Ritual Abuse Cannibalism, Human Spiritual Slavery and Degradation, The Holographic Universe and Non-Human Entities

This is to help others who have been through similar programs as well as the people who do not know this is happening and this is affecting them.

  • People must know about these issues because they are effecting everything
  • Have courage instead of fear
  • Ancient Cults practice soul-trading, entity attachment, mind-control, sexual and spiritual slavery as part of a wealthy elite system that is used for control and negative spiritual existence
    • They invent cultures and nations
  • Technology complicated or enhanced the entire system
  •  I was brought in at the age of 9

    • The age of 6 is the usual
    • One’s mind fractures after these ages if this is attempted
    • This is designed to enable a person to control the population as well as overcome a darker individual or culture, this strengthens (as well as brainwashes) the person’s mind
  • They say they are keeping the entities at bay through this, and that the entities plan on invading but are held off as long as these processes are performed.
  • This is related to a spiritual and technology parasite which invades humans to use them as hosts to generate this energy which then feeds into these other realms
    • This parasite has to do with an ancient meteorite source and the ‘black goo’ nanites
    • This is a substance that is involved in the rituals in same way or another
    • This is a technological spiritual parasitic organism
    • The nanites attach to the energy centers of the spiritual bodies and exchanges bio-photons which are a form of light-emission from the human body and is related to mental or emotional energy which is not defined in public
    • The more photons that are exchanged then the more this entity infests and becomes a part of that person’s spiritual body system
  • Sacred sites and geomagnetic areas act as a portals through the vortex energy that is found in these locations and these entities are channeled through these areas using these rituals
    • These areas were used to create a spiritual energy containment grid which would cycle this energy throughout civilization
    • Humans are like nodes on this spiritual grid
  • The original practitioners simply thought they were chasing power and becoming more powerful
    • The hosts of these energies and techno-spiritual parasites became replaced on a spiritual level, the remaining consciousness is considered a sub-human, techno-beast animal
    • The impulses and priorities of sexual energy, sustenance (food), accomplishment (drives), emotions, relationships, all become distorted versions of the original.
  • This is related to the technology which enhanced this spiritual overtaking process but began from these ritual spiritual practices that incorporated a “low-tech” version of these entities and mind-control technology; literally the organisms nanite body itself
  • Love is the ultimate human emotion, this is inverted in a hosted being
    • The entity’s goal is to entirely remove love from the human civilization
  • This entire universe is within a “bent-light” system which is being encased in a temporally distorted field
    • Others have said this is a quarantine by higher-beings
    • Others have said this is a result of the entity separating humanity off from the rest of the universe
    • The laws of physics are incomplete and people are lead to believe in the false-light matrix
  • Early tales of witchcraft, cannibalism, and ritual describe this situation
  • The underground bases are partially transdimensional depending on the location and can interact with these entities from the ‘underworld’ and are partially in the ‘underworld’ depending on the location
  • Part of this is all about feeding these entities, another part is about determining what methods of defense the human race has against these spiritual invaders
  • They strongly maintain that they are holding these entities at bay
    • This could have failed as they were taken over
    • This could be a mass deception
    • OR this could be true and much worse could be waiting
    • Either way people must know and must unify to protect humanity
  • The rituals allows these beings to manifest and to possess humans using them as hosts
  • People in power, household names, all people in power, entertainers, politicians, wealthy, are exposed to this system to “haze” them into a cult, or as well to determine their level of resistance and give them a choice, albeit in a contrived manner
    • There are many side paths to disclosure, many distractions and partial-disclosures
    • There are many scapegoats, that is a primary aspect of this process
    • These situations are connected to the ‘pay-to-play’ sessions with both child sexual-slavery and torture rings as well as larger corporations and their domineering control over monetary, political, and entertainment industries
  •  The soul is released from the body and the moon is a facility that handles the souls of humans
  • An electromagnetic discharge device, similar to magnetic fields used to contain powerful plasma fields, is used to wipe the memory of the soul
    • The soul carries memory as an identity in the form of a complex array of angles and frequencies like a mandala
  • We live within a holographic universe where the physical layer is the ‘graphical user interface’ and the moon is a base for these factions that can travel there using electrogravitic craft
    • Much of what we are taught about space and history is complete fabrication
  • They say that this realm is closing out as a result of too many paradoxes and wormholes opened to the underworld and that this realm will degrade
  • There are entities from the underworld that are holographic in nature yet have been given the ability to spiritually and technologically sustain themselves so as to produce a physical form
    • These entities prefer human flesh, clean and young and sustain themselves on these actions
    • It is said they can assume human form via the imbibing of human DNA however I feel this is an attempt by the humans to regain their human essences having been distorted and that the entities can change form using technology to produce holographic images that entrain the brains of humans
    • This could be disinfo (the actuality of these other beings) but then this is all merely about humans who are performing this and have conquered the moon to manufacture a base where memories are wiped and a spiritual war is commanded
  • There is also a large base in Antarctica which is a temporal nexus point, a portal into and across planes and times that Earth revolves around
  • There are two sides, a light and a dark
    • The Light focuses on protecting and preserving the human race
    • The dark focuses on destroying and subjugating humanity
  • The electromagnetic “soul-magnet” device attracts the energy of the soul by resonating in sympathy with the soul-frequencies. One avoids this by resonating on a level that these devices and these entities cannot contain or utilize
    • Everything in society is being focused towards depravity and these generally lower frequencies which the devices, these entities, and this realm is founded within
    • This is “spiritual degradation” or the abomination of desolation
