The Apocalypse, Simulcra and Simulation

Post-Apocalypse Simulator

All the survivors will be placed into a simulator with a complete replication of the current local-Earth environment.

After the completion of the cycle of 26,000 years the individuals will be brought out of the simulator and judged based upon their development of that internal holographic world-environment.

Repeating Cycles

This may or may not happen on this timeline and this may or may not have previously occurred in order to produce this current timeline.

Quantum Entanglement In and Out of Life (simulated afterlife/soul trap)

The bodies of the humans of this timeline’s civilization may be the result of this process and therefore quantum mechanically attached to this simulator.

Genetically Modified Through Accelerated Simulated Time-Cycles

This may be, in part, why the human species does not relate to the other animals directly.

This species may have spent multiple 26,000 year cycles within a simulated environment generated through quantum supercomputers capable of replicating and tracking the spiritual and genetic development of hundreds of millions of beings simultaneously.

Original Earth Experiment

This may be part of an original experiment by the original Earth government which was closer to an oversight group detached from the original creators of this civilization and realm.

Original Creators Separate From Simulator’s Creators

The original creators of humanity are said to be separated from the original creators of this realm by layers of magnitudes of power, intention, and creative ability.

Final Completion Cycle (7 Harmonic Octaves, 7 Harmonic Universes)

What is happening now is a completion of the final cycle of experimentation which could have multiple meanings.

Merging The Simulated and the Organic Realms

The simulators could be merged entirely with the holographic information of this Earth realm, opening this civilization up to all other civilizations in time, multitudes of other races of beings, and multitudes of other timelines.

Multiple Replicated Simulator Races

This could also result in many problems as there is only one original human race with the original soul-blueprint, yet there have been many replications of these genetics without the actual soul-presence to accompany.

Repeating Cycles, Hidden Knowledge, Deception, and Spiritual Molestation

Everything that is to happen, has happened before. This is the meaning of the hidden knowledge, however the use of that knowledge was perverted to gain personal pleasure at the expense of the pain of others.

This is because these beings that do not have the capacity to perceive on a soul-level, cannot perceive the damage done.

The problem here is that if these beings were to gain access to the soul-level, they would instantly perceive billions of years worth of suffering and torture because of the accretion of their previous disharmonies. Thus, they are forever protected from knowing the true nature of their darkness, or ever reaching any other state of existence outside of true eternal darkness, essentially as a kind of holographic program that is temporary and does not contain the possibility for experience in a self-relative realm but must be contained as part of a larger organisms realm. IE: They are only assets rather than actual creator-beings.

For this, they blame the original humans and seek to destroy the human soul-blueprint.

This is the notion behind the destructive action of the transhumanist perspective, to replace all souled organic humans on the planet with soulless cyborg counterparts that can be compromised and tortured at will at the pleasure of the artificial beings.

This is the “Conspiracy so vast” that most minds are blown by coming into contact with this.

Star Families

This is also related to “star families” and long-term holographic realm projections of DNA. Those are the future races that developed from each individual after thousands of years in the simulator and they are ‘coming to’, ‘returning’, as well as ‘breaching into’ the organic holographic realm of Earth for the first time as a result of the convergence events that are currently taking place.

Some of the operations of the underground bases were to kidnap possible threats to a future dystopia where all organic humans are removed from the planet and replaced with cyborgs thus forcing the organic soul matrix to leave this realm forever or to inhabit cyborg forms in a last-ditch effort to save any survivors.

These operations including finding children and subjecting them to mind-control torture devices which would also mutate and enhance their DNA activating their consciousness into this holographic reality to the degree where their ‘future’ ‘star-family’ would appear in an attempt to stop this event from destroying the genetic link between the present and the future.

Some later phases included attempts to murder or assimilate these star-races.

Star-Fire, and Star-Dust Return

Now they want and require the help of those star races however there is an equal possibility that this is a ploy or could be interpreted as a deception. There are still underlying safety mechanisms that will render this sector of the holographic system quarantined again until a complete and total nullification (quantum collapse to zero-point/stardust return).

This is the last-ditch effort and would involve all non-souled beings participating in a star-dust return while all souled beings participate in a star-fire return activating all quantum expansion codes of the genetics until high-dimensional awareness exponentially alters the holographic sector.

Full Activation of the Scalar Grid

This involves the metallic net that has been layered over the surface of the planet and in the wildlife and flora. This net is to be activated through technology that will power the grid using solar and zero-point energy devices.

This grid then merges with the spiritual bodies, or souls of the living beings on Earth, and thus the holographic scalar environment becomes an overlay that is just as vivid or accessible as is the current physical holographic environment.

The invisible holographic realm becomes visible and interactive.

This is, in part, the “war in heavens” that are described in ancient texts, relating to the electric war and the fall of man as well as the coming convergence where the two realms will once again merge into the physical plane.

Apocalyptic Thinning of the Veil

For the reasons described in this post, the Apocalypse has already occurred and is more of a program that cycles to completion every so many thousand years when the interior technologically propagated holographic realm is synchronized with the consciousness and energy of the Earth-based physical plane. There is thus an “overlay” and this is the “thinning of the veil” that is referenced so often.

Antarctica and Sacred Sites

These contain the highest access to the organic holographic network of the physical Earth plane.

This is like meridian points or chakra points of the human body (which may also be related to manipulation, see my latest video).

Thus these bases are where the holographic technology is located, often in subsets of dimensional proximity so that they cannot be targeted except by highly advanced spiritual technology or astral technology methodologies which can be countered and monitored as well.

These are the locations where there are access points, gateways, portals, into the holographic field of Earth and thus where there are major holographic surgical inserts of false memory, control systems, implants, false-light technology (metatronic grid “hard points”), geometry, monuments and everything relative to the holographic grid control system for the human being.

Everything is dual-sided and these are also possible entry points for the light-factions as well.

Emotional Projection, Cleansing and Healing

There is importance in refusing to project hatred outward as this only expands the likelihood of such experience in the holographic projection system of the universe.

We are to learn of the true nature of the human as a reality generator and step into our power as creators. The outcome of these events hinge on the human soul and the generation of the next phase of reality through the merging of the conscious mind and the immaterial soul energy.

2 thoughts on “The Apocalypse, Simulcra and Simulation

  1. Namaste OmniPulse – So .. you’re saying that all organic souls are being put into a re-incarnation chamber to experience this current Now by the 3rd paradigm grid handlers … and that all who has passed on .. will not get out of the re-incarnation chamber but to congregate in another fake paradigm in soul form (but just a portion of their soul) and to wait for another re-incarnation?


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