A Joke Of Situation: “Disclose or We Will” *laughter in the background*

Humanity and Breakaway Civilizations

This is really a joke of a situation.

I met multiple breakaway civilizations while in operation with the secret projects and lived with one of them for a period of time training and learning.

Taking Self-Willed Demise Seriously

The only people who don’t take the human mortality, their extinction, the mind-virus, the lack of awareness, the financial illusion debt-slavery situation, drowning in materialism and ego, the false sense of security, the hate and angst that is spread to one another before ever thinking about the consequences, the attacks that occur upon every single whistleblower, researcher, reporter, contactee, truth-teller, traveler, healer, and shaman are the humans.

The humans are literally the only people who have absolutely no intention of help the humans.

That’s why this is all such a joke. We’ve observed multiple timelines and the humans are only pushed to the point that they allow it.

A Prison Timeline, You Made It!

In this timeline they haven’t yet understood what it means to be free, because they’ve never “thought” themselves free. Because it is a mind cage, without getting too deep into the temporary and shadow-based nature of thoughts versus true mind or perceptions versus knowledge. People are in a mind-cage and they are most comfortable there.

Anytime someone comes along to point out their shackles, they immediately grab a torch and come running after them. Luckily those chains are short, otherwise a lot more people would’ve gotten hurt trying to help humanity out. However, everyone who ever tried to help humanity out, ended up hurt.

A Difficult Journey, One-Way Tickets

The other civilizations are shy to come here because any time, absolutely any time someone comes to say hello they are immediately shot down and this is by the public. This is not by the scary, spooky government, they do enough however. This is by the know-it-alls, the victims of the mainstream media and scientific embezzlement brigade, the spiritual monotonous monopoly, or the falsely conferred agendas convincing everyone that everything is going to be alright as long as they buy into the newest trends.

Mind-Melting Psycho-Spiritual Control System

This is all mind-melting programming and psycho-spiritual harvesting and the only people who don’t care about it are those being harvested. So what do we do? Do we sit back and watch while laughing and then crying? Do we fight even though the only fight is between each individual and their ego-mind and false-paradigms?

Everything You Know Is Outlandishly, Wildly, Insufferably Incorrect

Basically, not only is everything you know incorrect, but it is so wildly incorrect that the truth literally causes anyone who witnesses it to go absolutely, undeniably insane for at least a period of time. And that’s usually with training and conditioning.

A Technological Nature

There is technology that can allow operatives to act within less than a second, a negligible amount of time and insert memory into everyone’s mind in the house, modify the house or a room to contain the appropriate changes, introduce inserted memories into everyone that is connected to that family by searching through their and plant a new family member there that they will always have believed was there to be there loving so and so.

A Guided Disclosure

There is so much more but people’s minds have to be loosened up so they can accept what has happened to them otherwise they will melt under the strain of comprehending reality. This reality is entirely malleable, anything can be faked, edited, modified and when this is done then this is actually creating it fully. The reality won’t be created the same as for the first time, but the difference between the new and old reality, memories, objects, timeline, etc will be entirely undetectable to anyone who hasn’t been trained and effectively “unlocked’ unless for a split second. After that split second passes that ability to detect that change in history, personal or otherwise, will disappear until that person is reminded in some way.

Replicating The Holographic Reality

Memories, beliefs, senses, dreams, relationships, props and body parts, everything can literally be altered in anyway and people simply wouldn’t know.

The reason I am ranting this is is because this is actually exactly what has happened.

Modified, Everyone

I was shown and told the human genome was modified and the body itself was modified to take care of certain toxins that are in the environment now. These are the so-called “mandela” effect which is really the “mandala” effect which is just to cover up the other changes and take people’s mind off of that. Organs have been moved and some modified slightly to be operate under the more stressful conditions.

A Holographic Reality

It is like this reality is a powerful holographic computer system and everything is ran by numbers and electromagnetism including the brain and body and so any and every aspect of a person’s memory, life, body, the objects they own, all of it can be altered using technology to literally hack into and vibrate the change into the literal fields of electromagnetic energy manifesting what we call space and time.

This time is a time of great unveiling but it’s far beyond that.

Twisted Timelines

The timeline is convoluted and what is perceived as ancient is not so ancient. I was told that was people are taught in school as ancient history is not but a few years ago. This would explain the inconsistencies in archaeological and biological explanations for civilization and humanity.

For now time is a circle where everything flows back around itself, at least as a result of various operations it is.

The Power To Dream Awake

We experience time-bubbles when we sleep. Other civilizations experience time-bubbles when they contemplate deeply. Imagine being able to stop and ponder about something and instantly go off into extended space and time experience just as you have hours to days to weeks or longer of experience each night while you sleep. We must get tired enough to do this and collapse the conscious mind down into the unconscious. Yet if we could take the unconscious up around the conscious mind then we would do this while we are “awake” and time would no longer seem so linear.

Imagine places where people could go, like an arcade, a computer cafe, where they sit down and relax into a comfortable chair and look at a screen. Instantly they wake up on Earth in a human body living out a life carrying out some kind of mission or goal to bring about the production of a spiritual lesson or practice which hones their ability to perform as a cosmic being.

That could be humanity, literally, us right now in a different parallel. And this parallel could’ve made contact with this timeline telling them, “Disclose, or we will.”

2 thoughts on “A Joke Of Situation: “Disclose or We Will” *laughter in the background*

  1. I’m fascinated by timelines. Could we visit others in dreams? I think it happens often with me. Also when I pray I catch myself praying about things I know nothing about and it takes a second or two to come back to this reality. It just dissolves away in a moment. I think you mentioned somewhere that what happens in one timeline could affect all others? So if Jesus visited this one then all will be affected. God does have a habit of visiting the lowly and damaged.


  2. Our dna will be altered to a 7 letter base instead of 4. At least I think so…. if I understand the code i found in gen 1:1. Maybe thats how it originally was. It will be a new creature based on Jesus’ nature. ‘Eden’ is all over the place as well. It’s amazing. To my small mind at least.


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