  • Nano-viral loads, heavy-metals, medicines, and the blood of traumatized humans are dropped from the sky through planes and now electrogravitic craft
    • This has a spiritually degrading effect causing turmoil, depravity, emotional instability, mental instability and other effects
  • People are fed human food products through the fast food industry
    • This is part of an attempt to hide themselves, as then everyone has the signature of having partaken in this process, not just the wealthy elite
    • Toxins are introduced to weaken the population so that just at the point of a major problem there will be a mass effect and a die-off built up over time
    • They claim that if this doesn’t occur 100% of the human race will die off in the next 100 years
    • The animal sacrifice and slaughtering process is designed through factory farming to produce the most spiritual degradation and hormonal toxification during the life and ingestion of the animal products
    • This pollutes the morphogenic fields and stops beings who could resonate at a higher level from traveling here to assist in the clearing of these energies and dark entities
    • There are hexes or curses placed on all the major products from all the major industries through symbols and rituals
    • All of this is communicated through symbolism as this is a spiritual language rather than just a physical language
    • The symbolism will reach the unconscious mind as well as the conscious mind, often times, bypassing the conscious mind because people are not taught the underlying meaning and do not research
  • There are many others talking about these issues, the cults performing this and the effects, future results, and plans
  • There are “holidays” where these events take place, regularly, continually, on a spectrum of frequencies and specialization
  • Harmony is capable of reversing these effects
    • Love, harmony, self-awareness, truth and unity is stronger than the dark methods
  • Etymology explains much of the symbolism behind the words and the original intentions behind the mind-control system and how language, civilization and all aspects have been influenced
  • Symbols in all venues and industries are unconsciously sending the messages of darkness and human destruction into the minds of humans
  • This is Monarch mind control or trauma-based mind control
  • This is occurring in every major population area of the world
  • One doesn’t get into power without being exposed to this system
    • This world is already taken over, this process has been used to take over all major industries, all nations and all localities on the publicly visible Earth
    • These are related to the processes of “pleasing the gods”
  • There are other timelines and layers of reality where humans exist, these people are attempting to help humanity in this civilization
    • These humans must be made a clear pathway through the intentions of love and harmony otherwise there is no way for them to travel here and exist in the frequencies of this dark, hijacked world
    • This is the only layer where this battle is taking place now
    • This darkness was removed from all other layers
    • This is the most intense battle over these energies and humanity
    • What happens here reflects unto the entire universe
    • If the battle was over then none of this would be here
  • The law of correspondence applies
    • If people torture and enslave animals, then this possibility is reflected unto those people
    • If people enslave and influence the extinction of animals, then this possibility is reflects
    • Universal law applies to everything that is being done
    • Everything is being monitored
    • This is a “cleaving” of the dark and the souled
    • What the majority permit influences this realm on a collective level
  • People must face these occurrences and stand up for what they believe in, safely, together, in harmony and courage
    • This is all about healing
    • We go within to find the trauma and transform the traumatic experiences into knowledge and healing
    • This is also known as “reframing”
    • There is a faction that is encouraging this process for humanity, there is technology that can assist in this
    • Overcoming fear is the major obstacle here
    • What we emit and permit reflects back to us
  • I write on disclosure and on healing and soul-awareness on two blogs, (thesoulunveiling.wordpress.com)
    • This is all about energy healing
    • We must let go of the fear and the trauma
    • Doom and gloom is a trap and a trick, if this was truly doom and gloom we wouldn’t be informed, it would just happen
    • This is an indication that humanity is waking up
    • There may still be great pains to come
    • We can use this knowledge to come to the truth of these issues and our true nature as multi-dimensional spiritual beings
    • Love is the most powerful vibration in the universe
    • Love is the beginning and new beginning
    • The spiritually awakened human who intends to heal is the most powerful being on that level of existence
    • The human civilization when spiritually awakened and healing is the most powerful civilization in our existence
    • What happens here, happens elsewhere like waves in a pond or light
  • We are within a local-environment that is one holographic layer multi-plexed over multiple layers
    • The planets are not planets but time-locked frequency arrays that extend into various possibilities as extensions of Earth’s being and the energy of the civilization at a given period of existence
    • We can see the past all around us as light emanates outward and so this is the information of what has happened
    • The future is held within, waiting to be unlocked and emanated outward and is determined by how we interact with the variables of the present
  • There is a team of people helping humans but humans must attain the frequencies and intentions of love, harmony, assistance, unity, self-awareness, and healing
    • The universe is holographic so what is emitted is reflected backwards, if people do not attain those frequencies then there is no pathway for interactions in this universe
    • Humans are trapped within the physical universe as a result of this entire system
    • This is just one layer and the densest and most limited layer
    • This is related to starships
      • The Dark faction kidnapped people who came to help and reverse engineered the technology they found by looking into their minds
      • Their goal was to hijack starships to destroy humanity
      • Research James Casbolt: His testimony of the starship interactions (battles) is accurate, this is important.
    • Heaven or the “deity” plane is simply the higher frequency civilizations of people who do not partake in this suffering
    • Life and consciousness is enabled through DNA on this plane and so through the unlocking of DNA life and consciousness can be altered dramatically in terms of length of life and depth of knowledge and spiritual capabilities such as healing, travel, knowing and emotionally interacting with one another
    • A civilization intending to help cannot barge in and break down the front door
      • If a fire is present then yes, but the system is carefully only letting fires that are small enough to not let this happen
