Holographic Energy Harvesting Soul-Trap and Time-War

This is a holographic universe. The systems in his location have been compromised by an interdimensional virus. This replicated and rerouted the energy centers of sentient beings living in their nervous systems and the electromagnetic energy around them, literally in their thoughts and blood.

This timeline may be the last frequency expansion of universe meaning what happens here is not the “cosmic forethought” or “daydream” but the actual, final and eternal occurrence.

The process is that of energy leeching where a person is utilized as an etheric life-force or life-code well. The issue is that through dimensional technology a boundary has been set up around this plane so that souls may not permeate. As a result, people think they are here for dozens of years. We have all been here for millions of years. This is where the whole idea of extended karma and reincarnation comes from. Just see how that looks. People have to come to die over and over again because they’re too stupid to live right? No, this is an overlay, karma is instant. Ever since this system millions of years ago karma is managed through technology and those who control this system divert their karma unto the innocent by getting them to accept that they are weak and stupid and deserve to pay it off. The system is operated through hypnosis and trauma-based mind control. The human genome has been tweaked to allow for easier manipulation through trauma, perversion and emotional-mental confusion, co-fusion. Instead of operating as one force people are broken within themselves and so they accept broken leadership from blind eyes.

The system is a holographic projection and so the key is to remembering this and operating ones vessel and mind accordingly to the truth behind the projection which is feeling and self awareness.

Earth, from this dimensional layer, is used as a breeding ground. Those who are strong will protect themselves and those who they can without injury.

The mind is a scalar device and can project cleanliness or disharmony. The decoherence pattern is what enables a partial being to then use that being as its host. When the body and mind are whole, then the energetic systems are more complete and so there is no room for foreign intelligence.

This is the nature of the vulnerability, that an unaware individual who is not keen on observing their self and knowing where and why their energy flows will be easily compromised and used as a host.

This is the meaning behind the current world events and even since the beginning of this civilization.

Various groups have been timeline hopping as part of a mission to secure a viable timeline for humanity.


7 thoughts on “Holographic Energy Harvesting Soul-Trap and Time-War

  1. I believe restraining oneself from the fallacy of over generalization is paramount to good writing. We have not ALL been here for millions of years: this is actually my first go-round on earth (and, I can assure you-my last). Throughout my childhood, I would attempt to explain to my mother where I came from, which was a land of no war, no monetary sytem and one that had a much more moderate sun and temperature fluctuation. Diet consists of mainly plant life and flower essences. My mother, of course, found my “pretend games” amusing. Much later on, I met Dolores Cannon–and others who resided where I came from in their last life also. I recently met someone on Facebook who laid claim to arriving from that same planet. We excitedly spoke for over 4 hours–until 4 am in the morning! So much to say…so much alike…so wonderful to relate so well. So far, and handful of people come from Alcyone also. I have known that name since I was a wee child.

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  2. Reblogged this on Dawn of Divine Rays and commented:
    Let us all invoke, envision and co-manifest a clean, beautiful and natural Planet Earth with LOVE, Compassion, Forgiveness, Balance, Steadfast Faith and Grace. Whether we believe it or not .. We are capable of receiving graces and giving them. The more we give .. the more we will have .. recycling it back to us to give out more .. Try it .. you won’t be disappointed. Namaste

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