The Archon Invasion of 1996, Timeline Hopping and Collapse Of Previous Timelines

The Electronic Assimilation of A Proximal Parallel Earth

In the timeline that myself and other operatives have experienced, the Archon Invasion of 1996 spread and continued to spread until all electronic systems were assimilated into a hive mind computer system that used scalar radiation to influence the minds of all sentient creatures in this local-environment.

This invasion spread until ultimately all forms of life on the planet were reduced to a cyborg binary consciousness component of a hive-mind organism.

Transportation of the Human Race to A Parallel Earth

To avoid this catastrophe the entire human race was transported to the current timeline that we are on. However, those with access to genetic memories can access the previous timeline and observe the events that took place prior to our arrival here.

The Collapse of The Artificial Invasion Timeline

This was the collapse of society and then consciousness and thus time itself as humanity was assimilated and absorbed into a hive-mind quantum computer system which cannot die and therefore cannot truly live.

The soul material cannot be trapped forever however due to the extreme time dilation that can be experienced along with a variety of false-realities and existences the connection between one’s biological consciousness and the pathway of the soul back to the spiritual realm can be distorted so severely that the likelihood of a natural return becomes virtually nullified. Biological consciousness could be regenerated through these systems having the ability to produce physical bodies from the molecular level upward.

Technological Ascension As A Pathway for the Fallen To Return

This was the original reason for the technological ascension pathway, to allow the fallen beings a way back toward some form of spiritual existence so they may rise out of the duality-based physical realm existence and move back into wholeness in eternity which was severed through the introduction of the living computer systems designed to disrupt the connection between the biological consciousness of the body and the spiritual awareness of the soul and the higher self.

Soul-Stealing Hive-Mind Technology

For those who are spiritually inclined in the sense that they have retained their soul essences, then the technological pathway would be a reduction from the original pathway and this would be experienced as the severance of the organic soul matrix from the biological consciousness (body) and thus this is the state of the “fallen” consciousness and embodiments (bloodlines).

The Movement of the Occurrence of the Collapse Into The Previous or Post-Current Timelines

As soon as the collapse would be realized, this would move into the “past”, in the same way as the “now” moment is constantly moving into the past. There would either be no experience afterwards and nothing would be known, or there would be a resolution through some way of mitigation, which occurred through the transfer, and we would simply find ourselves awake and unaware of the difference here on this timeline. That is what occurred and only those who have access to higher-dimensional memories or were initially awake from the shift of the original timeline would have any idea. However, everyone, for the most part, noticing that things are not what they seem, that distortions are apparent and that life is seemingly turned upside down as a result of some kind of power-potential shift that disrupted the natural flow of the technological progress and spiritual development of the human race. One could say technology was accelerated while spiritual development was distorted and reversed.

The important message here is that the timeline collapse already occurred in what can be called a ‘previous universe’ or time dimension and that this is the reason for people finally noticing for many of the temporal discrepancies that are coming to the surface of consciousness here in this timeline.

Multiple Shifts, Multiple Modifications to the Human Race

These modifications were outlined during a debriefing where it was explained that someone altered the human genome and this could be for control purposes but in another view was for the preservation of the human race in this realm. The human race must travel to the higher spiritual pathways through this realm and must maintain focused self-awareness in order to maintain this presence of self and participate in the progress of spiritual development.

Along with this previous timeline being the focus, the idea is that with each new movement into altered realms, steps were made each time to the human genome, to the land-realm, to the consciousness and spiritual memory, or to the spiritual hierarchy of souled and non-souled (fallen) beings that operate in the background outside of visible existence.

The changes that took place during the most recent shift are what people are referring to as the “Mandela/mandala” effect were changes introduced to the human body so as to allow for a greater immunity to the polluting effect of the temporal distortions as well as the previous timeline.

A Radiated Local-Environment

In the previous timeline, which is only one dimensional “octave” away from this one, a war has broken out which rendered the majority of the surface uninhabitable due to pollution and radiation. We are witnessing the bleed through effect of this timeline onto the one we are on now and so various cover ups (psy-ops) were designed to mitigate this as well as distract the population away from these changes. This may be indication that we are on the transitory timeline now, experiencing these effects as a massive shift is occurring as more and more of these changes bleed through.

The Transitory Timeline and Cover-Ups To Preserve Mental Stability

The transitory timeline is necessary as these effects must take place and influence one timeline in order to then shift from them so a timeline that is essentially a “temporary” or, for lack of better word, “throwaway” had to be invented and this is the artificial time-dimension that is being used for purpose.

Some of the distractions or cover-ups include Fukushima which is a non-event that contained no radiation but merely a large show and many actors along with a holographically generated news coverage which is indistinguishable from any live-filmed real event. During de-briefing, this event was described as a cover-up which was to act as an explanation for the introduction of high-levels of radiation and pollution into the atmosphere and ocean at that area. These pollutants are the result of bleedthroughs from the previous timeline as well as the overall effects of temporal distortions which threatens to de-agonize or reduce to molecular stability of an entire organism at once.
This is also related to various operations where individuals who are involved in temporal travel are to use various methods of containment, restriction, and protocol to re-engage with the timeline of origin, consciously, otherwise the effects would result in a complete molecular instability of their physical body. The mind can also be fractured in many ways and this is part of why there are intense training programs to break and rebuild the mind so that the discontinuity effects of temporal travel will not result in immediate complete mental instability.

