The Nature of the True Self, Fear and Peace Within

Know Thyself, Know The Universe

Those who have prepared for the sacred truth will react with self-empowerment, while those who have not applied effort in knowing themselves will react in fear.

Natural Fear and Conditioned Responses

One question could be, is this the natural reaction? Or is this fearful reaction something that was learned over the years of manipulated moral relativism developed from skewered social morality? Fear is a response people give to change or discomfort when they have no other viable option for behavior or intellect. Essentially, the lack of knowing is what constitutes the parameters for producing fear.

Reaching Critical Personal Turning Point of Growth and Self-Awareness

So then, the goal should be to reduce fear as much as possible until a critical point is reached where the weight of knowing outweighs the tendency to experience fear.

The Sacred Process

This is precisely what the sacred processes allow a person to become, knowledgeable to the degree of reaching that critical point of overturning the tendency of fear so that the tendency to find knowledge is the primary faculty that the universe is viewed through.

Sensory Desires and Perceptions Or Knowledge and Self-Awareness

Some guidelines are that the desire to satiate physical (phi) senses should never overcome the desire for knowledge and truth. If one knows that a sensation whether emotional or physical is secondary to the attaining or assertion of truth, then this is not the path that reflects the truth self but only the intermediary physical operator of this realm.

The True Self

The true self exists beyond this plane and this plane and this physical body that is a part of this plane is only an operator that is used to detect and convey messages to others here. What we are truly speaking to, when we communicate with each other, is the interior sense of divine awareness that does not require the body to exist. This indicates that the body is only a portion of the current reality of the self however apparent or sensually vivid.

So then, we arrive at the main notion behind fear and the reality of the true self. This is that the body is not the be-all-end-all of existence, and nor is the physical plane. That the body is just a midway path between the higher-realms of the divine energies of the self of knowing and the physicsl world which connects to the body through the physical senses, the self of sensation.

Bridging the Divide

So to overcome fear is to overcome the idea of the loss of the body being the loss of existence or the idea that the body is the one communicating and holding the entirety of the reality of the self. Overcome fear is for the divine essence to look past the body that is being used to communicate, and past the body that holds the divine essence of the other that is being communicated with and to see the divine essence in one’s self also in another.

Achieving Peace Within

When this is done, the other is not looked at like an enemy, but a fellow teacher, discovered, brother, sister, or family of the true divine realm of knowledge that we are all called forth from to participate in the experiences of this realm.

Continual Learning

To do this in the most challenging of situations is to overcome the tests that we are given by those who monitor this realm. As one begins this journey, they will be faced with more and more intense opportunities to overcome that gap and bridge one divine to the other divine.

Maintain Harmony

As long as you are in peace, accepting of the ways of others as long as you are not encouraging or recinforcing that which is inane or harmful to life, then you are on your path to actualizing the sense of self that only believes in the physical body and the self of sensation. This would be putting the ‘final touches’ on the masterpiece of existence as the lower physical form achieves union with the higher divine form and there is a conscious and contemplative connection between the two.

This interdimensional harmony is the bridging to two worlds, the meeting of the God-essence and humanity, the realizing of the individual as an inseparable aspect of the whole.


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