Mass Mind-Control or Mass Naivety and Laziness; The Alien Agenda and Spiritual Philosophy

People Desire Better But are Blind to The Truth of Their Situation

The cars driving with noise and pollution yet there is a cleaner better way and a whole society that lives that way. The people would choose this yet they are tricked into accepting debt slavery and pollution while the other society watches on and attempts to help by bringing light to the situation and deception.

This is the mass mind-control situation humanity currently faces.

Naivety, Satire, Confusion

The greatest deception is to enable one to laugh at their own demise. To unwittingly smile in the face of self-destruction and to take part in their own annihilation. That is the greatest trick that can be played.

Many people think this is a game, and this is part of the mind-control as well as simply dangerous naivety on their behalf.

People are grown in cages in their minds and in the social situations in public and this is so that they never truly face any kind of serious spiritual awakening or realize their own inner darkness. This is about self-awareness and the likelihood of choosing the true path which contains more suffering than the false-path and whether or not they will foresee what is coming to society at large.

Everything is projected around most people to create a world that will largely be managed beyond their reach and to produce an an individual who is likewise just a result or even the property of that management system.

This must be stopped if people are to awaken and that is why there have been many catastrophic events which shock the population into arousal that something is amiss.

Catastrophes, Distractions, Cover-Ups and Awakenings

Of course this is the same as a member of the more advanced society waving to a driver to inform them that their car is leaking toxic fumes that will destroy their civilization and that if they simply use the resources at hand (which are provided by spiritual law, to give people a way out) they will see that a few simple modifications can be made to entirely avoid that outcome. Yet, while this individual is attempting to inform such drivers, a large disturbance is created on the other side of the road by another faction who’s goal is to keep the driver asleep at all costs, even outright causing an accident and using spiritual knowledge to take the karmic response for such an action.

These are the methods being used, so as you can see, the two get combined into one. For every catastrophe and disastrous event, there is a cover-up of something possibly much worse and possibly a cover-up of some event that was designed to wake people up to the truth about their reality in a manner that is as peaceful as possible.

So without further insight there is almost no way to distinguish one event from another, and what event was avoided or what event is being covered-up. But be sure that this is happening because there are multiple societies here who are operating through different factions and methods and so there are conflicting or contradictory events happening simultaneously so as to cancel one another out.

This is the larger-than-life “chess-game” that is human society and the humans, as you should know, are largely the pawns.

Alien Agenda Society

How much of this is due to naivety and laziness that can be foregone given enough experience and truth is up to the individual. We have to overcome, as a people, overcome the laziness and naivety that is plaguing this civilization.

A truth of this matter is that most people know something is amiss. Those are the humans. The rest, well, they are not what you think and they are here to simply support the illusory system and create the background perception that this is anything relative to the human.

A deeper aspect of this truth is that this is not a human society. This is an alien civilization. Humans do not belong here, or this society does not belong with humans. This is not humanity. The methods, the means, the movements, it’s all propped up with alien tech to suit an alien agenda and none of it actually sustains, suits, or suffices for a human civilization.

Inserted Memories in a Holographic Universe Experienced Through Biologically Generated Holographic Consciousness

Inserted memory technology to alter childhood memories and even introduce professional level skills.

That is the personal application. This same process can be applied en masse utilizing advanced technologies which can organize information and transmit into a planetary level local-environment that everyone in this society is operating through. Through this, entire ages of history can be altered or inserted and time can be distorted to the degree of damaging or covering the memory of thousands of years of experience.

This has been done repeatedly so that humans do not remember who they are.

This is the holographic inserted memory. The world we remember today is the insertion. That is the point. Most do not have access to the thousands of years we have been here in different levels of awareness using advanced technology and learning through different ages.

Be Resourceful

Be resourceful, use everything at your fingertips and more. Don’t burn bridges, simply walk over them. If we are to complete this task of awakening to the truer reality and enabling the interaction of the truth here on Earth then we are going to have to devote our mind and body to this task more than any other task in our life.

