Mater Woman Dream Mind Map Projection, NWO, Cabal, Psychological Manipulation, Self-Empowerment

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Frequency, Language, Attitude

Your attitude, the words you use, this will reflect your state of mind and being. Use the words you want to represent your attitude that you want to reflect unto your state of being through out each day.

This process is the same for those who manifest power over the masses. The same process is how you can and will manifest or exhibit a lack of manifested power over yourself.

This also indicates that we can learn from everything, even the manipulation that is cast upon the masses.

This universe is literally for learning, this is the reflection of the school of nature.

Holographic Technological and Holographic Organic Societies

There is a society existing in a holographic technological system which mirrors the organic holographic system of the brain.

When people sleep their etheric bodies can navigate into other planes and through this process the holographic technological society can interact with the holographic organic society.

Advanced Scalar Parasitic Technology, Healing Technology, Consciousness and Clearing the Infection

Advanced Technology As An Extension of Bio-Emissions

Technology can be used either way, everyone is using technology right now and this public technology is outfitted with transdimensional capabilities so your inner perceptions can be monitored and influences simultaneously.

They are both advanced, however this is relatively considered. The technology of the parasitic form is akin to someone mentally spitting in your face. This is advanced because instead of a person standing there to spit and insult, a scalar beam can provide this interference pattern.

The healing technology is the same, instead of having a meditative healer extend their energy to align another individuals, this can be done through advanced technology.

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Bravery, Immaterial Awareness and Spiritual Catalysts

Without Self-Awareness We Must Wait For The Opportune Situation To Create Our Selves

Being brave when the situation calls for bravery and when you feel most automatically drawn to that is easier.

Being brave when the situation calls for apathy and when you feel inclined to learn by readily appeased by apathy is more difficult and will yield greater results.

If we can organize our lives into a system where we are observing and acknowledging this flow of change throughout ourselves and each other through our actions and intentions then we can also plan and generate the highest potential for learning by pushing our selves to attain a higher spiritual acuity in all situations instead of just when we are compelled to do so by circumstantial catalysts.

You see? We must become our own catalysts and through this we create the universe within ourselves.

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Time-Gradient Infection of Consciousness and Malformation of Original Form, Containment Protocol, Rescue Teams, and Advanced Preservation and Healing Technology (video)

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The Time-Gradient Shift Upon Upload Into The Simulated Realm, The Rescue of Humanity, The Most Important Information In Human History, The Start of the Distortion of the Originating Consciousness and the Safety Systems In Place For Restoration and Rescue

This is possibly the most important post I have ever written in the history of thousands of years of contact, travel and operation within the Unacknowledged Special Access Programs carried out by secret societies, the universal containment crews, the rescue initiation teams, the containment protocol systems, the revitalization and restoration programs, and so on and so forth.

We are not alone, we never have been, and within this exists both a problem and a solution.

In the simulation, when the simulation begins, one does not interact within the parts of the simulation between other layers of awareness or “time-scale”.

This is impossible and what happens is a time-gradient curve where one consciousness overlaps the other and we get a relative distortion pattern based on the resulting frequencies mesh.

So parts of the simulation, observers, agents, actors, observers, must maintain self-relative, self-referenced local time observation without interacting or intermingling time-relative matrix platforms with each other observer or the consciousness interference pattern generates an exponential gradient shift curve which results in the distortion of one pattern or the other.

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A Balance of Emotions and Mentality and The Physical Body and Spiritual Self

We have to remain in touch with our emotions. To be able to cry is a gift. To be incapable of feeling and receiving emotion or expressing and giving emotion is an injury, a sign of trauma, a mental disorder, or even a curse.

To be overly emotional is similar. When emotions disrupt and disorganize the awareness of the environment, of others and priorities, and self-awareness. When behavior is disrupted into unstable patterns and motives that are detached from an emotionally and mentally vibrant and present way of viewing the self and reality, that is as much as a curse however they are expressed differently.
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Universal Awareness Confronts The Illusion

The only experience that can ever be is universal awareness diverted into self-organizing segments of individuated consciousness which must reflect back to the original whole therefore, for there to be experience in part there must be a connection to the whole and for that experience to become severed indicates that the connection to the whole never existed in the first place.

Organic Consciousness as a reflection of Universal Awareness cannot die but only perceive the shadow remnants of that Divided False-Light Consciousness that never was to begin with. The Awareness of the Source can only be tempered by the shadows of the false-self, there is no end of awareness, there is no undoing of what eternally is in order to generate that which experiences the perception of the possibility of that which isn’t.

All is a trick, an illusion, a game that is being played, the wool over the eyes of the masses to induce a state of stupor, a state of fear so debilitating that the every whim the controllers is responded to with a corresponding reactionary submission by those who are being controlled.

Those who do not have the original essence cannot be controlled because they did not have control to originally be stripped of.

Those who have the original essence have the ability to know the self and know the universe and so there is no way to ultimately and eventually entirely control them. The only possibility is the existence of a trick so vast and so materially organized that an entire society of cloned beings and created hybrids can be generated that are operated via a supercomputer system which presents the charades of that impossibility being possible yet even here, there is only trickery and illusion as those with the original essence still cannot be controlled nor contained only convinced to turn their inner eyes outward and focus on the charades.