      • The dark faction hides behind free-will and coercing people to do this to themselves
      • People must learn the only time a benevolent faction would barge in is if the whole house is on fire
      • That is too late for people to continue learning and should not be waited on
      • This is karmic loopholing and manipulation of psychology and universal law
    • Everything here is from direct personal experience
    • You are loved, more than you know
  • Many people consider their demise to be humorous
    • This is the result of brainwashing and pure ignorance
    • These individuals are often not strapped to a chair in an underground base to believe this, they are literally presented with the idea of self-annihilation and they happily skip down the hallway to their doom
    • One can only offer the truth
    • Do not waste time on people who are not interested
      • These people are pretending they have any idea who they are, what is guiding them, or what is going on
      • There are many tactics to track a person and discourage them from speaking out or assisting others by creating the illusion that they are being followed by random people or are only capable of finding very ignorant people
      • These are illusions generated through advanced technology and cult groups
      • Quickly turn and look for the next person and you will see there are many who are ready to listen
      • Do not waste your time as a result of being targeted
      • This is an illusion to distort the flow of time and possibilities
      • This is applied to individuals who have been in these bases and programs as well as families or elite bloodlines who are not allowed to speak out
        • You could say they perfected in and continued from there until the process was extended to the whole world
    • If you are in a safe place where you can be respected and can heal, speaking out may help and will help others.
      • Do not put yourself at risk, however those who are ready will know when they are ready
    • Now is the time to make a choice regarding all of this
  • The white hats look to help and will utilize the support and intentions of healing and unity from the people
    • The other civilizations must have the intentions of healing and high frequency love and harmony in the people or they cannot interact without that being interpreted as an act of war by the dark factions who would then move in and create the same but opposite action against the people
    • For now everything is covert, but this may change
    • Those who are willing to assist in this process must follow up and inform others and clarify their own energies
      • This is all about clarifying energy and the mind and spirit
      • This is all about involvement and self-responsibility
  • Violence is a tactic and a distraction
    • There is a plan to use the contrast of the west and east to create distortions and disharmony
    • Choose harmony
    • Inform others of the deception and the lower-frequency distortions
  • There is already a mass chipping through scalar fields and the heavy-metals in the air, water, and medicine
    • The fields are produced by “GWEN” towers
    • Emotions and mental patterns can be manipulated through this technology
    • There is also liquid nano-technology that can coat entire areas and then this area can be activated through such waves to electronically transmit information which will act as a visual feedback
      • Thus entire areas can be monitored through a TV system using this technology and this is like having a TV camera pointing in all directions every few feet or more accurately pointing away from all surfaces where these chemical and heavy metal sprays are landing
      • This is also capable through electrical wires, computer monitors, TVs, phones, and lightbulbs
  • Reject the frequencies by choosing harmony and self-awareness
    • The AI (interdimensional nanite parasites) uses automation, habits, addictions, fears, and other lower-emotional and mental patterns which reduce self-control and self-awarenessNow is the time to make a choice in all of this
    • This goes hand in hand with people treating people like sub-humans
    • No matter what retain that humanity, retain that love, respect, and self-respect to disable these patterns
    • All who survive the coming time may have to do this while nearly everyone around them gives in and entirely becomes automated animalistic techno-beasts
    • That is not the end of the world, but the end of the age
    • If not that, then people will simply continue to merge with the machine and become more and more automated, egotistical, emotionally biased and desire (duality) based
  • There is a white hat dark hat situation in this civilization
  • Polarization to light or darkness, harmony or chaos
    • This could be described as duality-consciousness in a new way, but is not
    • One either gives respect to the whole, or to the part
    • When one is focusing on the part, they are reducing the self-awareness of the whole and the higher aspect of our spiritual existence which is beyond the physical (parts)
    • The automation, mind-control system is the hive and is of those who will feed the hive (with their minds and identities)
    • If not this, then there is an increase of self-awareness, healing, harmony, and unity
    •  Vampiric consciousness is partial and based on lack of self-awareness, producing chaos and profiting form that, and conquering through division
  • Consciousness is biologically generated from the physical plane and is the processing of perceptions and stimuli
  • Awareness is Spiritually Present from the immaterial plane and is the raw observation element behind consciousness
  • Self-Awareness is attained when the two are combined through a life of harmony
  • When this is attained that self-awareness is what can return to the higher plane
  • The Buddhi is a Hindu concept of the immaterial intelligence behind consciousness
  • Awareness simply is
  • Consciousness is biological and thus requires contrast
  • The Negative path leads to automation and cybertronic hive- mind collective existence
  • The Positive (harmonious) path leads to Spiritual Development and a return to the higher plane as an individually collective being
  • Harmonization requires empathy and sympathy
  • Vampiric is a reduction of empathy and sympathy in favor of self-gratification
  • Our actions and emissions generate the larger counterpart organism
    • Harmonization generates a harmonious larger counterpart
    • Vampirism generates a chaotic larger counterpart
    • Each individual’s ‘organism’ or larger counterpart is essentially their ‘higher-dimensional’ future present in the universe
  • True harmonization is beyond polarity and so is not positive or negative
  • True negativity, is polarization in essence
  • This is slightly confusing but transcendence of polarization to produce harmony is the key, this sometimes covers both sides, but the path of polarization must use only polarization as harmony is just a side-effect at that point
  • All human beings are truly harmonious, no one likes pure chaos, humans are naturally angelic original beings and from the deity plane,
  • Humans are from “Heaven” the higher-dimensional plane

