Color Coded Human Bio-Etheric Emissions Within An Artificial Construct

Mental-Emotional Torture/Trauma-Based Mind Control, Machine Learning, Bio-Etheric Emissions Harvesting, Color Coded Humans


3 thoughts on “Color Coded Human Bio-Etheric Emissions Within An Artificial Construct

  1. Organize the mind and body: apply mental attention to the corporeal sense body. How do you breathe; how do your lungs work; how do you produce sound; how does your breath affect your thoughts and their expression, and therefore your relationship to your self and others; the tree of Life is in your cerebellum…can you access it and see how the fluids are flowing; apply imagination to your physical systems and visualize what the current state is of each part the body and apply intention and energy and observe the changes; how does vision and hearing work; how does the gross body work; simply, do you bend using your joints…do you know where your joints are…do you know how to turn your head (or do you just turn it without any consideration as to how) ( same with seeing, hearing breathing and movement as well as thinking and behavior; it’s all patterned in and if you don’t observe your responses then you react. If there is no space between a stimulus and your response you default to habit. You see a chair and that’s a stimulus for you to sit. Do you stop and consider how to sit optimally in a balanced fashion? Or do you flop into the chair? Do you know how to stand on your feet? Most people stand on their hips and heels and therefore they need to tighten their neck and shoulders to offset the imbalance of the misplaced weight going into the pelvic region.
    Are you a chronic thinker? Did you know that thinking causes physical tension and physical tension causes thinking? How do you expect to ever relax or rest?
    What do you really have control over? Everyone wants to control others/the world around them…and they can’t even control their own mind or body.
    Apply attention (mind) to body. Find out your habits around seeing, hearing, thinking, behavior, movement, breathing, talking, sleeping, standing, walking, typing. We take all of this for granted and just do…without consideration. Consider yourself. When you do this you feed yourself instead of the other, the foreign intelligence, the archons. Reality extends to your fingertips. There’s no reason to go any further.


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