Created Beings and The Spiritual Degradation System

A Prison Planet

The reason the various agencies are a bit eccentric at times appearing to break the law is because they know the truth that this is a prison planet! There are no laws other than that which keeps you alive and spiritually sustained!

The reason they seemingly disregard certain aspects of so-called normalcy is because they know that the majority of people here are literally transmogrified demons in human suits! What society are you representing!?

This is the result of the created beings gaining the technology, via human slaves, to modify and reconstruct DNA! Through this they learned to generate entirely created forms that can then interface with human forms through technologically sustained spiritually degraded pathways!

Spiritual Degradation

The spiritual degradation that is being portrayed all throughout the media and in all walks is literally the stepping down of frequency as in electrical components so as to enable a viable psycho-etheric connection between human host and techno-spiritual binary consciousness holographic being!

Only those who resist the spiritual degradation and focus on maintaining self-awareness and truth will continue to exist in the coming age!
That is why this is the age of peace and change! Because what is coming is a cleansing that will wipe the majority of the civilization clean.

Now is this all a trick for human depopulation? Started thousands of years ago and within all walks of life?

You tell me!

Spiritual Degradation Methods

The kinds of spiritual degradation can be having sex with a reptilian being in a drugged holographic dream state, to eating poorly and disrespecting your body the pathway from Earth to the divine (purity) by introducing drugs and alcohol and general lack of self-awareness and truth of the spiritual nature of the human being!

Lust is the way of the spiritually degraded being! Mental and emotional looseness is the sign of lack of spiritual identity! Discipline in mind and body is the sign of the truth, balance, and awareness of the self!

This is quite literally A WAR FOR YOUR SOUL.


2 thoughts on “Created Beings and The Spiritual Degradation System

  1. Can you please write more about sex? Is sexual energy feeding beings in the astral realms? Do we need to examine this topic? Is sex one of the most important topics no-one is talking openly about? The greek word for sex “syn – ousia” actually implies the merging of two essences.


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