Studies have shown; Society Will Drown If People Refuse To Assist One Another

Studies (no citation at the moment) have shown that it’s cheaper to give homeless people a place to live (so they can aptly find work) than it costs (from the tax payer) to support them daily through public services.

Imagine that. People who complain that giving people a place to stay would just increase the laziness and lack of motive to work, are actually draining society more than implementing a motion to ensure that homeless people don’t freeze to death or simply that they have a place to wash and stay and thus get a job much more easily.

Let’s also remind ourselves that the original meaning of the word “job” is “to be persecuted”. So who’s persecuting who, who’s worshipping (war-shipping) who, and who’s paying for or against who?

This individually managed homeless shelter idea has been applied in countries other than America with the results that one would expect. When people have a place to stay and wash, they can easily find work and support themselves from there on.

So of course this comes down to mind games. Instead of giving people an initial gift that will assist them in becoming independent, people would rather complain about others leeching off of them meanwhile then supporting these people for the entirety of their lives (both tax payers and public service recipients) while the end result is less than it would be if people would just agree that assisting others is sometimes the only way.

The truth is, for those who are in a hard place, finding assistance is the only way. Everyone has seen this emotionally, mentally and physically. Whether through being given a hand to step up a ledge, a shoulder to lean on or a knowledgeable person who can show the way to solving a tough problem. Life has always been and always will be about sharing, when this is removed from society, then life has ended here and this has to do with the electronic realm and the capacity to know and grow and love or to simply “be” forever.

What is it to “be” forever if the capacity to know, learn, suffer, and feel joy is diminished to the degree of negligibility?

So as it is that we always have been helped in life, whether by our parents, or simply a person holding the door, it is our duty to assist others in becoming stable and achieving their goals. No one is saying to do it for them, but when doing half that job for them throughout the entirety of everyone’s existence instead of just providing one small (literally economically, mathematically smaller by technical comparison) provision so that they may provide for themselves, the clear answer is that we’re supposed to be sharing with each other.

Darwin himself never actually agreed with evolution, that is a deliberate misconception. He said we were not alive because we all fought like jaguars and monkeys. No, he never said that.

He said we are all alive because humanity shares something throughout civilization that is not as present in such a developed manner in all the other kingdoms. That is compassion, the ability to share, and to adapt to difficulties by working together. Hand in hand, passing the bucket from one another to put out the fire. That is the adaptability of the human race and the way that humanity survives. There is absolutely nothing gained from continual competition other than the slow decline of our species at the hands of the few who have a back up plan consisting of technological immortality which also succumbs to an overlord mind depravity system without that original compassion of human liveliness.

The answer to assisting others in achieving their dreams, is assisting them.

The answer in society as a whole assisting society’s dream, is in assisting one another.

And here is a quick report: Imagine that, 100 000 CAD per person per year to fulfil emergency visits, homeless shelters and other services yet around 35 000 CAD per person per year for a single dwelling.

“The traditional refutation of a system like this comes from a deeply misplaced perception that giving “handouts” to homeless people supports laziness or a lack of self-control. This ignores systemic issues like institutionalized racial prejudice, inaccessible mental health care, and rampant income inequality.”

estimates that it takes about $100,000 CAD per year to support a single
homeless person with the necessary health, emergency, and justice
services. By contrast, providing housing to the homeless costs less than
$35,000 annually, and is much better at breaking the cycle of
homelessness. It’s this simple fact that got Ted Clungston, the
Conservative-affiliated Mayor of Medicine Hat, to approve the plan.”

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