, so their way to steer the whole existence into a completely artificial environment.

    2. The original simulation or this kind of holographic creation matrix technology not a contemporary super-quantum-computer driven one! However there may be one or ones in our present realities who are trying with misdirected intent to steer our evolution into a supercomputer controlled artificial digital life-form what finally may cease all natural existence. That is truly a real danger.

    3. I ask you and your guiding staff – stuff and also those who feel they are really from the proprietary primer reality to remember to be SURE in their original memories, human bodies, and mostly in their original true positive intent.

    4. I ask you and them to consider: Whether why do ones want and struggle to become immortal in an artificial body, when the true origin of natural reality is basically a never ceasing life from what our every knowledge emerges? You and they need to decide exactly whether you and they want to became a natural human or something else what finally may overcome, destroy. itself. Where is the optimal balance in this extremity?


    Note for the financial reset: The natural interchanged dynamic basically doesn’t depend on – money – exchange. The money is a thought product, so if we think our existence or material survival depends on money exchange it will create that objective material reality for us, that we, our material survival depends on money. It is just our thought what we must and can change. Please understand, any how will ones change the working method of a monetary system, whether what kind of material base (oil, water, gold, real estate..anything what is basically not created) needed to stabilize the value of money, and even if the sharing would be more rightfully disposed of – they who will decide about it will further dominate the ownership of the naturally and equally given not created right for our existence. We basically need not have money to exist, for thinking, and creating anything! How can we maintain a social structure which is not based on money that is a question? We need to understand and recall an non-distorted model how our physical body work at cell and genetic levels to keep A WHOLE BODY LIVING in concert and healthy unconditionally. We may act in concert to keep a society sustained, as our cells work in a mutual cooperation in our body. This living natural model had been distorted for long time. Yes, there is a compensation system at the cells’ energetic level, but all this ‘played’ for keeping the WHOLE together and HEALTHY. This all doesn’t depend on money, only ones’ talents to create it, and ones’ talents being utilized both for one’s self and the interconnected whole balanced, or self slaved. The money is a side playground. What is vexing that the average citizens are kept such very low level of this false talent acquisition system, they unfortunately can not and won’t oversee how deep they are fooled – there is not, there was not at all, will not material money at all behind this system only the domination of the basic element of life forces from where our talent comes and those are very unconditional parts of the natural existence. This is the danger behind the present concepts of financial reset, I would like to draw this also to your and your guides attention too.


  3. I am leaning towards this is a hologram more and more. As evidenced by no one has been able to demonstrate to me any history as fact. If we can’t prove anything it must be hologram. I do like the coming and going theory as I would have chosen to come and experience, that sounds like the me I know. I also feel trapped here however. From birth, I am going back and remembering and realizing nothing seemed like what I agreed to, like it was out of my control, shocking and therefore I was terrified to the point of almost being unable to speak at times, no source connection and no way out. A few healers say something was “done” to me but little info has come through. Much healing and self empowerment later I neutrally observe and feel I will take and use this information somewhere else for a beneficial purpose. I try to have no attachment to outcomes other than I need to do what feels in alignment for me. Still have faint remembering of utopian type lives and concepts. Currently Working on harmony and balance regarding all triggers that bring up polarity. Feeling hopeful things are moving faster than in the past where very little movement was noticeable. Thanks Aug I read all your posts since 11/10 when I found you via Lance White. Much love.


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