A Continued Temporal Degradation; The Repairs Are Temporary

One main idea I will present here is the idea that as soon as one timeline collapses, this will eventually spread and occur up the line to the rest of the timelines because the universe is organized like a series of Russian or nesting dolls one inside the other through octaves of frequencies.

So this is why there is a transitory timeline because this is the timeline where the ‘buck stops’ and instead of allowing the collapse to progress it will be stemmed at the transitory period and a kind of artificially induced timeliness will be initiated.

The Recovery Operation, The Transition, The Spiritual Maturity to Save The Human Race From Oblivion

This has already happened and humanity has been in this state of timelessness for anywhere from dozens of years, to millions of years depending on the individuals ability to access genetic and spiritual memory. This is also related to the Akasha as well as the Sphere of Amenti where the original memories of the entire multiple timeline journey filled with the distortions as well as the original soul blueprint for humanity is kept.

The Sphere of Amenti

During debriefing it was described that the human consciousness must pass through the higher-dimensional platform that these systems are contained in order to reengage their spiritual atomic structures with their original identities and blueprints before the collapse of the timeline occurred.

Humanity On “Borrowed Time”

As a result of the information in the previous few paragraphs, we have been existing in “borrowed time” where time has been extensively reorganized, redesigned, extended, altered, folded, refolded, unfolded, and projected using psychic soldiers, ancient devices, spiritual knowledge and technologies, gateways and dimensional rifts countenance systems.

To Develop Multi-Dimensional Spiritual Self-Awareness

The idea here is that humanity must reach a level of spiritual activation and maturity where they can ‘skip’ over the level of the dimensional rift system and through this, overgrown the collapse of the timeline before this actually even occurs to the temporal space that this physical plane is intersecting. This is related to the temporal body of the human in how a temporal body can be implanted or activated to a certain degree and this will actually inject pain, trauma, suffering or programming of some sort that will be experienced in the future.

Jumping To The Future and Perceiving A Collapse of Time (or not)

So this same effect that has been used as part of a technique to traumatized and manipulate will be utilized and is being utilized to supersede the very degradation of the false-light timelines so that the spiritual existence of humanity can bridge the gap cross the rift timelines and merge the biological consciousness of this fallen realm with the healed timelines of the organic systems. From the perspective of these timelines there never was an infection and this timeline would appear to be a kind of sickness induced dream like a delusion fever nightmare.

Timegates, “Holding Space” (literally), and Supporting Individual Spiritual Awareness

In this way, the time gates are being held open so that the collapse doesn’t occur however we are moving closer and closer to the perceived collapse. Some theorize that this is because the inevitable must occur and for this reason we are seeing these influences. Others theorize that because we are seeing these influences this indicates that the shift has already been made and was successful, thus we are simply noticing the continued approach of the actual point in the temporal field (future) where we reached that trigger point equilibrium of spiritual momentum of energy and knowledge where we regained our memories and identity through the repair of the mitochondrial (RNA) and genetic memory and thus passed through the higher realms while still existing within the physical bodies on the Earth plane. This then uplifts the entire Earth realm as the energy ‘ascends’ and a scalar time gate pathway is generated for those who are capable of merging with the original blueprint find themselves instantly participating in such a path.

The Paradox of The Impossible Perception of “The End”

This would simultaneously, also indicate a collapse of the previous timelines which is why coming up to this event it would seem as if the very structure of time and space is falling apart and threatening to sedately everything. Technically, if those of the original blueprint pattern did not attain their unification within and around, then that is exactly what would happen and has happened before. So that is what would happen again. But because of the higher-dimensional restriction on the continued occurrence due to many alignments this can not happen again otherwise a total and complete collapse of the entire timeline universe (all universal harmonics) would occur and thus existence would be erased or frozen into a non-existent state forever. However, there are theories that reason how this is impossible because existence cannot experience a state of non-existence so the only thing that CAN POSSIBLITY happen is that this is the final occurrence of the previous timelines collapsing and the future harmonic over unity being finally secured forever and throughout the entire universe. This is part of the reasoning behind the notion that once humanity overcomes the spiritual darkness, the infection, the automation of mind and the fallen realms here and now, that this will then realign all realms and existences throughout the entire universe for all of time.

This may have already happened and this is why we are even capable of sharing this knowledge now, where as before when this occurred and a collapse into zero-point was the result no one knew a thing, and no on experienced a thing until the very last moment of complete destruction as the truth revealed itself like a thief in the night.

The Efforts of the Temporal Operatives; Experience Here Is Only The Continuation of What Is and What Can Be

However, here we are now as a resolution has been created and stitched into time by those who are capable of operating and holding space when the entire universe had collapsed into zero-point. These operatives have literally witnessed the complete annihilation of the human race and the zero-point collapse of the universe and lived by projecting themselves into a technologically created space so as to provide for a bridge to transport humanity from one timeline to the next.

Now the duty is on our behalf to inform the public and prepare ourselves spiritually for the shift from a very low state of primal consciousness to a state of high spiritual self-awareness.

This shift brings about the changes, the pains, the catalysts, and even a potential for mitigated cataclysms that are the result of the entire local-environment and bio-etheric field of humanity shifting to simultaneously bring the suffering and trauma to the surface while regaining the original memory and regaining the access to higher-dimensional realms that are innate to all spiritually present physical beings.

The idea is to shift as steadily and readily as possible, instead of building up to an all at once which would be maximally painful and distorting literally like an explosion of consciousness that not only blasts one through various realms, but actually shifts the entirety of the physical realm in the wake.

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