The Christ Mass Mystery

Since some others are on this page.


Sent him on his nightmare into the next life?

Or crossed the light of the sky into the next phase of solar energy?


As the light turns to night and the night turns to dawn the funeral becomes a wake and the awakened ones see beyond.

Then we see the truth, the truth that we relay, for we avoid and misbehave just to live another day, atone, a tone-frequency, atonement) God to receive your eternal immaterial presence?

The experience of a lifetime or regret for a moment, the trials that defile our soul create inner torment.

Death or experience it’s all relative, any way, to the fearless.

The loss of the fallen star is the rising light of the people of the world.

Spiral (rising up the genetic, quantum mechanical Jacob’s Ladder higher-dimensional pathway into fractal recursive self-embedding symmetry)

your red and blue lights (uni-polar, non-holographic, when dual become transcendent – merged)

up your tree (tree of life, tree of knowledge hanging on the mineral-bio-organic matrix of the body, the Bodhi Tree that Buddha sat underneath to gather his soul energy)

when they reach the top after passing through all layers in between then your will attain your star and YOU WILL KNOW CHRIST.

You. Will. Know. Christ. Christ is the Applied Knowledge of your Will to create true being beyond the holographic realm of duality, polarity, light and dark.

I said in a previous video to “ignore the presents at the bottom of the tree” This is FALSE. I led you on a wild goose chase, this is often the case as we are all learning here and now, how to integrate eternally into the all and the how.

To IGNORE, is to PRODUCE IGNORANCE, IGNORANCE is the LACK OF KNOWLEDGE, therefore this is non-sense!Do not IGNORE the material presents, presence at the bottom of the tree. That would be to ignore the MATERIAL PRESENCE of the bodhi of the free. We must LIBERATE the lower material essence, where there is a quantum, psychological, holographic consciousness-based ENTRAPMENT with an X and a CIRCLE around it! This is a CLOSED PORTAL, a STOP SIGN, a TRAIN CROSSING BOUND with a BARRIER and FLASHING LIGHTS.Instead of ignorance, PRODUCE HIGHER KNOWLEDGE. Put the material and lower essence IN PLACE at the BOTTOM HALF of the PORTION OF THE TREE OF LIFE AND KNOWLEDGE. To put this half on top is to live in an UPSIDE DOWN WORLD, AKA material Earth circa NOW in the inverted holographic projection we find ourselves in where the inversion was created because then only those who know the trick, the trick of KRISS KRINGLE, KRISS KROSS, would FIND ABUNDANCE and GIFTS from ABOVE, while all else who remained ignorant of these secrets would SUFFER.

This is a fun game sure, a real holographic pop-up book of the millenia, however there are many other rooms in this mansion, DIMENSIONS IN THIS UNIVERSAL MATRIX.And only the ones limited via the lower spectrum of the dirty, lowly, bottom of the tree dwelling perceptions and desires are BOUND BY THE CRISS CROSS SCALAR GRID MATRIX.

So the real question here is, did they do all this to entrap you?

Or was this already here and they left these signs and secrets to save your soul!!?? Sol!?? Only you can find out! Open your presence before time runs out and the morning star rises again and the day of Solstice passes over. Prepare for PASS OVER, the day of JUBILEE, the DEBT JUBILEE, THE DAY OF BOTH RECKONING AND RELEASE from SIN. SIN, SIGN, SINE-WAVE, SIGN-SEAL, KARMIC AKASHA RESTRICTION ON GENETIC MEMORY FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT PASS THE TEST.

The test simply being those who CHOOSE TO PASS GO AND COLLECT NOW. The luck of the draw is the spin of an electromagnetic compass north, and that north is IN YOUR MIND. THE MAGNETITE in your FOREHEAD, will AWAKEN when you TRAVEL TO THE NORTH, and LOOK INTO YOUR SELF and SEE THE SOUL WITHIN. THE SOL WITHIN.

This journey never ends, because WITHIN there is a NEW WORLD, JUST AS WHEN YOU ARE BORN HERE, YOU SEE THERE IS A NEW WORLD.

If you only PAY the KEEPER with ATTENTION to the MATERIAL then your TICKET is to the LOWER PLANES and you miss the STAR ON TOP, THE LIGHT FROM ABOVE.





Guess what? I am a drug-dealer and you are on my drugs! Your brain is a drug factory and your brain is now on the words that my drug-factory produced which when properly converted will translate into brain-drugs for you! All the greatest teachers of history were and are still drug-dealers a part of a conglomerate of bio-chemical cartel members! How’s that for mind-control!

We are all walking drug factories and Earth is the biggest cartel in the solar system!


FIND THE NORTH POLE and the little ELVES working away to produce the GOODS that you desire in this dimension!

They knew then and they know now! They’re just waiting for you to ask for direction!

The gods are waiting for your letter containing your list of requests! When they return they’ll show you gifts and blow your f_cking minds!

Better prepare! By this I mean, BETTER TO PREPARE.

I will leave one more and then stop this here so you have something to think about later. The images and words (thus knowledge) I am leaving out has to do with the true nature of the sun, the light and dark electromagnetism of the universe, the holy grail, the spiraling of DNA, health and abundance, and the truth of the system and how the symbols are all around us.

See Taron Green’s recent post! One aspect he’s left out is that the waters and ice around there has been SEALED OFF since the time of the last AGE of HUMANITY. Not only is there are 20,000x difference in the intensity of the biological systems of whatever is down there, but that this has been growing and developing since then for THOUSANDS OF YEARS without POLLUTION from our civilization!

