The Archon Invasion of 1996, Timeline Hopping and Collapse Of Previous Timelines

The Electronic Assimilation of A Proximal Parallel Earth

In the timeline that myself and other operatives have experienced, the Archon Invasion of 1996 spread and continued to spread until all electronic systems were assimilated into a hive mind computer system that used scalar radiation to influence the minds of all sentient creatures in this local-environment.

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Intention Is Constantly Shaping Reality

Intention Is Continuous

In every moment, every situation, whether one is causally taking a walk, or in a heated exchange of emotions, information, or opinions, the intentions one holds within will determine the overall outcome of the experience.

Observe Intention

What this indicates is that if we are looking to hone our power of focus and intention then we can start with the ‘now’ moment. This is to say, that if we can instantly choose to focus on our intention and bring to the surface of consciousness the most powerful intention for ourselves then this will reverse the power leeching affect of distractions and emotional vampirism.

This is also to say that this can be used as a kind of diagnosis method to determine what kind of attachments or vampiric intrusions are present in one’s consciousness because in a given 5 second, 30 second, 1-2 minute, or 25 minute period we will be able to observe silently and bring to the surface any unwarranted or intrusive patterns.

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The Secret Space Program and the Convolution of Time; Nothing Is As It Seems

Advanced Technology Gateway Systems

…and Time is convoluted. This is through the use of advanced technology devices.

As soon as the machines were turned on a pathway was simultaneously opened for beings to connect with this plane from other times and parallel realities.

Beings From Parallel Earths

As well, there were beings that were created that would be able to gather information and perform tasks through transtemporal systems that humans could not yet operate through.

The result was something like activating the devices and opening the gateways only to instantly have a fleet of future military personnel and other worldly beings instantly attempting to make contact with our civilization.

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Into Polarity-Consciousness Back to God-Consciousness

The Polarity Consciousness of The Physical Earth Plane

The visible, physical universe is based upon a duality of the pain-pleasure balance.

The invisible is based upon the immaterial self of spiritual knowledge and feeling.

If we are motivated primarily by our lower level physical senses then this is as a pyramid with only one layer where each cycle of change (moment, second, day, month, year) is indistinguishable from the rest and there is only constant, unshaped repetition.

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