Secret Space Program, Machine Learning, Mind Control and Artificial Time-Dimensions Video 2

This is the second segment of a discussion between Emily Moyer and Aug Tellez of their experiences within the “Secret Space Program”. Much to learn, everything is in the name.

There are only a few minutes of slideshow on this video because of the sheer enormity of effort required to produce a slideshow of a recording of this length as well as the density of the information in this discussion.

Excuse the adult language, this was a spontaneous discussion that became a recording.

There was interference during the recording and so that is present in the final transcoding.

Topics include, mind control, time travel, secret military factions, unacknowledged special access programs, the unveiling and the coming changes, cloning, non-human intelligence, holographic systems, inserted memories, holographic consciousness infection, holographic consciousness feedback systems, spiritual degradation systems and synthetic intelligence machine learning, the resolution of the spiritual degradation system and the clearing of trauma and spiritual infection, the ancient AI and spiritual infection system, causality and temporal matrix psychological classification, secret space system, the reality of space, and the underworld realms.

All images found on the internet, video for research and educational purposes.


Full Disclosure- False-Light Inversion Soul-Stealing and Hypnotic Programming Mind Erasure Sessions

Psychological and Genetic Manipulation

Everyone that passed through the bases were programmed in heavily truamatizing sessions utilized drugs of all kinds, hypnotics, delirants, psychedelics (tryptamine and serotonergic) , eroticizers, stimulants (amphetamines and phenylamines), scalar-electronic mind-control radiant devices, appropriating metallic serums which then operate inside the neurochemistry and allow for the activation of scalar-induced neurochemical modulation (radio-wave mind-control), torture (trauma-based mind control, pain-pleasure programming psychological breaking and reconstruction), cloning and advanced technology related to genetic manipulation and biological consciousness recording and inserted holographic memory experiences, simulated realms and simulated consciousness experiences that can be programmed to convince a person they had experiences that they didn’t which then influence the personality and morals, and other experiences, methods, technologies, tactics and psychologically destructive and constructive pathways to reroute neural connections and modify behavior according to a programmer and the intentions of the program.

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