A Balance of Emotions and Mentality and The Physical Body and Spiritual Self

We have to remain in touch with our emotions. To be able to cry is a gift. To be incapable of feeling and receiving emotion or expressing and giving emotion is an injury, a sign of trauma, a mental disorder, or even a curse.

To be overly emotional is similar. When emotions disrupt and disorganize the awareness of the environment, of others and priorities, and self-awareness. When behavior is disrupted into unstable patterns and motives that are detached from an emotionally and mentally vibrant and present way of viewing the self and reality, that is as much as a curse however they are expressed differently.

Over emotionality will lead to extreme instability, disorganization , polarity, and hurting the self and others the more this occurs often in episodes.

Lack of emotional sensitivity will lead to disorganization, instability when there is a pathway for emotion that is barren and hurting the self and others the more the emotions are lacking, often through an overabundance of materially prioritized behavior over an inner emotional and mental presence.

The mental and emotional presence are a balance in a healthy individual where the external sense of self and the physical body is reflective and respective of the internal sense of self and the identity or character.

Without balance the character within suffers from the identity of the physical body and the physical body suffers from the character of what becomes of the internal presence however imbalanced. Eventually there are some who experience a lack of presence.

What could be happening here is that in this civilization we are mixing with two modes of existence, one with a balanced sense of internal and externalized identity and one that is so imbalanced that ultimately the internal identity is silenced and removed to the point of that person’s immaterial essence being replaced or no longer reachable by any external means through the body and the senses.

This is the occurrence of soul-stealing and the manipulation of the psyche until that individual is no longer reflective of who they were previously or originally in this life and the internal sense of self lacks the defining emotionally and also mentally sensitive characteristics that organize perception and character into a recognizable form.

This being is modulated and motivated via external perceptions, the physical senses, pleasures and has lacks the ability to perceive or desire the immaterial, intangible sensation of a harmonious sense of internal self in respect to the external, physical embodiment.

The world then merges with the physical senses and that being remains a product of this material world and any conditioning or commands that may be received through these senses.

Where the original being with emotional and mental sensitivity remains capable of organizing the internal and external perceptions so that there is an immaterial sense of self that goes beyond the physical senses and this is the sensibility that allows one to perceive the other self as an extension of the one overlapping existence.

This is the source of compassion, empathy, connection and true knowing that goes beyond the biological sensing system of the body. This is the source of the connection beyond the physical senses, this is the embodiment that goes beyond the body and remains when the body is out of view.

This sense is cultured, nurtured through actions that give respect to this sense of self. This sense of self is degraded, diminished through actions and intentions, creations of bio-emissions and perceptual engagements that focus more on the physical aspect and essentially ignore or lower the priority of the immaterial, non-physical, emotional and mental character or identity. This character is not just a guideline, an outline of personality, this is a living identity, a force of energy and spirit and so this spirit can suffer and shrink as well as prosper and expand.

We feel this spiritual force through the expression of being as we develop the ability to balance the natures of the physical body and the character that is attributed. When a person has a well balanced grasp of both, the character is well balanced and healthy. When the person has a lack of awareness of the balance within and without that is reflective of the nature of creation and existence, then there is a suffering on one or both of the aspects of the self. When the suffering increases to a great degree the two become distinctly separate and the character is unable to attain self-awareness of the body, and the body consciousness is unable to attain self-awareness of the immaterial spiritual character.

To join the two in a divine union, a merging of selves is to produce a third which is the self-awareness of beyond the purely physical or purely spiritual and this is the eternal self which existed before both worlds combined and exists after they are separate through dreaming or expanding beyond the physical plane.

The spiritual identity may be the product of the convergence of the mental and emotional planes and the physical planes of being onto one transcendent form that is capable of simultaneously existing from the perspective of all three.


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