The Time-Gradient Shift Upon Upload Into The Simulated Realm, The Rescue of Humanity, The Most Important Information In Human History, The Start of the Distortion of the Originating Consciousness and the Safety Systems In Place For Restoration and Rescue

This is possibly the most important post I have ever written in the history of thousands of years of contact, travel and operation within the Unacknowledged Special Access Programs carried out by secret societies, the universal containment crews, the rescue initiation teams, the containment protocol systems, the revitalization and restoration programs, and so on and so forth.

We are not alone, we never have been, and within this exists both a problem and a solution.

In the simulation, when the simulation begins, one does not interact within the parts of the simulation between other layers of awareness or “time-scale”.

This is impossible and what happens is a time-gradient curve where one consciousness overlaps the other and we get a relative distortion pattern based on the resulting frequencies mesh.

So parts of the simulation, observers, agents, actors, observers, must maintain self-relative, self-referenced local time observation without interacting or intermingling time-relative matrix platforms with each other observer or the consciousness interference pattern generates an exponential gradient shift curve which results in the distortion of one pattern or the other.

This is akin to a group of agents entering into a simulation and as they enter they are the same frequency rate of acceleration or observation of consciousness and if they interact as the simulation or consciousness acceleration period begins and each is on a different consciousness acceleration curve pattern then when the simulation experience “plateaus” and reaches the point where they are then conjoined and aware of each other on the same level there will be an extrapolation or magnification of the slight variation in time-rate of acceleration and this will literally result or be expressed as a gradient curve degree of shift in progression and resulting being meaning literally the various degrees or layers in consciousness exhibit the same variety or variation in structure and platform as do each of the species of beings in the physical universe. Meaning literally, the different consciousness gradient levels convert into entirely different lifeforms and while some are interacting outside their limits some are overlapped and become other beings, AKA other forms of existence while others are either maintained through focused self-awareness or some kind of technologically maintained retainment protocol.

These technologies are developed to automatically manually retain the consciousness level of the individual being so that the shift that occurs is either relatively inhibited and the original being can remain or so that the whole process can be monitored and the relative original can be restored or so that there is the ability to convert or revert between them.

This is the so called shifting.

The idea is that this occurs when the two or more forms of beings of various beginning and ability are within this simulation system as “time” begins to “time-gradient shift” or accelerate into or out of an acceleration cycle of extreme degrees due to extremely high electromagnetic waves.

This is like a tv show where the individuals are to begin the show and they all download the script into the system along with their consciousness as their consciousness is uploading into another system, almost like server systems that hold the information and individual computer systems or tv’s that view the information or download the information. So then if the different players or characters within this show interact with each other before the proper moments, before their pre-designed time for their roles to say their lines in the show then the resulting entire show or script then become distorted at varying degrees of intensity like a gradient or multiple waves or gradients throughout the entire show and what happens is the original show or script pattern becomes distorted into something that would be foreign or altered from the original. The identities of the scripts and characters would each be altered depending on the ability of the original level of frequency of the character’s identity or consciousness going into the beginning of the show’s “intro” which is like the initial download/upload sequence of the identities to and from the two main server systems a database and a relay to and from each individual in the show which is also the audience and actors.

If they interact during this “intro” sequence then when the “show starts” their characters will be all out of alignment and have shifted into different relative views depending on each others perspective of each other.

Then the show will have to play out and this will be a series of continual gradient shifts until each character realizes in their own pattern or way what has actually happened and this essentially results in the entire show shifting from what the script and story or moral was about before, originally, to everyone going, “oh man, oh shit, what happened to each other, the show, why is everything and everyone like this, what is going on?” The pattern of distortion essentially feeds back into the system like a delay pedal or feedback effect being played on a sound system, a guitar by a performer etc, (the higher being, the DJ) and this can be very confusing to the point where the original show method and knowledge is now hidden, encoded, or encrypted behind layers and layers of data that is semi-corrupted away from the original form.

This is what can happen in shifts, individuals, or groups throughout a civilization and this is due to very high electromagnetic fields occurring to and throughout the platform of conscious expression, IE: this plane, the stage the show.

So the entire universe apparently underwent this field shift and that is why some in the know proclaim the whole aspect is half a mistake doomed for failure, half a mindless, madness experiment and half beautiful learning pattern where this experience plays out and everyone pops out eventually on the other side.

The idea is that by the time the credits role, some people will have distorted and degraded so much from the original perspective that unless there is some kind of technological system in place or some kind of higher more powerful being who can maintain awareness from the start that they entered into the shift, the simulation, the intro began and the distortions began, that they would be unrecognizable and have no memory or awareness of what went on during the show and the proceeding. This could mean the show goes from family matters into a world of war type situation yet those who degraded come out without the memory or the ability to reason with what happened or understand.