This task includes healing as much as there is learning and conditioning one’s self to discern between spiritual immorality and holographic deceptions of the emotional and mental frequencies.

The coming into full awareness leaves no possibility for failure unchecked. Everything is tried against the person, every way a person can be turned against each other or themselves will be activated until there is no longer a vulnerability. This is the pathway that humanity chose, and so this is the pathway that they must walk together.

Those who remain are literally the original humans and those who will continue to produce the next society.

Improving The Intellectual Grasp, Yet Balancing the Creative and Emotive

Research the electromechanical side of things. Research theoretical quantum physics and you will learn the similarities between the internal sciences and the universal theories of creation and material and energetic hierarchy of organization. This is assuming that you have first found an interest in the previous creation stories and spiritual hierarchies of the world.

Western and Eastern

The two main differences are Western and Eastern philosophies.

In previous times, maybe even a day ago, I would say surely Eastern is the truth, as all must come from nothingness, and from emptiness and emptiness alone can ALL things appear. Yet, maybe I see more of a balance now. The Eastern philosophy, the Dao, the I-Ching, the Buddhist and Zen meditations, they tell us that within each person is a void and from that void comes all of creation. The stories from India are similar however they begin to introduce a spiritual hierarchy of deities and hosts of the energetic realms which form fully in the Western philosophies.

In the Western philosophies there are spiritual hosts with a complete hierarchy and everything works like a kind of eternal business that goes on and on, with a flow of energy and power from top to bottom. One could say the Eastern is more rounded, however these rounded themes are often present in these spiritual artworks representing the more rounded elements of Western spiritual philosophy where the angels or the choir are in a circle around the source of their enlightenment. This should bring to mind astrological references and insights.

So now I may say that reality could be either, depending on what we’re feeling at the time, and maybe there is use for that Western philosophy, that eternal spiritual hierarchy business. Sure, this can be used to answer creation in an entirety, for there is always a first cause, a first boss, or a first employee and for them to be there, there must be another before them and so on and so forth. So maybe we’d like to think that only the void can truly answer to that, because only a void can truly exist forever and come out of nothing.

Yet, why not? Why can’t there be some higher being, maybe someone just like us in a way, who existed forever and for-always and will continue to pump out creation no-matter what? Sure enough, with a close enough look we see that for something to be created it must have not existed at some point and so therefore everything in creation in this creative, physical realm is actually limited and temporary just like a piece of art drawn in sand or on any canvas that will eventually wash away into time.

Then we introduce the idea of advanced technology. Well, what if a time barrier could be achieved around that piece of art and while everything else washes away, this could remain?

Sure we get to many sour points such as AI taking over the world, or the rest of the organic world dissolving away while only what’s within that barrier is doomed to exist forever in loneliness, but what about the potential uses for now in this time. If we are looking for ‘assistance’ from above, I assure you, the void is not going to help you. You may find such help from yourself, through your introspective experiences with the void. But any help that comes externally, well it’s coming from this external Western philosophy of spirituality where the universe is a sort of business ran through a hierarchy with one being or ‘beginning’ above another and so on and so forth.

So while we may fight one side or the other, or find ourselves leaning towards one side or another, we are really both, depending on how we feel in life. And if we spent one entire life focusing on one side, then surely we will be done with that void, or that hierarchy and when the time comes we will be ready to experience the other side of creation.

Now, one who truly appreciates both. Both the void that creates all things and has no name. And both the one creator who has been serving all of creation by generating the creative impulse through which all things flow and exist. When we can appreciate both of these, then we are seeing the whole of reality.

Vampiric Behavior

So we are seeing a heavy amount of vampiric behavior in this realm. This is a kind of takeover. Those who want to help awaken people so that they may be their own creative source are being met with energies and intelligences which would rather contain and detain the human essence using them for personal reasons and basically this is as simple as using them as an energy source like any leech or parasite.

