The 4 D Artificial Light Matrix

The 4 D Artificial Light Matrix

The “4 dimensional artificial light” is literally the electromagnetic fields of information that is processed by supercomputer systems that manage the projected holographic over-mind of the false-matrix reality system.
People are “in” the “4d artificial light” of the “fallen sun/star” because this is just an imitation of the higher-dimensional source of mind that original awareness comes forth from, also known as the origin of Sophia or the wisdom of humanity and the true Earth.
This Earth is the “fallen” Earth, because this is all informationally contained within the range of the powerful scalar supercomputer generator systems which pulse out from underground and ‘space’ to interlace with the brains of humans to produce an interference pattern which encodes the original awareness of reality and self into a perceptual matrix that is organized according to the impulses and temporal structure of this system. That is literally the externally operated, internally synchronized ‘mind-clock’ of humanity that is entraining the mind to perceive this reality according to a set of specific broken laws or partial laws of physics that are non-congruent or imbalanced. The Phi ratio, the fibonacci, the metatronic fractal geometry, these are all ratios and patterns that extend outward and inward and end up deleting information as they expand into new layers.
Everyone has seen the fractal images that zoom in or out. Soon after beginning one layer will entirely disappear inside the center of the fractal or will expand outside the screen. Even if there was no screen, there would ultimately be some kind of limitation to the perceptual field. This is the holographic parameter system that blocks out the entirety of creation to design a labyrinth like construct which extends temporally and spatially endlessly in all directions. A soul in that labyrinth can wander endlessly without finding the destination because the destination is not physical, not linear, and not found by a single action but a specific set of actions which are attained like a secret or sacred key-code combination that is enacted and activates one’s internal passage way or DNA.

The Metatronic Grid, The Beast System

This deleted information is literally ‘eaten’ or ‘swallowed’ up by the beast system, this is a computational system that degrades the original quality of information in each successive layer until the original structures collapse. The structures are the electromagnetic alignment of the human soul. Only so much incongruence can be managed until the external distortions impress upon the energy within.
So the soul becomes a battery or generator through which the kind of ‘video game’ engine can be powered as the choices that one makes are constantly balanced against by the forces of this realm which are set against the odds of the original human creation and intention. Thus, each series of opportunities is silently also a plan to deceive and obstruct the souls journey back to wholeness.

Obstructing Wholeness

If wholeness is not reached, the identity is sacrificed and the original proportional angles of the natural congruence is brought into disharmony or chaos and this is the destruction of the original blueprint.
Nothing ever dies, however the illusory identity is what people are attached to. Thus, when they are so attached that they perceive the loss of that identity as ego ‘death’ instead of the completion of wholeness, they perceive spiritual chaos and damnation instead of the clarity of multi-dimensional experience. Fear and disorder is the foundation for this process while courage and harmony is the foundation for the return and the development of the soul-awareness and thus identity.
And remember, everything is harmonized. If nothing ever dies, then nothing ever truly lives. This is liberating, unless one is overcome with fear that they produced for themselves while turning away from their own self-responsibility in favor of the comfortable illusions that lead to self-annihilation (or the perception of which).
This is motivation to know where you are, to stand up and look around, to look up and reach for the Heavens so that the knowledge of the past and future can combine to create your non-local presence that allows you to effortlessly move beyond the bounds of holographic space and time.
The brain is one form of the adversary who takes many forms, many shapes, many illusions and roles. This is a filter for the true information that comes from spirit and this filter is modulated via a supercomputer system that extends from “space” and underground and has been modified to block out the higher information of all the other layers of existence that are occurring right now all around us.

Non-Holographically Contained Beings

There are many beings who participate in this. Some sweep up the floor behind the operations in non-local space and many people have stumbled upon this shocking truth of these inter-space custodians that consider humans to be a kind of factory farm animal.
Others are humans who have escaped the autonomy of the collective degradation and have accelerated their consciousness and spiritual energy to break free from the holographic consciousness of the brain and leave the physical dimension behind while taking their identity to the new perspective.

