Quick Instructional For Mental-Emotional Re-Alignment For Socio-Psychological Manipulation

Observe a period of internal dialogue or mental-emotional imagery and perceptions.

Acknowledge or record the amount of disruptive tangents, disharmonic emissions, or distractive expressions that are experienced in a specific period.

Divide that period by the amount of distractions.

Generate a pattern of self-observation which involves self-checking one’s internal and external activity by the amount of noted distractions that have taken place in that period of observation.

Essentially this is to check yourself and your mental and emotional patterns every 1-2 minutes if you notice that within 1-2 minutes you have 1 or 2 mentally and emotionally distracting perceptions.

Adhere to this in the while going to bed, throughout the day, or getting prepared for the day and you may notice yourself automatically beginning to check and reflect upon the internal and external patterns.

Eventually a kind of secondary, introspective self will form as if there is an internal eye observing behavior and responses to cues.

Reactions are how triggers are utilized to manipulate the mind. When an individual is aware of the reactions then they can reduce vulnerability to triggers by reflecting upon the nature of the self which is stimulated by the particular triggers.

We can identity which mental-emotional processes are distracting by determining the influence or source of each process. If the source is external and shapes the self based upon someone else’s perspective then this is most often a distraction because of the amount of mental-emotional intrusions in this society.

For example if a person experiences behavioral, mental and emotional patterns which originate from entertainment, media, destructive criticism, a traumatic experience or dogma that they did not conclude on their own then this is an intrusion that is impressing upon their mind from outside their internal experience. This would reduce the individual’s capacity to express their own internal awareness and to develop a closer relationship with their own psychology rather than patterns and guidelines others have developed for them.

This is the nature of the manipulation that is being experienced as the patterns are presented to trend setters and individuals with high appeal and this is then absorbed throughout the population by those around them and those who witness these patterns through media, work, education, or other elements of society.

Then, in order to create a resistance against change, aspects of the self are rendered vulnerable to abuse, manipulation or trauma by associating such ideals with social acceptance, intimacy, pleasure, or self-acceptance and self-knowledge. One’s self-awareness is effectively replaced through this mass manipulative process of the introduction of simple memes, ideas, catch-phrases, fashion statements, ideologies, dogmas, socio-ethical views, and other socio-psychological elements which in turn become triggers that those individuals defend as if they defending their own internal beliefs. In effect, they are defending their own internal beliefs because their beliefs have originated from the beliefs of another.

To break this cycle an individual can focus on self-reflection, developing self-awareness, letting go of dogma and the false sense of self and helping others to find their true self aside from the ideas they are presented externally.


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