Group-Soul Trading, The Announcement Of The Secret Space Program and Disclosure

Group Souls

Group souls or soul-groups incarnate into a ‘planetary’ physical experience.

The Earth experiment is a conglomeration of multiple group-souls of varying development and integrity.

Soul Trading

There is an agenda of a soul-group to consume and assimilate as many other souls as possible.

At the end of “time” whoever’s soul vibrates on a certain harmonic frequency merges with the corresponding group-soul vibration that has been on Earth.

This is seen as a kind of “trading game”. Some have turned this into a war, however.

Consciousness As Holographic Projection

This all has to do with conscious memory as a holographic projection and the larger portion of this existing in higher-dimensions or outside of the reach of the capacity of the physical brain.

Unlocking DNA and Healing Genetic Memory

The unlocking sequences for these memories are through experiences of mind and emotion. When certain frequencies are held for long enough, or in the presence of sufficiently intense contrast, then the frequencies ‘solidify’ within the sphere of the individual and these components of the DNA are then “brought forth” out of a kind of galactic database.

Awakening to Expanded Time (knowledge of far past and future through DNA)

Thusly, a person is identified with a certain ancestor background and equally a future pathway based upon which frequencies they attain and harmonize with the most and unlock within themselves.

The Soul War/Electric Wars/1000 Years War/Fall of Man

The soul war-game is to put people into scenarios and bombard them with frequencies that will be most likely to cultivate a certain kind of trend in frequencies.

Thus, the soul-group that uses lower-dimensional methods, IE: hatred, or dark forces, will use whatever deception possible to try and absorb people into their soul-group so that they are there eternally outside of Earth.

Similarly, the ‘higher’ range soul-groups will simply stand by and watch, while holding space and doing everything they can to protect and alert the humans of these invaders.

Temporal Distortion, Memory Wiping (genetic distortion/scarring) and Soul-Containment

Of course, now with the advanced technology of the dark forces and the raping of the higher-races they are gaining access to temporal distortion technology, replication, cloning, necromancy, remote viewing, manifesting, etc etc etc.

These are all new to the dark arts and they can only use them with the help of the innocent life energy of those they subjugate, this is why they not only misuse the energy at every chance, but they also only get access to that kind of power for very short periods at a time before running themselves into the ground.

We are in a time now where we are nearing the public disclosure of these groups but this is only applicable when no other option is viable.

The game is to be played, not to be forfeited however the costs are increasing as time goes on.

The higher-dimensional side is often kidnapped by the dark-forces during their introduction to this realm and then are grown up in families that are mind-washed to believe that they are the organic, original version.

This is done throughout so many situations, temporal distortions and mind-washing, that the entire timeline and history is so convoluted a person would take years to comprehend what the true history is or where humans actually come from.

Public Disclosure, The Event, The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge of the Ages Of Humanity (millions of years)


The ‘disclosure event’ is supposedly where this will take place on televisions with a public announcement of the unacknowledged special access programs, the true nature of the holographic reality, the true nature of DNA and RNA as cosmic transporter codes of soul-energy, the true nature of creation and the creation sciences, the manipulation of the original creation sciences millions of years ago which opened up time portals and warps in the species due to DNA intermixing between timelines and time periods at the request of the dark-forces.

Deception and Slavery

The true nature of how this connects to the banking industry, the history of control systems and religion, ancient Rome and Aegypt, the celebrity cloning situation, the programmable lifeforms and sentient computer systems, nanites and rogue artificial intelligence, creative artificial intelligence systems and how they’ve influenced the population through modifying races and genetics, the true history of the secret space program and multiple other programs involving mind-control, human soul-trading, and the preservation of the human race through secrecy.

Hidden Knowledge and Advanced Technology

The true nature of secret societies, soul trading and possession, replication and cloning, interbreeding, power and knowledge and the underground bases. The nature of electrogravitic technology and the discoveries Tesla made including interdimensional travel and the discovery of an interdimensional soul-trading network based on the causal loops of this civilization being utilized as a ‘tap’ or resource for genetics which ultimately resulted in multiple time paradoxes that threatened to collapse this universe from the perspective of the conscious human being.

There is much more but I will return to share more information on this.

Everything is an illusion, this reality is a “show” that is funded and produced by various agencies who’s role is to ensure that the show continues no matter how intense the show gets.

The main disclosure aspects will centralize around the unveiling of “The Hidden Knowledge of The Ages of Humanity”, the “Crimes Against Humanity”, the “Crimes Against Earth (the original group-soul), the nature of the breakaway civilizations of multiple beings human and non-human. The nature of the secret societies and their use of spiritual knowledge as well as advanced technology. The nature of mind-control and power-systems in place to delude the public and spiritually silence them, and the nature of immortality and cloning, and advanced technology related to zero-point energy as well as consciousness transfer and healing both physiological and spiritual.

Resolution, Healing, and Existence

At the end of the age the group-souls each return home and together they form a planetary or physical local-environment to re-experience themselves.

The main idea here is that the people MUST DEMAND THE TRUTH.

They must REFUSE THE DECEPTION of the current system! They MUST COMMIT to only CONSENTING TO WHAT THEY DESIRE and only then can this whole process be approved, otherwise the chaos of forcing people to awaken would be worse than enslaving them.

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