Energy Parasitism, Tesla’s 3,6,9, The Higher-Self and The Enjoyment of-Life Energy (‘chi’,’prana’)

Energy parasites seek to absorb the ‘higher-self’ energy from their hosts because they cannot produce their own.

Taking Pleasure In Another’s Suffering

Taking pleasure in the suffering of another is a non-human trait. This includes backstabbing, insulting and generally vampiring a person’s emotional and mental energy for one’s own personal reasons.

The entirety of such a process includes the requirement to sustain one’s self-satisfaction based on the lack of balance or centeredness of another person’s emotional and mental homeostasis. This indicates that there is a lack of that vampiric individuals’ own balance and psycho-spiritual health.

The Original Human Blueprint Enables The Production Of Life Energy

In short, the healthy human is capable of producing their own vibrant life energy simply by being alive. They are happy to be alive, even if the alternative doesn’t exist or is inconceivable. Life, the bare-essential, is something that is enjoyable and cannot be negated just because of some situations that are unpleasant.

Suffering, Growth, and the Higher-Self

This is the idea that through suffering comes growth and learning, and through learning one can form their self-image or their personality to a closer and closer reflection of what can be referred to as the “higher self”.

This is like the 9 of the 3,6, and 9 of Tesla’s discovery of living mathematics and frequencies. The 9 is just a placeholder, this frequency cannot actually be manifested in physicality. In the same way, the higher-self is not an actual self, this cannot be actually brought into occurrence in physicality. The idea behind this is that if the higher-self ever were to be brought into full physicality, then there would no longer be anything to strive towards or continue to grow into. Such would literally be the death of all growth!

Perfection, The Higher-Self, Cannot Be Attained Physically

So the higher-self, like the “9” is the placeholder of a vision of perfection that is striven towards ever-more without ever actually reaching in full. Another way to look at this is that if the ‘higher-self’ or the 9 was ever to actually be reached in the physical. Then instantly that view would transform back into one of the lower manifested numbers while a simultaneous and instant apparition would appear ahead to replace and regenerate the new number “9” or the higher-self. This would be like a mirage, or like a rainbow ever fleeing from one’s physical grasp as there is nothing to actually hold on to and contain, only ideals, balance, harmony and an ever increasing reformation towards a perfection which is only a placeholder for growth.

Spiritual Identity, Ego, and Degradation of Conscience, Morals or Self-Respect

When an individual loses that natural growth aspect. They begin to partake in actions that are degrading and selfish. This is the loss of the higher-self or the loss of the “brilliance” to the soul.

The “Brilliance” of the Soul

The soul is believed to “shine” like a golden fleece or the golden element because there is truth in the soul and when this is applied into one’s life this truth “shines” through their every action and embodiment. The idea is that this shine can lose its luster and the individual can begin to lose sight of their true identity partaking in actions that don’t serve the self and eventually cut one off from that brilliance of peace, enjoyment, and self-awareness.

The Energetic Dullness of Ignorance or Lack of Self-Awareness

In this lack of self-awareness, people hurt each other, they hurt the animals and the environment and they are ultimately hurting themselves.

Every extremely egotistical action is defined by this. For instance, the use of addicting drugs or even eating foods that are heavily toxic but stimulating to the sense of flavor. The conscious mind can perceive the pleasure, but in actuality the physical body and even the mind suffers and loses connection with the true identity as the inner self-image as well as the physical self-image begins to deform and lose shape.

The Lower Physical Experience is Made Possible By the Higher Spiritual

This is the same for any act that serves to placate the physical senses instead of the spiritual identity and self-awareness. Ultimately the true self is disconnected from the conscious mind as one moves into obscurity and forgetfulness of their higher nature until they lose the ability to find enjoyment entirely and must resort to attacking innocent life in order to gain a rush or a sensation of pleasure.

In every vampiric society, group, family, or gang, this is the nature of the flow of energy. The energy goes from the innocent or the weak, up to the most predatory and the predatory consciousness uses this energy to construct a self-image based upon that process of binary, ego-consciousness or predatory fulfillment.

The Higher-Awareness “Codons” (genetics)

When this occurs with humans, this is a distortion of the original blueprint as a human’s original blueprint contains the ‘codes of awareness’ that are capable of activating a spiritual flow of energy simply from being alive.

These codes are sought after as the “golden fleece” because if they cannot be attained through self-awareness, introspection, and practice of the spiritual art, then the individual will see that milking or ‘fleecing’ the lamb is the only way to gain such an “enjoyment of life” energy for themselves.

This is about spiritual parasites of all kinds and orders and how their operations are possibly not even intentionally to harm the innocent yet this is seen as a way of life to them or a way to provide pleasure to themselves.

Be wary of partaking in such actions because the human is capable of operating on a peaceful and enjoyable platform and this is found first through our existence as children! Imagine a child having to parasite energy from another and if this does happen then the parents are usually the one’s who taught this behavior in the first place. A child will usually find delight in learning and exploring the world and this is not just because everything is “giggly” to them, but because their energy systems are the MOST intact and EFFICIENT at producing this “enjoyment of life” energy and this is noted by parasites everywhere.

While we may stand-by and observe acts like these, feeling that we do not have a choice. We can voice our opinions and each time we feel the urge to stand-up and express our selves and we choose to do so peacefully and productively then this enters into the psychic ether and will provide an influence on the entire civilization.


3 thoughts on “Energy Parasitism, Tesla’s 3,6,9, The Higher-Self and The Enjoyment of-Life Energy (‘chi’,’prana’)

  1. “While we may stand-by and observe acts like these, feeling that we do not have a choice. We can voice our opinions and each time we feel the urge to stand-up and express our selves and we choose to do so peacefully and productively then this enters into the psychic ether and will provide an influence on the entire civilization.”

    I love that last paragraph. Although I’m not one to stand by, esp. when children are involved, I do love the peaceful expression of the self and how that action moves into and influences the consciousness of all amid the ‘psychic ether’. Even the action of taking a stand firmly in the silence of one’s own personal writings after thoughtfulness, and changing or ‘continuing’ the self along that path, makes and leaves a noticeable and wide-spread impact without a podium or spoken word of any kind.. the Wind that Moves us.. but, Oh how powerful that spoken vocal tone can be.. esp. in Wisdom and Compassion.


    1. ..also, on the subject of the 9’s.. To the 9’s!!! ..dressed and ready ;) It’s good to know we’re not meant to reach that full potential in actualization of the human body form. Maybe now I can rest a little easier on my ‘perfectionist’ attemptations and treat the 9’s as a sacred Wisdom Scroll with beautiful sparkling aetheric colours that I can reference and appreciate as a side-kick companion to my life adventures here. Something to look up for more ideas in becoming more true to my truth self.

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  2. We do have a choice, we can either leave a situation or begin by changing how we see things and correct as we may know how, slowly and by teaching. I dealt with this ignorance this past year and will leave it at that. In the end the situation had changed radically for the better, but not without hurting each other in the process. This wasn’t about being right, but doing the right thing. This is something I strive for each day, continually making things better and the other now has taken steps back. Some may not understand why I hung in there or still do, but it is my path and no others.


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