2020, The Disclosure of Temporal Influence, The Reunification with the ‘Original Timeline’ , and Collective Individualism

Guided Disclosure: Temporal Influence

I was informed that by 2020 there would be adequate support for the beginning of the disclosure of some temporal operations.

2016: Disclosure of Cloning and Corruption

2016 was noted as the beginning of phase 1 disclosure which includes celebrity cloning and corruption. This was largely soft-disclosure, especially regarding celebrity cloning, however the topic of cloning is now a publicly acknowledged scientific process with a cloning factory opening in China and other events.

Multi-Phase Disclosure

These events are public and outright enough to be considered direct-disclosure however I was informed that there will come a time when direct-disclosure occurs through a complete and unified acknowledgement of corruption, unacknowledged special access programs, advanced technology such as consciousness transfer, cloning, the negative energy grid, the mass-mind control and finally cosmic intelligence and other intelligences.

Partial Disclosure Timeline Extending On Average 100 years, and Imminent Full-Disclosure (many possibilities, usually whichever is safest)

The basic idea here is that there is a 100 year timeline to partial-disclosure. This would result in a kind of rerouted timeline which permits the same kind of events to continue to take place long enough for the majority of those involved to organize themselves effectively. While the imminent disclosure timeline would introduce the truth effectively and safely to the masses while instigating a civilization-wide shut-down and then reactivation through new means.

Temporal Disclosure 2020

Apart from that, I have the direction that 2020 is a standby date for the release of information regarding ‘temporal disclosure’ which involves temporal operations.

This is the most difficult subject to understand, the perception of time, the nature of consciousness and holography in the universe, awareness, the soul, the origin of humanity, all these subjects intertwine when the temporal operations are disclosed.

This indicates that the earlier mentioned disclosure topics are to be acknowledged in the public as having happened and having a large impact on the way society operates on all levels.


While I did not receive any specific warnings for 2017, I can only assume that this will be an intense year for disclosure. Either that, or we are all being pushed to provide a false-front for disclosure to be shut down, which is still a possibility. I tend to think in possibilities and probabilities rather than absolutes. However, I have direct experiences with secret operations, advanced technologies and higher-intelligences and so these are apparent to me. Many others have also had these experiences, there are many experiences, researchers, operatives, and spiritually active people who have had these experiences.

One notion I can say is that the majority of people who are speaking on these issues now, as I have said before, I have seen before and received briefing that outlined possible pathways this civilization can take towards disclosure to reach collective awareness of the truth.

Individual Collectivism

Another major idea I can convey is that we are looking to produce and secure a sustained ‘individual collectivist’ attitude towards these issues.

We want to produce a civilization where the individual can remain the individual, where collective knowledge can be shared and where the collective can be listened to without losing the voice or clarity of the way of the individual.

Other Civilizations

From what experiences and operations I can give a minor public briefing on is that the majority of other civilizations either becomes entirely individualistic but through this rather oppressive and untamed, essentially an ‘every-one for themselves’ kind of attitude. Or they become entirely collectivist and this comes at the sacrifice of the great power of the individual voice and the individualist way of life.

The individual voice and potential is dangerous when people are not ready to work together, yet becomes drowned out through monotony when people are too readily complacent with automation and avoidant of self-empowerment and self-responsibility, creativity and spiritual activation, and emotionality and introspection.

When a civilization moves away from these individualist qualities in favor of technologies or methodologies that enable ‘easier living’ then that civilization is in danger of reaching a null-point where that individual essence will disappear forever.

This is part of why this civilization has had such a powerful series of build up and release of creative energies and through the development over the past few centuries there have been a generation of systems that are designed to continue to produce novelty in the face of oppression and restriction.

So these have been in effect and as well there has been resistance from those who developed systems to maintain collectivism and control in case the individualist methods were to ‘get out of hand’.

A Controlled Reality

In short, this whole reality and timeline has been constructed according to a plan and this is to bring about a intersection point where a reunification with what can be called the ‘organic timeline’ can be made.

This will be explained more definitely later as this topic is very complex and involves the notions of temporal paradox, retro-causality, solution, the nature of consciousness and the functioning of advanced technologies.

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