Heaven and the Layers of “Hell”

Guided By Self-Control or Compulsive Behavioral Patterns Rooted In Instinct

In the energetic realms one is classed together with beings of the same behavior. So where there are people who are restrictive or more controlled in their behavior you get a more restrictive or specified classing of spiritual identities.

Less Restrictive Equates to Non-Restrictive

This is all about intent. Incidentally making mistakes is not the same as completely accepting lack of restriction. Accepting a minor lack of restriction is not the same as making a mistake.

If a person is less restrictive of their behavior (both energetic and physical) then they are no longer capable of being classified together with those who are specific and restrictive of their behavior.

Non-Restrictive Equates to Accepting Lack of Control

So then when people are classified together with the less restrictive spiritual identities, there are those who are simply not as restrictive and those who are specifically ‘loose’ or in this way, partaking in non-clean behaviors so as to produce pleasure or power in some way or another.

Layers of “Hell” As Psycho-Spiritual Classification of Behavior

This is kind of like the layers of so-called “Hell” which is really just the collective mind of the universe as the less-restrictive individuals experience themselves. “Restrictive” here simply indicates more control or more specific composition rather than instinctual or compulsive guidance.

“Heaven” As A Realm of Psycho-Spiritual Harmony

And so there are those who have managed to control their behavior and guide themselves out of compulsion. They would be in what we call “Heaven” which is simply a naturally balanced psycho-spiritual state of being.

The Gradient From Self-Controlled, To Lack of Self-Control, To Acceptance of Spiritual Disharmony for Pleasure

While those who do not participate in this higher level of spiritual posture or structure, then they are classified together with those who both do not engage in high-level composure as well as those who completely ignore the biological and spiritual ‘laws’ of harmony and outright accept disharmony and lack of control.

The higher-layers of “Hell” then, contain those who are “lukewarm” simply being open to suggestion, mischievousness, perversion and inversion of natural law and the like. While the lower levels are occupied by those who are entirely filled with the passion of negating spiritual and biological law, inverting the natural flow, accepting and fomenting perversion and using disharmony to gain power and pleasure.


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