WhiteHatDarkHat: ” Astral Plane Update 11-24-16 “Spirit Transfers”

This is part of it.

” Astral Plane Update 11-24-16 “Spirit Transfers”

There is an ancient technology that is currently being abused on the astral plane that causes the spirit of a person to be transferred with another spirit that is without a body on the astral plane.

A lot of the surface population have had at least two spirits entering in and out of their physical body throughout the course of their lifetime.

This technology has always been used by the Archons on the astral plane in order to put people that are striving for change on the surface of the planet into situations that are detrimental to their situation. This is often done by transferring the spirits of their family, spouse or anyone essential to their life mission at key times throughout their journey with a spirit that is out to harm them.Astral body is another term for spirit.

The astral body affects the personality of a person. An example of a successful spirit transfer by the Draco Federation would be transferring the spirit of a wealthy person that is about to give someone money to help the planet with another spirit that has no intention of giving out money.

Over time the astral body can magnetize the etheric body which can lead to a moderate change in facial features.

Another sign of a spirit transfer would be a complete change in the habits of a person overnight.

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10 thoughts on “WhiteHatDarkHat: ” Astral Plane Update 11-24-16 “Spirit Transfers”

  1. A simple daily mantra to strengthen your mind. I have no fear, i have no ego, i have no limit, i have no doubt, i have no weakness, i have no programming, I am not the body. The stronger your connection to the body is, but without doing the spiritual work, the better they will utilize your energy systems to drain you as they play you…suffering. Cut it at the source, be in the body but not of it.

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  2. The divisions in this world are mostly false. The so called hatred between Democrats and Republicans is because the dark beings on higher levels are being forced into shells on the physical layer and are also acting out the directives of their masters. This is all for energy drainage. Liberalism and Being a democrat had nothing to do with the wild extremes and crazy off the wall antics going on nowadays. It’s all a game and it’s the mind of Kaos as it reveals itself slowly. It will lead to a very dark place. Must go through hell here before you reach heaven so to speak. The overshadowing of beings, not walk-ins or consciousness swapping…but possessions are what this is all about. Case in point…marijuana being legalized in Canada. It is a gateway drug. The gate is your etheric shield and when it lowers it, as all drugs do, higher chance of being taken over. I support weed for medicinal uses, but alas most people are not aware how their shells will be left wide open once these drugs interplay on their energy centers…no different than drinking and losing control and doing things they never would normally. Expect the same vicious hate of the US division to also permeate Canada next. It’s already going on, but at a quieter level…it’ll ramp up very soon. I don’t expect this place to keep going past a few more years at the most, but if everyone does their part it won’t have to.

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  3. The Astral Realm is a fake bad place that strips us of a lifetime’s memories, reprogrammes us, deceives us with false light beings, brainwashes and recycles us . Let us hope the Star Cruisers above are assisting the dismantling of this Criminal Astral Realm ancient interdimensional city sized Supercomputer infrastructure as we speak. Or perhaps its already been done. Its clear now Dr Eben Alexander on Oprah Winfrey, was a psyop to convince us the Astral is a good real place.
    The astral body moves out of the physical body during sleep and travels to many places. However, there is always a link to the physical body, even during sleep. In other words, the consciousness drives the astral body from the home station of the physical body.

    The consciousness does not need sleep – only the physical body needs sleep. Generally, in this Virtual Reality, when a person dies and sheds his or her physical body, the astral body goes to the astral world. It is at this time that the “soul” leaves the physical body and thereafter resides in the astral body of the deceased.

    The astral world has its own “natural laws”. For instance, a person can travel or change his or her appearance at will in the astral world.

    Once a person enters the astral world after physical death, he or she will eventually enter into a deep “sleep”, after which the being resumes a new life in the astral world. Note that this is not the normal, “day-to-day” sleep of the astral world. It is a sleep whereby the new arrivals are stripped of much of their knowledge acquired throughout their physical lifetimes, and during which they are also programmed with false memories and various types of programming – “brainwashing”. After they have gone through the initial programming, the new arrivals “awaken” and begin their conscious lives in the astral world.

    Once “awakened”, the new arrivals receive further tuition in the halls of learning, which are really programming centres. The majority of the residents of the astral world are oblivious to the ugly truth behind the workings of the astral world virtual reality, because they have been fed with untruth. Even the sincere ones are convinced that they are helping others by promoting what they have been told is good for themselves and others in the astral world.

