Lily Earthling – Bio-Regenesis and False-Light Merkaba System (converting humans into generators in trapped/bent-light matrix)

Bio-Regenesis Conversion Into The Dead-Light System

They convert the bio-regenesis pattern into a repeating, cyclic, immortal hell pattern by overlapping/overlaying the frequencies! Brilliant Lily, this is literally what I was shown along with the parts that I forgot because of distractions! The overlay is the deception and the cyclone of repetition and this converts the free-flowing continual growth pattern of the organic soul into a literal energy generator!

They literally converted the normal path of the energy into a disrupted form that can be tapped which fed into a system and generated an entire realm from that process! Thus this realm is the fallen realm until the majority of the power generators here become organic, original energy flowing beings instead of the alternating generators that they’ve invented!

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Ancient Cloning 

Ancient Cloning, Soul-Stealing and Religion

Long ago everyone in this realm was brought aboard an enourmous hovering electrogravitic craft and was individually cloned in order to get to this timeline.

This is what some of the “alternative” religions are referencing when they mention cloning tubes or soul-stealing operation that resulted in this civilization.

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