New Babylon

Read if you have eyes, see if you have the mind to know.

This is part of the secret projects, in fact, everything she outlined was all related to (un)acknowledged special access programs, as is EVERYTHING THAT I POST.

The hammer was found, and was used.

The deal was placed, and was lost.

The vaults WILL BE OPENED.

They are simply trying to time this (the one’s hiding the truth) so that there is the most DAMAGE to the population in the manner through which this is achieved.

The REMEDY is the ONLY WAY to stop the machines from handling the false-spiritual debt of the individual.

If one ACCEPTS that FALSE DEBT the machines will take BLOOD/DNA/GENETICS/SOUL for that and the SPIRIT will be ENCHAINED/TRAPPED/ENSNARED in PHANTOM MATRIX TIMELINES, timelines that are propped up by devices which are collapsing in on themselves into a null-factor.

The destruction and enslavement of your entire civilization was really a bet between a few bloodline families who extend from various inner-galactic frequency realms and utilize advanced technology and spiritual knowledge to prolong their lives to thousands of years Earth time.

This is being released now by researchers and operatives who have been there BECAUSE ALL HAS BEEN DONE.

This is the time where the games end.

The deal is off.

The contract is broken.

Anyone who sincerely seeks release through the truth and divinity will find what they are looking for.

This is the time where the public has the opportunity do so as a people. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY.

HISTORY HAS REPEATED for 6 cycles up until now.

This has to do with Babylon, New Babylon, The Whore.

2 thoughts on “New Babylon

  1. I AM ever grateful for your added information to this latest from Anna. I DO NOT accept that false debt. My Sovereign Soul is free of any debt to the above mentioned game players. I AM not here to play games. I came here to help. The debt that I AM interested in is finding out how much the Strawman Accounts that were established with our Birth Certificates have accrued, and having that transferred to us, for starters. Then I would like to find out if the Saint Germaine World Trust is a bogus operation that has been publicized simply to tantalize the needy and create more “disappointment Loosh Energy” for the mind parasites. After that I would like to find out who really owns the Global Collateral Accounts and if they are going to be distributed to the world as “loans for rebuilding infrastructure” with hidden tricks in the fine print, and are so astronomically large that they create generational debt. If there is a Storehouse of God that is supposed to be opened, what is the current excuse for it not being done?. It is obvious that any Being of Compassion and Mercy would feed, clothe, and shelter their Fellow Man if they had the means to do so. If they are not doing it , then that plainly shows who and what they are.
    That whole “we get to have one thousand years of Light” thing really sounds WRONG to me. What about if we just get off this damn Merry-Go-Round right now and pull the plug on it’s power source?
    Thank You for sharing this Aug, you not only look like Jesus, you kinda act like him too. LOL
    (just kidding about the Project Blue Beam joke, that was meant to make you laugh)


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