The Deception of Ego and Arrogance

Deception, Fraud, Mass-Disrespect

Lots of people can make up BS in a last ditch attempt to control others have through emotional manipulation and parasitsm. That is the nature of the distortion or dead-light (false-light) system. Weak minded and weak willed individuals feel strong turning against people who offer them respect and the benefit of the doubt. Look at what is happening to millions of people who are being lied to daily by the same people who are poisoning them mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Partaking in that drops one down to the level of parasitic behavior by believing that the enemy is external inst as of internal.

External Projection of Internal Fear

Anyone who seeks is the external enemy is not yes ready to face the internal enemy. Anyone who has not yet faced the internal enemy is a threat to their own sovereignty as a spiritual being. That is the source of illusion, degradation, turmoil and continual suffering. Those ready to judge others overlook themselves in that same judgment and for this they create more suffering and division through one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Truth Is Awareness, Self-Awareness Brings Clarity and Self-Empowerment

Who can liberate others by telling the truth? The one spreading the division that is within them, to cause division around them? Or the one who is capable of liberating others from that division by sharing the unification within them to others.

The Purveyors of Deception and Depression are Not Deceived Nor Depressed

This is the time of that liberation. Meanwhile the deepest illusion is that the people who design the illusions are actually divided within themselves. They know the system, they simply use the illusion of separation and corruption to target those in the population that they would like to control.

So while people fight over ideals and conditions of their betterment of their own depressing ways, others profit from this while staying healthy and happy.


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