There are many complex ways through which this achieved, but the easiest way to wake up is to focus on the self. If you, yourself, are aware of your own actions or inactions through self-observation to generate self-awareness and healing then you will know the actions of the other. This is the simple truth and nature of reality. When you know yourself, you know the universe because you can see what others are doing to you by getting a clear view of how you are being effected and you can distinguish or discern between your own influences and those mental, spiritual, emotional influences of the other.

In short, any kind of action which takes advantage of another or exploits another’s kindness or innocence in any way shape or form is vampiric.

Any kind of deception, facetiousness, or even jealousy is a form of spiritual immaturity and ultimately immorality when sustained and the error is known.
This type of behavior is literally the food source of archontic realm wardens and is related to spiritual and realm piracy. Innocent souls are gathered and abused through deceptive practices that are used to convince them that they are lower and worth less than others.
Some say there is no such thing as an innocent soul and this may be closer to the truth as those with near-zero karma do not interact in this realm the same as the majority however, there is definitely such an issue as a soul overburdened with corruption and self-destructive tendencies through energies or actions.

A Continual Learning Process

In conclusion, I feel this was a good literary expression for the day and that people will see how complex the path of the human is and how simple rejecting the illusion, rejecting fear and vampirism can be if we simply focus on the self first and begin to know what path we are choosing or allowing ourselves to take through lack of self-awareness.

Self-awareness is the way, the path, the liberation. Only through conquering fear, merging the dualities within in a spiritual format and moving into a transcendence of partiality into neutrality and sustained awareness can we actually move into a realm that is a closer proximity to the source of existence, power, and out of the temporal and spiritual rift that humanity has been in for thousands, if not millions, of years.


3 thoughts on “Mass Mind-Control or Mass Naivety and Laziness; The Alien Agenda and Spiritual Philosophy

  1. I had a concern about this sentence and I think I know why. I guess it could be said I had a slight trigger warning from it, that this type of thing has been used on me and I’ve observed it occur with those around me in the ‘past’ – ha!, looks like devil horns on ‘past’ .. yep, keep ’em in the ‘past’ Get thee behind me!.. I know you and your ways now .. (kinda wish I didn’t though-like a mother who wishes the best for/protects and loves her child), but that is the way of this realm, and when walking upon and through it, in and ‘not’ of it, it’s wise to know what’s here, to learn, prepare and teach how to wield the proper tools of each realm) Ok, the sentence:

    “Any kind of deception, facetiousness, or even jealousy is a form of spiritual immaturity and ultimately immorality when sustained and the error is know[n].”

    I’m a playful happy person who likes to have fun with a kind, responsible nature, and it’s been exploited by those who would glom on, be-friend, then twist and attempt to take my silliness further through their lack of maturity and self-responsibility; taking my fun out of context to a further destructive degree while attempting to place my name on it, turning it out to a facetiousness that is deceptive and immoral. That group of people was awful and I no longer have contact with them; it goes with the other article you posted about the “Third person”. This group would be in the “First” people I met when I moved to a new place a few years ago. Watch out for those “First” people who app-roach. It’s good to have fun, but quite another thing to take that fun, sustain it, and turn that fun into a perp. etual sustenance leeched from others.

    Very nice article. I esp. love this note: “In short, any kind of action which takes advantage of another or exploits another’s kindness or innocence in any way shape or form is vampiric.”


  2. BRAVO….well said, you have a gift my friend of seeing and feeling the Universe called “human”! I take my hat off to you! Where you say, “Self-awareness is the way, the path, the liberation”…I would say just in other words, “Self-awareness is understanding the knowledge that gives us the wisdom to make the right choice!

    You are an old , very old soul and I salute your understanding of LIFE and a better way! Much rainbow energy to you always and for the rest of your walk on the planet! I wish you had a giant megaphone in order the world of sleepers could get a nudge!

    Happiness and Joy is a very big key!
    Thank you for all you do and the fact that you write all those life giving words down for all to read!


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