Forgiveness Is Key; Bio-Etheric Implants and Parasitism

Forgiveness is key. There is a literal energetic connection made between the heart of the victim and the heart of the perpetrator, when there is a continued feeling of lack or degradation on the behalf of the supposed ‘victim’ then this is an actual charge flow like a di-pole battery through a circuit and the circuit is the etheric medium of hyperspacial psychic fluid.

When we produce feelings of peace and self-empowerment by attributing our experience to self-responsibility and self-initiated control over our frequencies, this literally short-circuits that feed system whereby there is no longer a quantum heart-link or psychic etheric link between the bio-spheres or auras of the individuals or the group.

The intensity and release of this process is compounded with trauma and this is the nature of the control system to make this self-empowerment as far to reach as possible. Yet, this is against the natural blueprint of the universe, the inner cosmos.

Why is this now? Let us see.

The more a person is pulled from in that charge system, and this includes the entire human species altogether as well, then there more will be released when that circuit is broken.

Now this is the time where the one vibratory spectrum that breaks the circuit is reached by a large enough portion of humanity to break this cycle through time and literally severing the quantum-etheric psychic link between the heart of the organic species and the foreign system that has grown as a leech on the energy of all who are unaware of this process.

Now here’s the kicker.

What happens when that circuit flow gets reversed, or a charge large enough to fry the “leech” comes through both ends?

What if our energy systems are designed to handle such an amperage flow?

What if there’s are trickle charge systems without the capacity for high-drain loads or charges?

Thus we have a vision of the intensity as well as the catalyzing effects of the current situation as well as what is to come as people become more aware of this invisible realm and the invisible process that has been taking place.


5 thoughts on “Forgiveness Is Key; Bio-Etheric Implants and Parasitism

  1. I think some more information/clarification and a deeper explanation would be advantageous on this subject matter! It’s very interesting, Toltec Shamans call those ‘energy fibres’ we are all sending them out with our thought form energy, towards each other, it is the nature of our intent that determines the nature of the energy fibres we send out, its sooo interesting and profoundly necessary to further our knowledge and awareness in this mode, for our own sake and that of our created world construct…


  2. nice. i would like to hear more about the connection between forgiveness and how it releases the etheric implants. i am utilizing the meditaion on untwine’s blog, “reacreatingbalance” to initiate their demise.


  3. pretty sure I get what you’re sayin’ here. I don’t know about the forgiveness thing nor do I care to involve myself in it, but I do know about letting go of stuff and transmuting energy. Those who seek to pull “from” me usually get a little short circuited in their attempts with a nice dizzying zap. I don’t fully understand how batteries work as described here in this article, but I do know how to charge them, esp. in reference to my own self and others as compared to a type of battery. I’ve been offered a ‘hook-up’ on different occasion and have responded with, ‘if you want to hook me up to that thing, I’ll take the whole system down through and through. Is that what ya’ll want? ’cause it’s actually what I’ve been waiting for.


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