The Process of Controlled Disclosure and the Awakening of the Human Potential

The true nature of consciousness.

The holographic electrical brain.

The mind and the universe are one.

Military research projects have determined there is a world beyond this one that is currently invisible to the body’s senses.

There are corrupt wealthy individuals hiding the truth of worldly and non-worldly power, technology and the true history of this civilization and other countries.

Unaware people are troubled by the truth of how things are. Telling the truth is not how things are usually done and people have become accustomed to the carefully planted illusion that enables this society to function how it does now.

Everyone who is speaking with a controlled clearance for public disclosure has been prepared and cleared to ensure the safety of the population, to avoid the worst case scenario, to avoid violence or panic, and to ensure the safety of those in active military operation. That is the meaning of controlled disclosure regardless of what those on the outside can imagine.
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The Heart-Mind Link

I want to record every conversation that is relative to the information but it’s difficult and it is windy with either a slight breeze or a gust literally every second. There have been many meetings and alignments that prove this is an intelligently guided journey, guided beyond mental capabilities. The heart is the center. Humans are inherently ‘evil’, ‘corrupt’ or simply just ignorant of the truth of one another.

We cannot know one another’s mind! The mind is akin to a dial in the dash-board of the car. They simply point in directions or report on values and differences. The mind itself is an analyzing system but cannot actually make any choices.

The living man, woman and child is life comprised of multiple components that are interdependent as if they are weaved together. There are a series of energetic perspectives and the physical body. If one system either energy or physical is disrupted then this will result in eventual disruption of the whole system.
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Cult Mind Control Technology

Everything else requires too much editing to publish yet! It’s almost 4am in a communal area of a hostel and I slept from about 5 to 8 or 9ish last night and walked for miles both days. Exhaustion, sleep, vicarious sanity and the illusion of death.

Fear, desire and illusion. The cult members cannot move outside of a cube designed to entrap their minds.

There is One True Source of the heart and spirit of humanity and this is gifted through intelligent compassion.

The One Truth is finite yet it is at the top of all other truths!

This civilization is being prepared for the unveiling of the ages!

Gender swapping, new age witch craft, the power of love through the awakened heart.

Knowledge, Myth and Magic, Consciousness and Virtual Reality

The knowing of things has been corrupted and inverted. The more one sees the more there is to see because reality is extra-dimensional and expands with observation. I have learned things from my experiences and from the awakening that are applied everyday. In that sense, we all learn from these experiences and the intended goal is to enable one to better navigate reality.

This information is the hidden cause and mechanism that enables conscious experience. There is an occult or invisible layer of information and there is a visible layer. This is easily comparable to a computer system and the graphical user interface and the hard drive with the hidden, ‘pure’ informational aspect.
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The Indigenous Fraud

During the 2010 awakening where the entire universe is unveiled to one individual by a collective that has been here since the beginning, ‘Native Americans’ are indigenous tribes on the North and South American continent and were not only sacrificed but converted into ‘legal slaves’.

Only a very small percentage of dark skinned people came from the ocean faring ships. This is one of the biggest frauds and every blood group has some form of longer term spiritual and intellectual fraud perpetuated against them. These are called generational curses.

Soft-Disclosure: Demolition Man, Hidden In Plain Sight

This is another example of how information that directly relates to the breakaway civilization and events on Earth and parallel Earths is shown in media through symbolism and parallels that unveil soft-disclosure to the awakened mind.

In plain sight! Notice the correlations between today’s current events.

Soft-Disclosure: Singularity (2017)

Robots are designed to help with daily tasks, mundane work, and heavy duty physical work.

Eventually this leads to weaponized robotoids which creates a “Mech-Warrioresque” war-torn reality where the nations use robotoid technology to engage in combat.

There are only thousands of casualties of war however this leads to further instability.

There is a plan to save Earth that is hatched by the robotoid hive mind that teaches itself after it’s inventor activates the system.

The only possible way to save the whole planet is to drive the majority of humans to the brink of death and convert them into a cybernetic race.

What’s all too particular is the name of this AI demi-god, “Kronos”, the lord of time, harvest, death and regeneration.
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The Mind’s Reflection of Reality Response to Gary Warmerdam

The mind can’t grasp the whole of reality because there are shared aspects between what one perceives as the mind and what one perceives as information pulled from reality. This requires one’s ability to know without thinking, to sense and be aware of abstract concepts.

The mind and reality arise together to function as a complete experience of self, embodiment and environment. You can’t see one without seeing the other.

Reality is to the mind as air is to lungs. Without the reality to perceive the mind has no limitation to anchor the experience around a particular set or scene of experiences.
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Soft-Disclosure: Bond, It’s all about human trafficking, children, women, and slave labor.

We have placed 160,000 females into the leisure sector. With the global surveillance initiative we’ll be able to counteract the governments intelligence agencies.

That scene in the “Spectre” Bond movie depicts how it works.

