Time-Gradient Distortion Conversations: Question and (best ability) Answers


I get the parasitic invading consciousness. I don’t get that earth is a ship and rescue teams are in place etc. and that the planet is a game in play. (?) What rescue teams? Where are they from? Where is organic earth?

Do you believe you are the only kind of being in existence, living in the only kind of reality possible? If not, then that’s a start of where they’re from. As well, they’re from right here, because all is here and now as that is the only way that can be.

… I don’t believe we are the only kind of being nor do I believe in only one reality. I was asking because too many believe someone/something is coming to save them instead of saving ourselves. I was also asking because I think this is the organic Earth. And if this place is quarantined… any type of rescue team would have to be inside said area. So I was wondering about your thoughts regarding where … if this planet is not organic Earth … where is it? Outside the quarantined area obviously. Just a few thoughts I had.

Well, then if you are not the only kind of being, then that answers your question. If you believe there is also a non-human threat, well then you answered your question before you asked, yet you didn’t realize this because you’re relying on others. Yet, you claim you don’t agree with having to rely on others, yet that’s what you’ve done here, and we haven’t even left facebook yet. If the sun provides you energy to grow, yet you toss your seeds in the gutter and lay in the field all day. Will you not die of starvation and dehydration? Who is there to blame? If someone comes along and gives you a plow, new seeds, along with a quick gallon of specially hydrating water, would you continue to die? If they offered this as a one time situation so that you don’t die but learn to save yourself and thus help others, would you blame them if you chose to sit there and die, or if you accepted the help but then complained and cried building monuments and statues waiting for them to return while you starved and dehydrated to death? All rests on you, you give birth to yourself, you kill yourself. Earth is that field. You are the person and the rescue teams are the help. Yes, if you have the water and you have the seeds, then you are the help. Tell me, if I come force feed you, or you come force feed me, will that help us or kill us both but taking up our valuable energy and opportunities while there are millions out here in this field? So how will the plan work? That is up to you to finalize, but others can show you the way and there is advanced technology. Yes, you may have nifty gadgets but you do not operate through electrogravitic craft with mind-controlling cyborg soldiers hawking you. This is happening in the background and be thankful that this civilization has been given a grace period otherwise all of this would be in the foreground and everyone who couldn’t handle it up to now would not be here. Get it? We can’t change that, complaining can’t change that, proclaiming your so sovereign you can’t see your own weaknesses or vulnerabilities (as well as spiritual strengths), won’t change that. If this place is quarantined, then there is an area outside of quarantine, how hard is that to understand. Seriously. Don’t be shy here because I said how hard is that. How hard is it to expect that for there to be an inside of a circle, there is also an outside? Humanity has been genetically modified and mind-controlled to only think within the confines of the reality they have been prescribed as part of a false-paradigm system. Yes, there are people on both sides of the gate and that is the point. This is a frequency gate, that is the quarantine. This is all explained in my online work so please check that out, that is why I am here to say these things and that is why I have done that work. Have you see that work, or are you in the field waiting for me to return? And get this…I’m just some guy that found a care package and was informed and shown of how this clears the infection that I saw causing people to eat each other alive in the previous field! This is all frequency, all within you, but yes we are not alone and this goes both ways. We can’t get helped, or we can get spiritually eaten thus is the cycle of the old world system. If this planetary environment is modified, then this planetary environment is the next to the non-modified organic environment, do you get it? This is like asking where the space is, in reference to the other space. There are parameters, but they are long numbers and letters like this, CX-88-5-S1-T12-L. Thank you for the interest, just ebb and flow with the energy sweet soul.

Randy Maugans Translation: Artificial intelligence emerges from algorithms generated by a quantum state. It has no process to develop outside its original algorithms even if the algorithms are capable of advanced concatenation, iteration, or advanced computational aggregation.

He has achieved! *does a celebration* I can also comment on the humanoid states as there are specific differences between humanoids and non-humanoids but this will come into play as we go.

QUESTION – When he says the Virus morphed the being through not being fully awakened to come into this environment and it became the Greys or the Mantids or Draco is that what I am understanding him to say?? That these other beings are really us too but in major distortion? Randy Maugans??? Am I getting this right?

As much as a virus is the original program.

I have the same question. It seems like Aug said that premature awakening led to manifesting as an ant-being and being infected with a virus at the same time, which makes it seem like this virus is us when we are not whole…?

As much as if your unfinished Facebook comment is a virus in waiting or a meal you haven’t finished will instantly poison the next person that takes a bite. Which actually could be true depending on your intentions and your own biology, but these are arbitrary connections to the physical realm like a spider with venom. This is not the same as a holographic consciousness field and miscalculations resulting from a viral holographic consciousness that hid itself within the system while resulting from a disruption of the time constraints processing within the network. Read and watch the rest of my material and then ask again if you still have questions.

What exactly, is the difference between this virus, and a meme? Unless there are some of us who “are” the virus, vs. “have” a virus…?

This is a good lead. A meme operates like a virus, yet so does love. This is all about intention, functional entanglement whether awareness compressing or expanding, and the personally guided outcome.

I am a bit disturbed about being able to use technology to rid yourself of this infection…

We are quantum computers who use quantum mechanics daily technology only mimics and enhances this latent function in us

Technology is quantum computing and we are organic quantum computers that use quantum mechanics daily

“ARTICLE” WRITTEN IN RESPONSE: Advanced Scalar Parasitic Technology, Healing Technology, Consciousness and Clearing the Infection

Now I want to let any possible ego bleed out. I starve and disengage that. However, I cannot perceive through your shoes with a subject like this because this is not a simple greeting and projection as everyone can be in a world of their own or a universe apart. Together we triumph, divided we stand apart and then fall individually.


2 thoughts on “Time-Gradient Distortion Conversations: Question and (best ability) Answers

  1. Together we triumph, divided we stand apart and then fall individually..

    ..into place.

    we are good little soul’diers ;) collectively abiding by our in-divid-ual selves; if that ain’t a paradox in it’s self. meme and silly me.. donut take me siriusly, but do laugh, giggle and smile for sure.


  2. “Together we triumph”
    Agreed, but this only applies to the collective.
    I propose that all that all anyone needs is within and there is no need for support from this collective.
    Further, I cannot “fall” unless that is my choice. It is never dependent upon those around me.
    The real paradox here is that it is the individual who saves the collective by being in a universe apart.
    “Together we triumph”
    Yes…….but, we now know that “together” is an agent of control well used by the matrix. I would label these “clubs” to ensure attachment.
    It matters not the side that you choose, only that you choose.
    The statement above builds the prison walls for each Being.
    The system needs your input to survive. It needs you to pick a side, join a cause, or even fight for what is “right”. These emotions, these feelings….are the stuff of creation…..this is the blood of the vampire.

    My current ultimate Truth would be that the awesome unveiling that is presented here is only provided for the purpose of discarding it for the real prize of higher Truth.
    The name of the game is Detachment.
    The name of the game is Neutrality.



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