14 thoughts on “Ritual Abuse Cannibalism, Human Spiritual Slavery and Degradation, The Holographic Universe and Non-Human Entities

  1. I missed this post, its a great detailed in depth roundup presented in clear English and helps the mind awareness expand assimilate again, returning like a spiral curriculum since these are very strange complex issues and strands read on other posts can get forgotton or jumbled in the mind so returning reembedding rereading helps understanding as well as causing…..newer better perspectives building on the material I already have retained ok, thankyou Aug.

    Depressing stuff, and positive.

    The black goo stone the muslims touch at Mecca on the corner of the black cube came to mind. They walk clockwise round it. Does this mean the energy meditation ive been doing since 2014, pulling t down the front of the body. A very clear instruction on this site has been to visualise the energy going clockwise and more centripetal and tighter behind the naval, is the clockwise bit harmful demiurgic ive wondered https://www.drlwilson.com/articles/meditation.htm

    I didn’t realise they were putting the blood of traumatised humans n chemtrails too. This is an unfolding horror show!


    1. To do with right spin of molecules? Clockwise? Is this reinforcing the failing demiurgic construct to drain more energy by doing the meditation above? Or does it truly bring more Qi etheric energy into us to power us up so we can go home.?
      His site speaks a lot of health advice that’s well meaning it seems, coffee enemas, toxin avoidance, nutritional advice. Spirituality and the off world interdimensional infection with advanced technologies too. But infused through all this, is a very Judeo Christian pro Israel slant. Eg when hes described the pulling down exercise, using the mind, directing etheric energy in through the head and into the right hand to feel it tingling. And then with practice, pull it forcefully down into earth out below the feet. He says it effortlessly then flows up the back, we need to force it down the front. He mentions how the Jews using their Tefillin Black Cube box on the forehead and strapped arm, also direct energy downwards. This has begun to make me uncertain about this downward clockwise energy meditation so anyone with advice is appreciated, thanks.

