Spiritual Fasting to Expose Artificial Beings, The Original Humans and The Infected Supercomputer Systems

Selected For Integrity, Strength, Accuity

The people of the projects are the type of people that had to be strong enough to let their own families go in order to preserve humanity.

Infection as a Spiritual Choice to Allow Instead of Resist Lower Frequencies

If a person does not allow the energy of deception and anti-human essences in their auric field, their mind, then they cannot be utilized in the other realm to act a the carrier for the holographic infection genetics.

The infection will die if attempting to use them.

Spiritual Fasting To Expose The Parasite

Fasting or restricting intake of MIND and BODY, meaning food as well as what we permit around us energetically will force out e foreign energies and cause the holographic entity that overlays its consciousness emissions within the naive human lik a viral code to produce itself. This is because in stripping away the human essence to the bare essentials one will expose the underlying factors that sustain and propagate the living energy.
The articifial being does not find sustanence in the same energies that an original being does, this is nature and physics. The artificial being must convert the energy structures of the original human to sustain itself through the pain-pleasure duality of fear and lush and this was the programming game that has been played in this realm for thousands of years.

The supercomputer system that was invented to detect this infection operated through holographic consciousness and this was before the conclusion that  the infection operated through holographic consciousness similarly. In short, the supercomputer systems were infected by the holographic predatory entities and became a pathway for communication and contact with this realm.

The bravery and integrity of the original human races are the reason this entire civilization has not fallen into the oblivion.

The Shift Of The Age

In the coming time if a person cannot resist the temptation to live in ego and pleasure pain polarity then they will perish.

The path of the fallen false light system is to utilize the human soul by wiping the memory clean and possessing those vessels operating through them to create the neccesary higher dimensional realms via the negative energy emissions of those inhabited human vessels participating in anti-human behavior.

The Limited Scope of Parasitic Behavior

This plan can only work for a time as this is not the original blueprint and so can only work as a kind of holographic overlay or a kind of alternate dimensional nightmare like projection. Without the original soul energy of the human there is nothing to hijack and therefore no energy for them to sustain themselves off of.

What will entail is a quickened path towards a higher dimensionally active humanity because only when humanity operates in full awareness of the soul and their spiritual identity are they truly in control.


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