Lily Earthling – Bio-Regenesis and False-Light Merkaba System (converting humans into generators in trapped/bent-light matrix)

Bio-Regenesis Conversion Into The Dead-Light System

They convert the bio-regenesis pattern into a repeating, cyclic, immortal hell pattern by overlapping/overlaying the frequencies! Brilliant Lily, this is literally what I was shown along with the parts that I forgot because of distractions! The overlay is the deception and the cyclone of repetition and this converts the free-flowing continual growth pattern of the organic soul into a literal energy generator!

They literally converted the normal path of the energy into a disrupted form that can be tapped which fed into a system and generated an entire realm from that process! Thus this realm is the fallen realm until the majority of the power generators here become organic, original energy flowing beings instead of the alternating generators that they’ve invented!

Male and Female Energy Inversion

The male and feminine energy are trapped through the frequency overlay system! The higher and lower are “scrunched” and smooshed together to create a simultaneous ‘flip-flop’ as someone creates any spiritual motion. “Up is down” and down is up because when one moves it is like they are walking forward with their feet and backwards with their upper body in this pattern! The right angles stop each flow and convert the energy into a binary pattern that can be ‘chopped’ or replicated, recorded.

Trimming Frequencies for Binary Replication Purposes

A person with the right-angle pattern can literally be bonded with a binary supercomputer simulator because the simulator couldn’t match the actual organic frequencies. The organic frequencies would have to be ‘trimmed’ or rerouted to work with the right-angle frequencies in order to be tapped and ‘transcoded’ or translated down into the binary frequencies that the devices and the beings can use by tapping into people! Thus the circle is squared! To reverse, we circle the square and reconvert the frequencies back into organic patterns. Instead of a merkaba spin, there are flowing vortex spins that contain both feminine and masculine in a natural balance.

Fibonacci, The Imbalanced Tree of Life and the Flower of Light: Dead-Light Metatronic Soul-Stealing Grid Systems

And the Fibonacci are dead-light, false-light matrix repeating binary patterns that end up leading to nowhere. They are ‘immortal infinity’ which basically means they continue until a person’s energy is all gone or runs down and down. The “binding” of spirit is getting a person’s frequencies to match those angles and thus they are expressed through one of the false timelines.

The Organic Pattern

The (at least more) organic pattern is the vortex lines with toroids while the straight up and down and side to side motions are met with circular, curved, and spiral pathways that each add back up to one another without having to cut frequencies out. Excuse if I am ranting or have put words here that do not belong.


One thought on “Lily Earthling – Bio-Regenesis and False-Light Merkaba System (converting humans into generators in trapped/bent-light matrix)

  1. Today I started contemplating the environmental movement and what it might be perverting, as it seems to have good intentions on the surface. I came up with the recycling movement and how this imprints the symbol of triangle with arrows going around which could be a mind control message for soul recycling. I posted this to MKavanaugh FB early this morning. I look forward to your posts and today and on several other occasions my thoughts are sync ing up with what you present. For this I am encouraged and grateful not sure what this means exactly but I do appreciate all you are sharing as I seem to be pick up missing pieces that Are clarifying many concepts of I have been drawn to explore. Thank you.


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