Soft-Disclosure Chappie and AfterDeath

AfterDeath is a bit more complex. This is about the “limbo” midway realm between the living and the dying. Time has stopped and they find themselves in a house built from familiar memories to them. Each are plagued by their unmanaged desires or their mistakes in life. In the house is written “Tabula Rasa” or clean slate in Latin which represents the innocence of childhood in one sense and the intermediate loss of memories and all that has been gained from one life to the next in another sense.

The damned are trapped within a closing “time bubble” which is slowly encapsulating the house which is representative of Earth as well as the intermediary realm. One must arrive in Heaven to free the damned as well as release the lost souls in Hell. This whole event takes place because Heaven is empty as everyone who has died thus far has only added to the lost.

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Chappie is about AI and secondarily about consciousness transfer. The ending to this movie summarizes some of the discoveries of the projects.


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