Advanced Scalar Parasitic Technology, Healing Technology, Consciousness and Clearing the Infection

Advanced Technology As An Extension of Bio-Emissions

Technology can be used either way, everyone is using technology right now and this public technology is outfitted with transdimensional capabilities so your inner perceptions can be monitored and influences simultaneously.

They are both advanced, however this is relatively considered. The technology of the parasitic form is akin to someone mentally spitting in your face. This is advanced because instead of a person standing there to spit and insult, a scalar beam can provide this interference pattern.

The healing technology is the same, instead of having a meditative healer extend their energy to align another individuals, this can be done through advanced technology.

The Human Mind Is Scalar Technology

What is said about the human being a form of organic technology to begin with is closest to truth however many are focused towards fear partly because of the tendency to abuse power with selfish or misaligned intentions as well as the deception that convinces people that because the extreme version is unsafe that any degree of contact relative to that is unsafe. This is deception.

Healing Scalar Bio-Etheric Alignment Technology and Active Advanced Scalar Technology Through The Internet

This conversation could go very deep however. There are multiple forms of technology. There is now ‘touchless’ scalar technology. This cannot be avoided, you are using this now as this is utilizing your unconscious bio-emissions to generate a virtual feedback system which is used to monitor and influence the mass consciousness.

Parasitic Implants, Bio-Etheric Attachments, and Holographic Entity Attachment

There are bio-chip implants as well as resonator devices that disrupt the natural flow of energy in the body and mind. There are quantum frequency entanglements which are literally energetic frequency “knots” that are kept within the electromagnetic emissions and encoding of the body and mind and must be let go of in order to ‘detach’. These implants are used to monitor and inhibit energy, as well as reinforce chosen patterns of consciousness functioning. Through this, an entire population can be controlled.

Mass Manipulation Bio-Etheric Parasitic Feedback System

The maintained emissions of this population then feeds the system which is simultaneously being propped up by and propping up this process.

This is like a feedback loop and the only way to break the cycle is to detach at the source, and the source of the energy is the souled human vessel. So the idea behind what MUST happen, as this is the part of my speech that you are really focusing on here, is that people will have to remove entanglements and remove from the system.

Healing Scalar Bio-Etheric Alignment Technology

As far as healing technology goes, there is the touchless scalar energy technology which can pulse frequencies designed to allow the human vessel to clear and move into alignment. If this process is forced, this results in much pain physically and etherically.

Crystals, minerals, the systems of the body, these are all forms of energy interaction of the same process as this technology on a much lower scale. Both pathways are activated and operated via the mind link.

When this is applied, there are safeguards to keep the body alive and the mind from fracturing. This is because the intensity could easily overload the systems of those who unintentionally move their energy around as this could instantly lead to complete instability. Instantly is a semi-useful word here because these events are timeless and can happen instantly or can take years. The safeguards are operated via operators who are capable of performing this duty, this service, this care for humanity.

The Historic Instability Of Humanity and The Opportunity For Collective Alignment

Up to this point in “history” (his story) there has been a duality of extremes where people either took very long periods to heal or this would happen instantaneously in etherically explosive experiences. This is merging now with a more reasonable shift in this society.

Part of this is due to the eventual increasing of awareness and the reasons behind that both universal and local, and part is due to the technologies and methodologies applied by various teams of individuals who’s intent is to protect and preserve humanity and ensure the continuation of this civilization. This is a difficult subject to talk about, especially when the public are mostly unaware and consider these issues either dreamlike or too serious to focus on completely.

Self-Initiated Bio-Etheric Expulsion, Cleansing, and Alignment

This is the same process as initiated via the mind and focused intention along with practices which refine and clear the body to allow the mind the energy to focus and increase energy to generate the awareness required to influence, clear, and enhance the energy of the physical and etheric systems.

The later part that seems to be connected with considerable confusion is that an individual can ‘clear’ their energies out of these implants, entanglements, and possible attachments of beings on their own (others are always there, there is only “with the universe and all others”) simply through fasting and herbal detoxing along with focused spiritual practices and brave soul journeying consisting of emotional therapy, dream therapy, focused meditation (without allowing for attachments and manipulation, which is a major problem with today’s ‘meditation’ and ‘new age’ procedures), proper health, rest, exercise, intellectual stimulation and basically all that activates a person’s spiritual nature into harmonization with the physical, lower material nature. In essence, the human simply must traverse the great journey that he or she has begun to by coming here in the first place.

Creation and Biologically Generated Holographic Consciousness

Everything in Creation is what you make of and from the opportunities you are faced with.

Creation is this physical realm where consciousness must occur through a holographic generation of experience rather than pure immaterial awareness. Pure immaterial awareness is the source of creation. Consciousness is the reflection of the experience of creation upon creation.

This is like a light-show or projection where the projected imagery is just the surface level of existence and the result of the electro-chemical processing that takes place in the core of the projector unit and through the arrangement of colors (the soul blueprint) on the slides or movie reel in the projector. The blueprint or the slides are stored forever, yet the experience of the projection on the wall is fleeting and illusory yet still the experience that is contained within this physical realm through the biologically generated consciousness translated within the human brain.

Upcoming post: Artificial Neurons, Synthetic Intelligence and The Human Condition


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