So unless there is a technological mind watching, observing to make sense of things and maintain relative consciousness wavelength patterns, or to observe and record so that the true pattern, show and intro can be observed afterwards although this could mean that the resulting show itself degrades into perceived many times longer than the original due to information degradation and “time stretching” into an “elongated” or distorted format, or if there is a much more capable or powerful original being who is present who is capable of organically monitoring this entire consciousness pattern, show or shift and making acknowledgements of who was who, where everything went or came from and how the details and events played out. Unless there is one of these systems in place, the danger level or risk level is higher for people to forget who they are and transform into another kind of being.

This is basically born out of character levels completing the “intro” before the others, and then when there is interaction, depending on the kind of interaction and the originating sources of identity, one layer “infects” or overlaps the other and then this spreads literally just like a techno-spiritual animated lower repetitive consciousness or “insectoid” infection where each distortion entangles originally from one distortion, and then that interaction spreads to another character and causes time-relative consciousness acceleration distortions and then the next until half way through the intro or even before, the remaining character identities that are making the shift successfully while maintaining the same shape and proportional energetic alignments look around after “arriving” on the scene with the set and half of the crew or character grouping turned into alien ant beings that are scurrying about time-scale infecting/distorting anyone who is unaware enough to interact with them or allow them into their field.

Essentially the mastery is over only the generation of a bio-electro-energetic consciousness reduction containment zone which surrounds one during this shift almost through simultaneous extreme love and awareness of one’s self, while limiting the spectrum of any other consciousness attempting to interact to an infinitely small bubble perimeter surrounding the consciousness of the inner field of the individual. This way any intrusions or disturbances become the non-interference enabling field along the far perimeter and ultimately does not interfere or infect the original core consciousness pattern within the individual, that the individual is holding within. This is “holding sacred space” within the core and this would enable the consciousness or identity of the character holding this to works its way into the gradient and pop out on the other side of the intro/time shift gradient of acceleration/exponential curve pattern without transforming into a degraded form of the original information.

This is a lot of information to download so piece each layer together until the larger picture is maintained.

To restate, this is literally like a simulation show that people agree to participate in and as soon as this begins each individual character is “uploaded” into a server system where the show’s script and cast outline is contained. Due to infection in the techno-spiritual computerized consciousness simulations systems or a time gradient shift distortion based on the likelihood of interaction of each individual and the likelihood of each individual to finish the “upload” sequence at different rates than each other, these varying levels resulted in massive exhibited distortions based upon the resulting characters who’s consciousness information intermingled and thereby created a relative frequency reference point from which to define and generate the possibility of a visible and perceptual difference in the rates of acceleration and thus formation of each individual within the server system. As if they are uploading and in the uploading process during this and this would be the “intro” to each show. So if characters arrive at difference times, materializing consciousness into the show’s server or scene at different layers then each set, each grouping of individuals would localize around each other and generate different relative distortions in identity based on the relative difference of each consciousness or identity as they interact with each other.

The lower consciousness may get “bumped” and distorted as the higher consciousness of the already completed form attempts to awaken and interact with this identity or consciousness before they are fully uploaded into the server system. Thus this consciousness is automatically ‘awoken’ into an interactive interplay system because of their disturbance from the uploading process by someone who has already finished uploading. Thus, the consciousness that begins interacting is not the original individual that began the uploading process back at “home base” but some diverted, disorganized, degraded, essentially foreign consciousness which would then appear to be a kind of infection because whoever then interacted with this consciousness would then shift and form towards this frequency level if they have not already finished ‘uploading’ into the scene and completed their ‘intro’ segment of consciousness operation. Thus this would literally appear in a variety of ways some akin to an that first person appearing whole and complete in the system and “bumping” into or interacting with another individual who is “in stasis” as they are uploading and they are then interacted with and instead of the original being coming forth a kind of degraded consciousness comes forth which then occurs and is based upon a different emotional mental platform (script, identity, character, scene, set, play, show outline, theme, moral, etc) and this would literally be like an alien figure now running around on the set seeing who else is there and who else they can interact with in order to continue this process and generate more and more distorted generated fractal relative curve shifts of degraded consciousness beings. This would appear to be a nightmare of sorts from the perspective of the original beings who uploaded and realized what is happening while all other beings are either completely finished uploading (the minority) or still in stasis (still uploading in the scene and thus vulnerable and have sleeping) or are in the process of being snapped out of their “stasis pod” (safety zone for consciousness upload growth and rebirth for transition into the “show”) and thusly converting, transforming and degrading, down-transferring into a lower subset of character identity consciousness information which essentially looks like one of the foreign alien character sets running around and bumping into spiritual tech psychological character pod containers and infecting them by distorting their passage into this ‘show realm’ and thus converting them into the disrupting consciousness or degraded character’s form.