    Astral beings, like physical beings, require sleep from time to time. However, very few of the astral residents are even aware that they require sleep because the type of sleep that exists in the astral world is very foreign to the process of sleep in the physical world. Therefore, the astral residents often mistakenly believe that they never need to sleep except upon their early days of arrival in the astral world. Their explanation is that until the new arrivals are adjusted to going without sleep they will think that they need to sleep.

    Many people think that the astral world is heaven, which is far from being true. The astral world is yet another virtual reality within the Virtual Reality. After astral beings have been programmed and encouraged enough by others in the astral world, they begin to accept the situation as normal. The astral world is even more of a programming centre than the physical world. The so-called higher masters of the astral world are usually Anunnaki agents of Darkness.

    Amongst the programming in the astral world is a programme to mask the truth and allow the residents to artificially feel that they are happy and free. This is similar to giving a depressed person an anti-depressant medication. In other words, the astral beings are all “drugged” to the extent that they are nearly oblivious to the deceptions in which they exist. Everything looks clean and pure in the higher astral worlds, but this is only illusional. Things in the astral world are at least as deceptive as they are in the physical world.

    Sleep is the doorway to the world of virtual realities within yet other virtual realities. The sleep world is like a world of its own with its permanent and temporary residents as well as its visitors. It is like a huge cosmopolitan, international centre.

    By analogy, the sleep world is like a place where every visitor must automatically pay a “toll” at the “doorway” in the form of energy. Energy is the currency of the Virtual Reality. This “toll” is extracted whether the sleeper enters the sleep world from the astral or the physical world.



    1. I hope it’s fine that I reply to this here. No, it is not the same thing. This is the best I can find, but a good internet search will give you more info. on walk-in’s vs. complete violation of temporary replacement.

      I haven’t fully read this, but the bits I quickly read give a good idea: ttp://www.greatdreams.com/walkin.htm

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    2. My consciousness is akin to a walk-in. Up till the year 2000 this shell housed a true light civilian trapped being and right on the year 2000 new years it was rescued. Afterwards there was a deep depression in the shell as it had no higher self anchoring energy…like a vacuous black hole…sucking in energy from everything around it. I allowed this to happen as it allowed contact with and integration with a high mind of darkness. This shell was at the time into spiritual satanism and was encouraged as it allowed the truth to unfold physically before it’s eyes so the belief system in things beyond that which can be seen need not be only a “belief”. I entered “walked-in” once there was already a high being of darkness mind inside this shell and began dominating it and overtaking the shell as it allowed me to read their energies and plans that they had going forward.For a few years in my initial state I had to do extreme purification to negate the constant dark energy. When kaos asks if you allow it to take you over,say no. It was like the black goo and then it permeated and became one with the shell and it’s energy constructs before I got in. After some time I was able to anchor myself to this reality by the words of Amitakh of the Xee-a Twelve site around 13 years ago. From then on my re-awakening and total dominance over this shell and my surrounding environment has gradually grown. Most high level players of this game come in under the radar and the dark beings you’re looking for are not going to be in the public eye…Soros? Lol…those are just puppets. I came in as the rescue effort and cleansing of this false light construct maya and trap is ending now and needed a push in energy. There is a displacement of consciousness…such as when one goes into surgery and afterwards comes out with a different soul and different identity…and then there are multiple souls in one shell and many or all of them can be walk-ins, energy overlay just like interfacing inside a virtual reality…aka the movie Ready Player One. This shell was specifically created for me from the beginning and it has key genetics from the original races. It is also the most defiant you will find and the most resistant to programming. It’s all about energy. It’s a war of energy. The physical is the least and most important part depending on how you look at things.

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  4. sorry but this is too obvious and this system is so covert unless you know the person very well,
    you cannot see what is happening. Cursed by this, how do you remove this violation of non-consent?


    1. You don’t. Once it gets to the point that they can do it to a shell then it’s beyond defense. Also, freewill has nothing to do with your physical body and it governs spirit and will (consciousness). This is why hardcore meditation and purification is needed to keep a good hold on your shell. These are disposable meatsuits anyways. The light shining inside is what matters most. You will eventually leave this body, like you would a car, and then be reincarnated into another shell. That is only while the system is active. If you’re awake now then fight that system. Simple.

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