      — He says it strenghens our connection with Heaven, bringing Heaven to earth, and builds correct voltage in the body and building power strength and health only occurs by moving etheric energy downwards.
      – He also says, which sounds positive, it rejuvenates and lengthens telomeres.
      – I also checked on Qi Gong sites and there is something similar, called ”bone marrow washing”, bringing new Qi in downwards removing stagnant Qi , keeping new Qi flowing in. So I suppose its the instruction to clockwise centripetally move the energy that especially is a concern.

      – Yet the downward energy is opposite to rising kundalini, and also Mercolas and others’ Grounding articles saying electrons flow into us from the earth via the feet.
      This is a visualization to do with the pulling down exercise. With your mind, you move subtle energy not just downward, but also inward and spinning to the right. This looks just like a tornado with a funnel shape that is wide at the top and narrows as it moves downward. At the same time, the entire funnel spins to the right.
      This is one of the most powerful visualizations to use with the pulling down exercise.
      And yet this seems like Void meditation and i do this while listening to youtube sounds. So this below seems well meaning from Wilson.


      A great secret of success with the pulling down exercise is to make the body as empty and “hollow” as possible. Empty everything out the bottom of your feet. It is important to do it this way. If possible, “feel” or imagine your tissues, organs, thoughts and everything else empty out of your body through the feet. This is to make room for the new you.”


      1. Void meditation is about complete nothingness. Stilling the mind. No mind no thought no images. Learning to master that inner little voice that always contradicts you. It’s not about moving energy.


    1. Yes, this is all a part of a domination plan. I was given an explanation that this is all a “trick” just to get people to love each other and work together. As well, that the “Fukushima” radiation is just a cover for ‘naturally unnatural’ radiation that is the result of molecular instability from the quantum interference and temporal paradoxes as a result of the travel. So we are given conflicting explanations, but our belief is what brings that particular reality to a fruition. As well. There is technology to radiate the entire planet, as well, to clear the entire planet of radiation (more slowly and safely than it would be introduced however).


  2. Dear Aug, you did a great job on this subject and the overall video. I commend the work you are doing to inform humanity. I also have come here to do work on behalf of the planet and humanity. We have already entered the home stretch. I must say you remind me of my son, so it is wonderful to listen to your videos. He left the planet at 26 years old last March 26. He is on a galactic council back on our bio-sphere star ship. Your beautiful caring heart is so wonderful to behold. Those of us that have come here to understand the trauma by going through horrendous things and then persevere to help humanity know how important your voice truly is!! I have a tender respectful place in my heart for you, as I suspect many people do that become familiar with you and the special work you are doing. You are the bringer of wisdom, knowledge and compassion, which is the essence of LOVE. Sheri


  3. Blessings and thank you for sharing.

    You wrote: People in power, household names, ‘all’ people in power, entertainers, politicians, wealthy, are exposed to this system to “haze” them into a cult, or as well to determine their level of resistance and give them a choice, albeit in a contrived manner.

    Did these entities outdo themselves with the 2016 USA election by tricking humans into voting for Donald Trump, since voting is freewill ‘consent’ ?

    The Great ‘con’ of man is not found in some secret society or cleverly hidden in a picture, it is the con hidden in just one tiny word consent.


    1. Donald Trump is a tool for moving into a new structure for government. He will be stepping down mid-March to make room for Paul Ryan and a new cabinet. Not the best choice but positive momentum. We are moving into a kinder system to allow for calmer vibrations. Discernment is essential!


  4. I am so sorry you are not receiving the support you deserve. I have followed every post, email and video you have created as well as shared on my Facebook, I could care less what others think or feel, truth must be known and shared, help and assist the populace become more aware of what has and currently taking place. I have followed the stories of James Casbolt and Max Spiers for many years, was also friends with Max Spiers on Facebook, he risked his life to help others become more aware, as you have risked yours as well. I thank you always, for all you do and share. Blessings to you always.


  5. Thanks for this for although it is a reflection of debasing and degrading practises it is also a path of action towards growth and evolvement. It will take some digesting. I try to talk about these realities to some friends and family but most are unable to accept and I am careful now with family as I could face an unpleasant intervention from them, for my own good. So guess they are not ready. I want to get stronger and more free so I can be a positive light.


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