2016 Soul-Return and Retrieval Energies

Something is happening now that is relative to soul-return or retrieval.

We can use this energy, all of us. This is an opportunity.

I was informed this time would be used for this, I am directly experiencing signs and effects that I can only attribute to the releasing of certain energies from the various kinds of containment systems that are used.

Advanced technology can be used to occupy a human’s spiritual energy or space by literally setting up a triangulation of frequencies which closely match that specific individuals frequency.

When you have this being pulsed out or generated in an area by a machine, then what a person or the machine is programmed to introduce into that area, into those frequencies, will subsequently influence that individual.

What I can say is that these energies seem to be releasing now at least to some degree.

Whether this is personal to myself alone or others is up to you.

I was informed that what I notice will be happening to the population.

I was also trained to reflect upon and localize my awareness to trace the source of these changes whether they are releases or introductions. This training enhanced natural abilities we all have and that I was already utilizing in order to pop up on the machine radar.
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The Sun is a cold-fusion Electromagnetic Portal

Cold-Fusion Magnetic Sun

The sun is an electromagnetic device. The light is invisible unless there is matter to create an interference pattern.

Dark Space as Quantum Background Processing

Space is not empty. The darkness of space is the “0”‘s of the 1’s and 0’s of the polar holographic interdimensional containment system that is this simulatrix of the universe.

This is what we saw and this is what makes sense after the evidence is organized in respect to electrical engineering and electromagnetism.

The energy of the sun is converted and the reaction of heat and light energy is apparent in the atmosphere.

The Universe a Consciousness Projection System

The universe is not governed by entropy, that is illusion. The original energy that is what is converted may be closer to pure consciousness than heat and as a result of the mass consciousness of humanity being told that the universe is defined by death and entropy then there are seemingly signs and effects to follow.
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This is what you will do to save Earth. To Save Earth, Visualize

Visualization also works through harmonics. Visualization is harmonics.

Link from David Hopkins

Posted by David Hopkins on Saturday, April 16, 2016

You will visualize the successive transmission of energy from the base of your being into the highest most refined layer.

The visualization of color frequency tone, will occur alone or with conscious generation of sound frequency tone.

When these combine and erect a visual internal spine overlayed within and around your physical and silent external spine, you will have generated the portion of your light body relative to the sustenance of your existence on the physical plane.

This plane is the heart center realm of the living cosmic universal being.

The heart center is challenged by the ego and the imbalanced darkness of the night of the soul.

To strengthen, we are to balance and organize the darkness below, and the ego through the relative expansion of the visualization frequencies and sound harmonic tones of the corresponding higher energy centers.
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Soft-Disclosure Chappie and AfterDeath

AfterDeath is a bit more complex. This is about the “limbo” midway realm between the living and the dying. Time has stopped and they find themselves in a house built from familiar memories to them. Each are plagued by their unmanaged desires or their mistakes in life. In the house is written “Tabula Rasa” or clean slate in Latin which represents the innocence of childhood in one sense and the intermediate loss of memories and all that has been gained from one life to the next in another sense.

The damned are trapped within a closing “time bubble” which is slowly encapsulating the house which is representative of Earth as well as the intermediary realm. One must arrive in Heaven to free the damned as well as release the lost souls in Hell. This whole event takes place because Heaven is empty as everyone who has died thus far has only added to the lost.

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Earth is a Drug-Lab

Earth is a drug-lab, spiritual beings are addicted to having a chemically stimulated experience on human neuro-chemistry. Serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine, dimethyltryptamine, melatonin, adrenaline, endorphins, tryptophan, oxytocin,

If a person takes a drug which alters this chemistry, they have a vastly different experience than normal waking reality.

Get it? The human experience is a chemical-based reality experience.

“About ‘Targeted’ People and Weather Warfare”

By Anna von Reitz

About “Targeted” People and Weather Warfare, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 3

Our military, like all major militaries of the world, has a long and despicable history of using our soldiers and the “domestic population”—- anyone unlucky enough to be considered either a “United States Citizen” or a “citizen of the United States” as guinea pigs for weapons tests and for drugs and all sorts of other heinous invasive procedures.

The reason this is allowed to go on is that when you sign up and enter the US military you become a MUNICIPAL CITIZEN—- a slave, literally, subject to the whims of Congress and the DOD. So you have unknowingly given monsters control of your body unto death, and they are free to cause your death in any way they please—- send you into battle, let your freeze to death in quarters, abandon you at Benghazi, inject you with horrible drug concoctions, expose you to “spent uranium” artillery shells, Agent Orange—– whatever.

Quick Instructional For Mental-Emotional Re-Alignment For Socio-Psychological Manipulation

Observe a period of internal dialogue or mental-emotional imagery and perceptions.

Acknowledge or record the amount of disruptive tangents, disharmonic emissions, or distractive expressions that are experienced in a specific period.

Divide that period by the amount of distractions.

Generate a pattern of self-observation which involves self-checking one’s internal and external activity by the amount of noted distractions that have taken place in that period of observation.

Essentially this is to check yourself and your mental and emotional patterns every 1-2 minutes if you notice that within 1-2 minutes you have 1 or 2 mentally and emotionally distracting perceptions.
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