The Strange Things People Do (in underground bases)

The Infiltration of All Awareness Groups

Not many will like this post.

In due time. Some people do strange things to others in the underground bases.

They then form agreements to try and hold humanity back so that they get as many souls as possible. Often they are simply going along with this out of sheer terror of what might come to them if they are discovered for their actions or if they are no longer protected by the corruption.

There are a few other groups working together in tandem now, they have infiltrated the groups on facebook and every other viable group on the internet as well as public and private society.

Complacency Is Silence Is Consent To Self-Destruction

As a result of their behavior and the complacency of those allowing their methodologies (not starting a which hunt here), the surface level population will be lost or radically altered the coming war.

Disconnect from the parasite as soon as possible to avoid additional loss of life.

False-Light Imitations, Fear-Based Motivations, Covering Up The Self-Empowerment Solutions

They won’t provide any answers or solutions accept the ones that allow infestation to spread through metatronic grid activation codes and they will literally go to hell and back to shut out anyone who can actually deactivate those codes.

Psy-Op Tactics

They will never square up and put the information in plain sight for others to see and they always use snake-light, in the dark, emotional-mental psy-op tactics because they do not contain original human blueprint emotional cores.

The Other Race

They cannot experience remorse, because they are incapable of actually feeling human emotions. They can mimic to put on a front to get enough attention to sway the timeline.

They don’t care, it’s like a game to them, like there is a high from the stink of death in or around them.

Do Not Burn Bridges, Walk Over Them

You must withdraw from the people and places that hold you back from expressing and experiencing your true inner potential. I’ll just say it, no one is here to save anyone.
The people that want to be ‘saved’ will simply want that. The people who are ready to know are already gathering the knowledge necessary and grouping with like-minded individuals. That’s it. We are not capable of truly saving anyone. The only thing we can do is offer the path, the door and the keys but the individuals must learn through experience by taking those steps to unlock the truth themselves.
This is a mystical, alchemical experience that occurs within and takes a lifetime to understand. Everyone who is here now, has been doing this and preparing, whether consciously or subconsciously, for a very long time. This has been happening for eons and this is simply the way it happens.
If it all happened over night, would the knowledge gained really be that interesting or eternal? Pick who you allow into your life and only remain and allow your energy to settle around those who are like-minded or willing to accept change. That is how this works.
Those who are not willing, it is not that you are not trying hard enough. It is that they are so caught up in man-made fears, delusions, and worries that they will try to use others as an excuse to remain ignorant and this is a form of energy vampirism.
In short, get the vampires out of your life, do not wait, do not try to settle things. Simply walk away from the energy vampires and find those who are so close to your energy that there is a balanced exchange of knowledge and emotion. That is the real world, that is the future of humanity.
P.S. Walk over the bridges. There is no need to burn them. Let them remain. If the person deserves to be in your life, they will walk over that bridge to get to you!

4 thoughts on “The Strange Things People Do (in underground bases)

  1. Thank you . I can actually say I managed to save myself from ” the savior syndrome ” . No matter how much I love others , they must learn how to save themselves .


  2. I am the ‘not many’ ;) who will like this post.

    I’m still mulling over the p.s.: “Walk over the bridges. There is no need to burn them. Let them remain. If the person deserves to be in your life, they will walk over that bridge to get to you!” I guess a bridge is not an attachment then. I’ve been viewing bridges as attachments/chords/connectors/etc. They’re just bridges, available to all who choose that path. Keep ’em open, since those who do not choose the path never end up crossing that bridge. The bridge belongs to the path and is connected to the path, not to me. No worries then. I like that.


      1. Or, raise your frequency. Attachments fall away. If someone wants to be with you they’ll either raise their frequency or try and drag you down. Observe.

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