The Dogs

Imagine an angry dog attempting to intimidate a passerby by using loud barking and snarling fangs to create the image of a threat. Instead of being afraid, imagine the passerby calming walks close to the dog and moves themselves in the way.

This impresses upon the dog that the fear tactics do not work. What does the dog normally do? The dog may continue to bark and snarl. But usually, especially if this is done confidently and with direct eye contact, the dog will back up even if slightly. This is because silently, secretly, the animal mind fears that the attempts to intimidate and harass does not work immediately.

This is confusing and challenging for the instinctual mind which struggles to use higher awareness functions to integrate new solutions to the problem. What is the problem anyway, for the dog?

He or she perceives any one who approaches that territory a security threat. This is a constant alertness, a constant looking for ‘threats’ and a constant judging of characters. Often we see these dogs barking madly from a window, or from a backyard fence at every passerby that seemingly ‘threatens’ the dog’s sense of security by coming into proximity of their territory.

This of great use in a dog eat dog world where each human also wonders about those individuals and must lock their doors and windows in an effort to keep out…each other.

In ancient occult knowledge the dog or the animal represents the animal mind, the instinct. The emotional sense of self and security on the lower, primal layers of existence. How does a person see themselves and how they relate to the world? Are they constantly on guard, judging each person for their appearance and how threatened they are by the knowledge or power this person brings?

Or are they experiencing life without the filters of the lower instinctual habits and emotional dualities of pain and pleasure, threat and safety, and the constant interplay between calm and chaos that relies entirely on external stimulus and events to determine how the inside of that being will feel?

That is the difference between the animal, and the awakened being.

One is threatened merely by what they experience around them, judging, throwing hateful words, attempting to classify and exile others as if they have some tyrannical rule over anyone but themselves.

Others, simply see what experiences are for the knowledge that they bring, the possibilities that they unleash and the lessons of the self that they may imbibe regarding what hidden knowledge exists moving beyond the intentions of others and into the actual workings and nature of reality and consciousness altogether.

2 thoughts on “The Dogs

  1. When I was a child I was extremely fearful of dogs until I learned to master the mad dog, literally.

    This describes what I have seen and heard many times I’ve just called it “Pack Like Energies” …To tear into (attack) anything unlike itself and or protect its belief structures. This a clear breakdown of what it is. Thank You…


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