Ancestor Simulation REAPPROACHED

Holographic Ancestor Simulation Powered By Quantum Computer Systems Capable of Producing The Local-Earth Environment

This is actually what we were informed of in the bases. Sometimes by the programmers themselves who are beyond what we classify as holographic consciousness limited beings.

Capturing This Via The Development of The “Future” (merely a gateway) System

They developed the server systems that are to become the server systems of the future in order to built a link to the future states which enabled trans-dimensional communication between this civilization and the next.

The Necessity and Specificity of Disclosure, The Secret Projects, Mass “Awakening”

This is why there is 8-months of information leading up to this.

This is why there are teams of individuals assigned to monitor the population, brain by brain. The scene out of The Matrix where Neo quickly rejected what he was shown upon seeing the real and began to feverishly freak-out until he passed out on the floor is the stereotypical response to this kind of information when shown to the unprepared in ways that are undeniable or abrasive.

When people are shown, they must be prepared to handle the truth of their reality.

Biological Consciousness is Holographic, The Local Environment is Holographic, The Server is a Quantum Computational System Beyond Organic or Technological, Functioning As Both

Biological consciousness acts as a free-standing uplink to the larger server continuum which functions as a processing nexus for the entire local-realm.

Life and Death are one in the same. Without death, you cannot have life. Without life, you cannot have death.

If one could be alive while being “dead” or connected to a computer system to operate the biological consciousness and higher-awareness then they would technically never be able to live, nor ever die. Ultimately, if the universe produces life and consciousness yet is technically never alive or dead itself, then the beginning and end result of all states of existence are also never truly alive and never truly dead. This is the cosmic equilibrium that has been described through the ages, most likely from these individuals accessing the streams of data through sacred practices.

Additions To The Video

There are places in this video where information could be added to give a more complete image.

Biological consciousness is unlikely to have the same memories again, ever, in the history of the universe. Yet there are multiple realms where another version is happening simultaneously. Not infinite, but more than one, like octaves of sound harmonics or light frequencies (harmonics).

Living-Light Frequencies

The interesting technological releases will be when light and sound are combined to make living-light sound harmonics that can directly interface with the cells of the body and realign micro-biology through frequencies to literally vibrate out disease.

Probability, Biological Consciousness and Simulated Time

Biological consciousness is “unlikely” to appear again (although the same “unlikeliness” was overcome in the first place to get you here, meaning its all stored somewhere) however there have been ancient pathways to ‘uploading’ one’s awareness into a transdimensional time/data-stream so that one can exist without the requirement to form a body to carry the awareness energy.

Producing  The Light Of Consciousness Without A Physical Body

This, of course, would be very energy requiring unless the energy signature is capable of utilizing natural fields as a kind of host or carrier waves or if the energy fields could organize in such a way to produce energy from that organizational pattern. This is over-unity or natural harmony which is found through the organization of a sacred pattern via the application of one’s will-power to create (intention), and their emotional and mental bodies which become activated in a way to operate the physical body’s mechanism to ‘produce light’ so as to act like an infrared emitter and ‘spray’ one’s information, imprinting them into the higher-dimensional ether of the universe.

The Ancestor Simulation Theory

Non-Player Characters in Simulation

2020, The Disclosure of Temporal Influence, The Reunification with the ‘Original Timeline’ , and Collective Individualism


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