Once that dam breaks, once that ice-wall melts and that portal is open, then the TWO WORLDS, BECOME ONE.

If your mind is capable of handling that, then you get to see the presence of the next age which might be anything better than the stuff that’s going on now!

The last parcel. The last picture I have attached to this post is of Amanita Muscaria mushrooms. These mushrooms. Notice the colors.

These contain Muscarine which converts to muscimol and ibotenic acid. They must be heated in order to reduce the muscimol and increase the ibotenic acid otherwise they can lead to toxicity.

There have been theories that this is something the Vikings would consume before battle to enter into a berserker trance. These may or may not be founded in reality, they may have just been drunk and amped up from their own spiritual practices.

In the snowy societies (such as the North) there have been notifications of Eskimo tribes that utilize Amanita Muscaria in a ceremonial shamanic fashion.


During the harsh winters, the shaman would have trouble being able to find these mushrooms, let alone dig them up.

What just so happens to be, is that reindeer and often most kinds of animals tend to enjoy psychedelics and this can be noted as how often deer will eat cannabis crops if they stumble upon them, as one little idea presented here.

The shaman would, being the kind and mindful shaman that he or she is, would share his supply of psychedelic deliriant mushrooms with the local reindeer.

Knowing the reindeer have the scent and the taste he would eventually follow the reindeer, knowing that their keen sense of smell would eventually lead him to more mushrooms. They would also chip in and do the work to dig since they felt like being so helpful.

These reindeer, when having eaten these mushrooms, would be known to prance and dance around in the snow like a little kid at a Christmas and this part is unrelated but I felt I’d throw that in there.

The point is that they would run and jump around so much one could say they’re now, “flying reindeer”. When in fact, they’re just tripping and appreciative of the cool (possibly freezing) jolly fellow sharing his stash with them and getting them buzzed.

So then we have the idea of this shaman in the tundra belonging to a shamanic tribal society who’s ceremonies and wholly days (days of sacred spiritual and communal/familial wholeness, not holidays, separate, set apart, divided). So during the winter solstice, as you may know, many of these natural tribal societies will celebrate and mark this change of solar, celestial, and spiritual energies by imbibing in and communicating with their elder spirits.

So how would this shaman be able to reach those who were snowed in to their igloos up to the chimney? Well, you guessed aptly, he may have slide his gifts down the very chimney at a time where this was applicable, namely there being no fire to burn his stash prematurely.

You see. This heat would have to be used to cook the mushrooms, otherwise a child might eat them raw and absorb so much muscinol that toxicity would result and as you can imagine this would be a pain out in the tundra.

So another option, other than the heat, is that an individual who was well enough developed and possibly tolerant enough of the toxic, could devour a large enough supply of these mushrooms and the ibotenic acid (the psychoactive ingredient) would pass through this urine unchanged.

There’s a kicker coming here.

You see, ibotenic acid is one of the magical chemicals in the environment that can literally be passed through the body having done the job and given the desired effects and will still remain unchanged and reusable after being urinated out.

So the elder who was strong enough could eat a large enough supply of these mushrooms that his urine could then be drank by everyone in the family and this would then pass that psychoactive ibotenic acid on to the others who would look to imbibe. Secondary hint coming.

Yes, he could drink water and turn that water into psychedelic wine for the whole family.

Now imagine some guy who’s tolerance was so high, he was the most high and he could do this for an entire village (a moderate one at that, lets be “reasonable” here and now, possibly for the first time ever, and the never once more until we forget and remember who we are again).

So of course, you may have also wondered about these colors. Imagine the ingenuity of the shaman if he so chose to dress himself in the apparent colors of this mushroom so that all who saw him approaching would know that he was the shaman and thus he was the one to get your special wholly day stash from for the spiritual celebration of the winter solstice. Yes, ride and white in a big padded suit, with happy go lucky reindeer in tow and know that’s not candy in his big red sack.

Now for the final part of this story of lessons, or whatever you choose to call this, I will refer you to a jolly fellow who similarly knows the invisible truths that lay all around, hiding in wait, waiting to be found, ILLumiNatiCongo, a brother from another, in light, not in arms, who knows that nothing is as it seems, and pretty much everything is maximally as awesome as one can perceive without instantly blasting off into another fxxckng realm.

Could this also be related to the practice of alternate nostril breathing, of ascending the chimney using the etheric power of the mind.

Is anything as it seems?

X marks the spot of the buried treasure as drawn on the map, the map is a blue print of reality and is conceptual not literal.

One last reference is Michael Kavanagh who also knows what’s up, and what’s down, and is having fun expanding people’s minds on his own time taking you into his world out of the abyss and into the light.

Enjoy! Again. Krampus too.

2 thoughts on “The Christ Mass Mystery

  1. “Spiral (rising up the genetic, quantum mechanical Jacob’s Ladder higher-dimensional pathway into fractal recursive self-embedding symmetry)”

    I read that and instantly thought of my teenage LSD experiances. Within seconds I scroll down to see your Jpeg of the mental picture I had already had.

    Gene. U. R. Us.

    I tried, that probably sucks.


  2. duuude Thank you. I knew about the red and white fungi but you just mixed a pot of full of magic for me. I’ve litterally read this to a cousin already. I tried cracking peoples minds open during Christmas Eve dinner but the TV programming is so strong in my family here. I’ve gotta keep removing one brick at a time in the mind wall I guess. My MPC is here with me on the floor in a room, I really didn’t want to just email the crappy versions I have now. I wish I could have just bought you something…heh. Merry Christmas brother(not of arms).


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