The Missy Hill Show, With Aug Tellez, Reality Is The New SyFy

There is what can be called an exercise in focus and vibration for the first 9 minutes of the show. If you allow this part to play and absorb the vibrations, even while doing a few other things on the computer, you may feel a clearing of energy and an increase of clarity which can help you focus during the show.

Then you will have to be patient, apparently the audio was not connected properly for the first portion of the show. Thank you.

Thanks to Joseph Ransier II for cleaning up the audio!

Green Heart Radio

Reality has become stranger than SyFy, my guest Aug Tellez joins me as we unravel what has happened on this planet This show will be like no other ! Go grab your favorite beverage create a safe cozy sacred space in your heart as we go into the dark deep crevices of humanities psyche and into underground bases.We will discuss this matrix, construct, and or holographic reality we find ourselves. We will epxplore the nature of time, time experiments, the archons, and the artificial intelligence program which seems to being running rampant everywhere. We are shown everything that is happening and the technology which has been hidden from us in the movies and television,”programming,” Everything seems to be hidden in plain sight and now is the time for the truth to be unvieled.

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One thought on “The Missy Hill Show, With Aug Tellez, Reality Is The New SyFy

  1. About 1h 30m in, where you’re talking about developing spirit-self, I found myself imagining the process as a gardener might. Essentially, I imagined that 3D is the arena wherein we are all merely seeds tossed on/in Earth/earth, each of us with the potential to eventually develop into whatever type of Being we inherently are, BUT ONLY as long as we seek out the warming rays of loving kindness in our actions, and periodically go about watering and tilling the soil of our experience by bringing into our lives the beneficial and nurturing people who can help us sprout. Fundamentally, if we don’t sprout into the initial stage of a seedling, there is nothing to transplant into the next stage of existence. Although I am not a bible student as such, I’ve encountered the parable about the ‘growing seed’ often enough in my research that I not only remember it at this moment but it is clear (to my mind, anyway) that it most definitely is alluding to this very, all-important conclusion of spirit-self development.

    Thanks, Aug. As always, your concerted efforts are greatly appreciated.


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