A group of men sat around a 70 foot long high quality wood table, dressed in 2000 dollar suits driving 1,000,000 dollar cars smoking 300 dollar cigars drinking either a “special” life-extension drink mix that one couldn’t even find in public for a hundred thousand dollars or 60 year old liquor. They discuss how their drug, political, spiritual, and social corruption operations are coming along.

Everyone knows it’s a holographic avatar system. Everyone knows of the advanced technology. The operatives that are trained for the dark factions know how to imitate a ‘positive outlook’ to clear their mind and focus on getting the task done. They know how to operate on ‘spiritual planes to pull energy and knowledge. Continue reading “Soft-Disclosure: Bond, It’s all about human trafficking, children, women, and slave labor.”

Continued Disclosure 2, Time the Invisible Landscape, The Script

We’re in a time vortex, either that or we’re in a simulated environment right outside of the event horizon.

A time vortex is a space vortex too.

There were operations that concluded the outer perimeter of space-time is a kind of computational mirage that wavers and morphs like an illusory landscape. That’s the time-space horizon that shifts like a flag blowing in the quantum wind of divergence from where the certainly happening now perspective of material existence merges with the prospective potential information of what may come next in an ever non-present ‘potential’ of time-space. If there is ever a period where the potential is reduced to ‘0’, the whole system shuts off and is incapable of proceeding.

This means if there is never a possibility that is NOT selected, leading to the full certainty that whatever was selected IS the only selection, then the possibility machine shuts off.

If there is ever a period where NO one possibility is selected or all possibilities are selected and thus the machine has no corrective algorithm for reconstructing the next scene, the system shuts off.

Can you change the script of what could be and what has been?

The Truth of the Fallen and the Interdimensional Electrical Parasites

Electric World

Transformation of biology to technology. Magnetize the aura, electrifying will result in imminent interface with a technological control grid.h

Continued Disclosure of Corruption, Advanced Technology, and Exotic Environments

This is a spontaneous recording on the nature of the situation and how the opportunity to know is a narrow window that eventually closes. We have to develop self-knowledge to be able to know about what has gone on in a way that enables us to remain connected and balanced.

False Reality, Manufactured Consent, and Mental Manipulation through Linguistic Deception and Technocracy

This is the way things work. You are an individual. To the individual is attached a person. The person is governed by the laws of the society they inhabit. Two beings have rights to this land, one collects the land and profits while starving others, the other wants to protect humanity.

The law we are under now is a form of warfare. It’s literally the rule that is categorically assumed as a result of a hostile take-over. This is a silent conversion through replacing the natural living self with one’s assumed identity and therefore acceptance of a role and rights.

There were treaties in previous times which are the key to everything that is happening now. There were star races contracts which were made with certain families and beings with advanced technology and different consciousness and biology.
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Michael Gerloff former Military and LE Discloses Recruitment for Unacknowledged Special Access Program

Please research this information. There are others and this is about assisting in the disclosure process. This brings some more clarity to the situation and there is much more information that can be added to this.

These are the preliminary memories of a military recruit for the unacknowledged special access programs.

Keep going.

The Universe Unifying Life Experience

We seem to be in a ‘nexus’. Whatever energies are prominent here will be prominent throughout the whole of one’s experience. This brings in the interesting notion about the cascade of pure knowledge that is related to the concept of using one’s DNA to enable a quantum connection to a golden reality.

If one’s life is always a reflection of the higher realms and so on, would not the goal be to experience as wide a spectrum of intensity, warmth, coldness, rest, activity and all separate concepts so as to reunite the entire universe once again for one’s eternity?
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Self-Awareness, The Wheel of Societies, Simultaneous Awareness

Whatever the masses do, in this age, is usually not the path of intelligence. Expecting that the true intentions behind major changes and trends are something other than is presented is more intelligent than assuming there is only one layer of events and changes.

Nothing is as it ‘seams’ on the surface. There are always various plans at play. Time and consciousness are linked through perception and so if you alter one then the others are changed. This can happen internally through self-control and this can happen externally through scalar or radiant energy systems that produce an electrogravitic distortion field which affects living beings.

Most would like to see this civilization become self-sufficient and independent from mind control to benefit the universe. It’s not that easy however. It’s an awakening, just like for one person, but for everyone that has to happen and will happen. The issue is whether the amount of power, knowledge and memory released through this will be sufficiently transferred into something beneficial and harmonious for this civilization. Change is inevitable but if the momentum is not handled in a balanced manner then the result is not a fulfilment of self-knowledge but a catalyzation of one’s own destruction. This is how each civilization has risen and fallen previously however many have succeeded in becoming a self-sufficient society. This indicates not that they make their own food, but that they tap into the universal energy fields and can sustain themselves without having to disrupt the material universe. They are harmonized, in effect, with ‘larger’ or more powerful energies that are present across the entire universe instead of just one location or food source.
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