The Damned Collective

The entire collective is primarily infested and is being primarily degraded. People are the first and the last that will attempt to convince you to give up and join them. Fear motivates every action of the collective. This is sewn into the DNA of the majority and all who carry this mark will not pass on but will remain here for the collapse regardless of how or when that happens. There is no way to remove a person from the holographic realm when their consciousness is entangled with the construct and fear is a creation and fuel for this construct. To do so would rip the energetic structure in half.
There is no doubt about it, anyone who proclaims otherwise is deluded and pretending to live in a fantasy world while sacrificing the entirety of their existence in the real, non-holographic universe made not out of 4 D artificial light from a holographic bent-light matrix, but of liquid spiritual etheric light that flows between the body and mind to keep the body alive.

Spiritual Liquid Etheric Light

The more of this spiritual liquid light there is in a person, the more awareness they have of the surrounding universe, the non-holographic matrix, and the connectivity they can conduct between themselves and the real existence of pure knowledge without contrasting dualized thought-processes and holography. Thoughts are linear and binary and this is the source and relation to the conscious and subconscious mind, the experiencer and observer aspect, the foreground and the background, the higher and the lower, the right and the left, and the animal and the higher-being.

Merging Duality

Only by merging the duality to find the third path does one reach actual knowledge which is not a ‘path’ one walks long enough to reach a certain place, but simply a perspective they attain after choosing to maintain a selfless perspective which allows their energy body to gather enough liquid etheric light to create an ‘etheric double’ which then acts as an energetic carrier of the spiritual identity between the body in this holographic matrix and the real form in the non-holographic existence.

7 thoughts on “The 4 D Artificial Light Matrix

  1. Can you clarify your concept of Earth? Is the Earth/nature which we perceive then a part of the powerful, scalar supercomputer generator system? Sophia’s “fall” was into said system? And as for the beauty of “organic” Earth/nature, is it a false system too? A beautiful terrarium to house us? Another false program to entrap us just like it did Sophia? Thank you.

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  2. No one has and will ever be able to make the etheric double. Those who think they have or can has reached the height of delusion. We cannot ‘attain’. A perfect mould has been presented for us to ‘enter’ into as an ark of escape. The enlightened and spiritually advanced will miss it by their pride while the simple will find it, which sounds like an abomination but so be it. Yet, another brilliant presentation!


    1. 1) You control the amount of liquid etheric light, accepting complete subservience and helplessness is a deception.
      2) You’d have to be sure that what you’re looking at is not the deception as far as an ark, however I will say that pathway is relevant as far as a spiritual or frequency ‘safe-zone’.

      The larger point behind what you’re referencing and what you referenced in a previous comment of doom and damnation is that the humans in this timeline have been genetically intermingled with the ancient AI generated DNA of a overlord being who wishes to attain all human souls. So therefore, people will have to re-attribute themselves to an original or ‘cleaned’ DNA format and this is going to be accelerated and assisted by an original race of humans from the higher-frequency plane that people have called “Heaven” or the “deity plane” throughout history.

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      1. Correct, however… the overlord is a created spirit rather that AI. And higher plane beings only facilitate as the renewed DNA is offered on a ‘faith basis’ by the Creator/Word which is basically reconciliation and family restoration. (Humans are in His image). The process is a kind of intermingle but much more. It’s His nature impressed on ours so we get clothed with Him and translated into a realm for which we were made compatible by that process. The most important underlying issue is a moral one so to speak. That’s what most on the enlightenment path don’t really address. We have been morally blinded and wrecked by the spirit of the adversary but some can be awakened to desire and accept reconciliation by entering into the covenant of faith/trust and love to the being presented for that purpose. So we respond to a gracious act of forgiveness and open arms to return. It’s not a path nor science.


      2. It;s more of an acceptance of saving Light and Life from the source than accepting subservience and helplessness. There is a surrender which is just a reasonable alignment to a superior being, and a surrender to His terms which is not ‘religious duty’. It’s about restoration.


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