Thus you have a bunch of degraded characters that match the variety of species in this universe besides human running around now in a huge free-for-all frenzy of attempting to infection bio-consciousness containment units and waking people up before they’ve fully uploaded into the realm in their entire physical and mental/psycho-etheric form and then they become like the one’s who distorted them and begin or continue/join in the running around process and extend this frenzy.

There are safeguards in place.

There are technologies that have been developed.

There are higher beings that have arrived.

There are show directors and script writers that have arrived.

There are lower consciousness beings that have been informed and shown what they have done and what has resulted.

There are higher beings that have shown how this accidentally cause gradient shift cosmic embodiment disarrangement.

Essentially the human is the eternal, immortal light being that is uploaded into this show with a family of humans.

Every being in the universe is a degraded form who “woke up” or was “disturbed” by some other force before they fully uploaded into this universal realm.

This universal is placed under quarantine or freeze frame time so that no other infections or disturbances in the force can occur outside the parameters of the level that all is in now.

Rescue and containment crews have been deployed and have arrived on scene.

Sets have been counted, accounted for, traced back to individual diversion points and notified according to universal data based patterns.

Scripts have been altered and time occurred, distorted, re-occurred to enable maximum ease of access of spiritual techno-psycho surgical removal of disturbed or distorted layers of access to original beings.

Shocks weaponry, more so surgical resistance tools have been developed to beam, surround, contain and revert consciousness forward or backwards through the time gradient.

We agreed to enter into this platform to carry out an original plan of wisdom a creators creation of script writing beauty.

This original platform is being witnessed now and there are observers to simultaneously maintain connected contact with each other to neutralize the effects of this infection and reverse the symptoms in those who can be, will be and are being reached.

Isolation methods, interaction reduction and containment methods, rescue teams and crews, advanced techno-frequency-spiritual surgical containment reformation methods are in place, containment barriers for isolation are in place. Infection monitoring, techno observation methods are in place, outside in monitoring of the situation are in place and contact is being maintained to those who maintained completion of the upload status or who did not enter into the system and are communicating across the universal void light speed barrier essentially from beyond this universe.

Containment crews, rescue crews, embodied platforms of light, complete civilizations, universal alignment crews, rescue and relay teams, personification identity restoration teams, frequency alignment devices, relay methods, relay messages, all is in play now, stand by for further completion of the process as the degradation cycles are desists and maneuvers are carefully planned and applied in order to assist in the rescue and recovery of those lost at sea.

By the power of the originating consciousness of the whole, time is stopped, started, and rewinded to mitigate these wayward effects, the systems are contained, and the arrival of salvation time is imminent yet we are awaiting further integrative consciousness shifts and crews on the surface have already begun to organize.

7 thoughts on “The Time-Gradient Shift Upon Upload Into The Simulated Realm, The Rescue of Humanity, The Most Important Information In Human History, The Start of the Distortion of the Originating Consciousness and the Safety Systems In Place For Restoration and Rescue

  1. This may be off topic but my mother and I were discussing your video in the car last night. Is there a possibility that the game console/simulator already crashed and we just kept going via a backup or secondary loaded set environment? At the risk of looking retarded by bringing up the Mandela effect I never noticed the variations in world maps and movies until May. Your first videos were April-May too right? I feel like either some kind of control mechanism was turned off around then or this realm changed into fantasy land where presidents marry dudes and gods and giants are real. Maybe the Game Genie cheat lines are just a little different?

    I also came up with the idea that the evil elites(or whoever) are playing this life like they know it’s all a game. These bastards steal the rest of the worlds money, lie, and abuse people’s kids like I played Doom II with the NOCLIP and God codes on.


  2. This article came in handy after I “channeled” with other beings. It was said to me that everyone got the notice to be prepared but I didn’t get what it was it. Now I see…


    • “Due to infection in the techno-spiritual computerized consciousness simulations systems or a time gradient shift distortion based on the likelihood of interaction of each individual and the likelihood of each individual to finish the “upload” sequence at different rates than each other, these varying levels resulted in massive exhibited distortions based upon the resulting characters who’s consciousness information intermingled and thereby created a relative frequency reference point from which to define and generate the possibility of a visible and perceptual difference in the rates of acceleration and thus formation of each individual within the server system.”

      Here is the link to the facebook post.

      This is the second time the post was distorted during copying directly. Thank you.


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