“Ascend out of” or “above” Polarity Consciousness

A Hypnotic Spell Over Consciousness (part of the 9 veils and simultaneously the whole idea)

There is a hypnotic spell to invoke fear or hatred but this is an illusion through which the fear or hatred is expressed within itself. In other words, it’s logistically self-defeating. If there is something to be feared or hated then this is solidified and created by that perception as this is the improper response to such.

The fear that people emit is the literal etheric fuel for the control devices that magnify this energy and send it back to people.

Self-Responsibility; Is Evil Created Within?

Does this mean that the awareness of evil is the creation of evil? This means that the self-responsibility for one’s experiences and the creation of one’s persona is solely within. Ultimately, physical pain and trauma can only influence the body directly. This influences the mind and can damage the psyche leading to a distorted self-image or relationships or connection to reality.

The continual attribution of one’s own self-responsibility towards an outward projection of polarity consciousness is the literal engaging of and agreeing to the manipulation of such projection. Regardless of whether this existed “before” the individual opened themselves up to the situation.

From a higher-dimensional perspective, everything that happens to one physically is agreed to before hand from a soul perspective. This is something people have trouble accepting however this is how the self-awareness of what’s happening on the physical level ascends towards the realization of the creation of these events from the higher spiritual level. Now this is also used as part of that psychological manipulation, but all elements of truth are, per the definition of psychological manipulation.

Cosmically Stepping Out of the Victim Role = Taking Self-Responsibility for One’s Experience = Self-Generating Experience In The Now

So in other words, the pathway towards healing this is to view outside of the victim role because this and this alone is what serves a bio-etheric parasite. Look into the darkness with love in your heart. See from the heart. The heart doesn’t attack because nothing to the heart is physical, it is all based on relationships and the hierarchy of external energy and awareness influencing the internal energy or awareness. Whether one will take over or harmonize with another. That is the only knowledge of the heart. So when we are seeing from the heart we are seeing with the spiritual eyes of the higher body and through this we can avoid trouble. Not by outsmarting evil, but by not giving into the victim mentality that those with evil hearts would benefit from us believing in and thus removing ourself from that etheric circuit of destruction.

This doesn’t mean blind our hearts to the pain of others, this means blind ourselves from the distraction of the version of our self which succumbs to such pain.

Healing evil is being able to remain in the heart and direct the mind and body.


3 thoughts on ““Ascend out of” or “above” Polarity Consciousness

  1. Good luck in trying to get humanity to “stop” being victims. 99% of humanity will not relate with what you are saying in above, because we can’t engage without practicality. We are genetically wired “dropped down” to 3D and you are asking for 5D capabilities to save ourselves. Very nice idealism, but in reality you are putting the cart before the horse. Prime Creator needs to suspend free will and auto-creating temporarily, then heaven do your clean-up, then reinstate freewill and auto-creating. That is the only way I see to fix the problem this article is talking about. Stop asking the victims to free themselves from their sadists, when everyone is mind-controlled. We humanity simply need RES CUE.


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