Full fledged disclosure now available for $24.99!

Full fledged disclosure now available for $24.99!

Soft-Disclosure Through The Media

Playing but not playing. The messages are put in media because this is the easiest way to reach the population at large and convey complex almost non-sensical metaphysical truths and secret operations in ways that most people would sincerely believe can only be fantasy or science fiction.

Science-Fiction; A Message or Programming?

How’s this, science fictions was invented as a way to slowly bring the truth to the population without blowing people’s minds.

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Mutilator Overlords

The Harsh Reality; Genetic Harvesting and Mind-Control

This situation is pretty much like having to stand by and watch as someone has endless sex building up STD after STD (s.t.demons) and then kill each of their children off in a blood ritual for a mutilator overlord while then crying and complaining in the ultimately depraved hysterical foolishness while their overlord then aborts them spiritually by absorbing their soul energy into a hive-mind collective.

The kicker here is that if a person is absorbed then they never had a soul to begin with because the effect moves simultaneously across both polarities of the realm dynamic and they are instantly rendered, sub-human forever and always.

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This Reality is a Fallen Holographic Projection

Ego or Assistance

Do you want to be right, before anyone else, or do you want everyone to be on the same page?
This is the main issue with the current, urgent situation. Everyone has their moment of ego, the first one to give their pride away to service to the truth wins and there is limitless reward and benefit from the truth in this life.

This life is the life of all lives. Everyone that is alive now existed in the beginning of civilization through an unbroken string of lineage.

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Holographic Prison Plane-(ET), No Forests, Spiritual Self-Empowerment, Tech Assisted Consciousness


Holographic Prison Plane-(ET), No Forests, Spiritual Self-Empowerment, Technologically Assisted Consciousness, The Unveiling

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