New Mode of Operation: Find Your Center!

New mode of operation. In the face of adversity, conflict, oppression. Remain as calm and centered as possible. Literally, feel, know, and move as if you are not being pressured.

This has a reversing effect, almost like laughing the face of fear. Changes take place in the body’s circuitry when this can be achieved. The conscious mind is ready for habit, when we are always stressing and we reverse that, there is an immediate effect in the conscious mind as if it’s shocked.

Imagine now, how you are not just the conscious mind, but the overall energy guiding the whole system. You can shock your”self”. Think of that. You, can surprise, you. Could you?

So then what are you?

You are something more, than even what you perceive yourself to be, always.

As well, we are cycles, a continuation of that which we experience around us and that which we experience in others. So when we allow something to swirl around and around and continue that habit, this continues and repeats itself. When we stop that swirling and regain a calm center, this sends that into effect around and within us and this undulates through our actions and expressions.

Find your center! Extend that center to others! People try to knock others off that center. Truthfully this is just something that will help developed a better ability to remain aligned. Focus on extending that balanced center to everything that you interact with. If this is too difficult, then there is no real necessity to interact.

Everything is a way to bring more awareness to what is happening. The self is the paradox. We can teach ourselves and become more aware of our self, learning from ourselves. So we are the self, yet we are also not the self because the self can change from what we know. We are what we know, yet we are not always aware of our self. Yet we can learn from our self and grow, so we are a living paradox that fuels creative spiritual experience.

There are challenges and this tends to push our awareness of the self into obscurity, yet through those challenges we learn to refocus on the self more directly. The challenge of seeing the self and the obscurity is what allows us to perceive our self.

The challenge destabilizes the image of wholeness because we are comprised of image or holography mentally. The wholeness cannot be destroyed because this is just image. Yet when there is a destabilization the awareness is brought out from the self and placed into a disarray of other worries. When the challenge is overcome, the awareness is again centered on the self, yet there is a new found capacity for what may arise.

When we forget the skill of returning to center, that is when the challenges tend to repeat themselves again and again.

Thus we get to points where we recreate that image of instability and that is the oppression and lack of centeredness that is felt.


Because nothing can ACTUALLY knock one off center, the center is MENTAL-CONCEPTUAL/SPIRITUAL. So then, we are only where we imagine our selves to be, and FEEL ourselves to be. Only when we perceive what intrudes in our space as our own self-energy does that actually have an effect.

And again, this is challenging and this is how we learn. If it were easy to simply over come and ignore then we would never learn because ignorance would be 100% of the time.

Instead, we are ABSORBENT, like children growing and learning, we PULL charge from those around us and everyone is GIVING charge to each other. So those who are pouring out filth, offer that for others to soak up, whether they know this or not.

So when we are around and absorbing through the eyes, mouth, and ears, we are absorbing what’s in the environment and from those around us and this is developing our inner self-image as spiritual states and feeling. When we stay around the energies that produce alignment we feel more centered and this is easy to maintain.

When we are in a spiritual warzone, we are drained. This is natural. However, we should then navigate to a more calmer area OR learn to be resilient to those energies and learn how to BLOCK those energies out by NOT RESPONDING and rejecting those vibrations. If we can learn to do this then this is like the Tai Chi master handling his balance from the Dan Tien or balancing on a small round object.

When we control which way our energy pulls, pushes and turns, then we are aware of the self, and our spiritual body. When we are not aware, then we are easily knocked off center. This is natural.

Knowing which aspects of ideas, like lasers or colors and imagery impress upon which aspects of feeling, soul or mentality is part of the act of balancing and remaining self-aware. Knowing, “well, this has the tendency to lead to feeling like this” and “this is likely to be said in this situation, because these issues are challenging”, is part of the act of balancing. Similar to knowing how to handle the body and move diligently without slipping or mishandling weight or balance.

We are spiritual beings and every time we move or shift our energies we are in a state of balance. If we are observant and aware of the self, then we see how energy moves and we know whether we are properly handling energy and carrying weigh efficiently or making things heavy and imbalanced which causes strain.

The practices, the exercises of becoming aware, of allowing our self to consciously agree and acknowledge these motions and causes and effects on a spiritual and mental nature is part of learning. Without that there is a constant wondering.

Silence is useful, as is stillness, however to know when we are off balance and what way to lean and move to regain balance is part of learning and we all must learn to handle our energy of mind and the spiritual bodies just like our physical body. However, this is not physical, but of image, concepts, and feeling. Meaning, how we think and project our energy is whether we are being pushed one way or the other or perfectly calm and centered.

We move at our own pace, without being rushed, without being pushed across the path or over the obstacle, that is how a person learns to steady themselves. And yes, often times we are rushed by the world in order to learn how this works and that we must slow down and make sense of things. There is always the paradox.

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