Probable and Possible Timeline Viewing Technology and Reality Projection Methods

  • The possible timelines that exist in ‘hyperspace’ can be accessed and remotely viewed as well as interacted with and drawn towards or away from the “anchor” reality (the one that is directly experienced)
  • These can be viewed and through this entire sub-realities can be generated.
  • These exist as a “what-if” that extends from the projection of events and operations that are put into action.

  • This is done through absolute compartmentalization. There mere knowing of the process disrupts the projects results in time.
  • For instance, it is decided that someone must be tested in one way or another to determine how will this individual can handle power or an asset.
  • The projected operation can be put into effect through a series of commands, separated by compartmentalization that will result in a team of operatives ensuring that this individual receives the indented assets.
  • The temporal viewing technology will be used to remotely view this possible reality before the event occurs. If and when the desired information is extracted using the technology the event will be nullified or removed from time through the cancellation of the commanded operation and the operates will no longer be scheduled to carry out that specific operation. That event will disappear from time and the projected future reality will not occur, yet everything about that individual will be attained in regards to any specific inquiry or possible organization of reality and priorities and this is how the entire timeline has been organized.
  • The MILABS survivors and operatives are here from a parallel timeline and this is large operation to recon, secure and extract individuals from the timelines that are in danger of collapse
  • In a way this entire timeline is the target because when enough possibilities are solidified and the collapse is avoided then everyone here is brought out of the threat of quantum decoherence and collapse
  • There are also inserted event which are literally those projected events inserted into time, even though they have been removed or erased from actually taking place. These are effectively events from that other projected timeline that are recorded into holographic form and projected into the minds of people on this timeline through scalar technology. The only ‘place’ these events actually occur are in another temporal-verse and within the projected experiences of individual as perceived through scalar technology. These are technologically generated visions and memories that do not actually anchor within this universe as a real situation and experience.

3 thoughts on “Probable and Possible Timeline Viewing Technology and Reality Projection Methods

  1. Not remembering being in the projects but I do feel I have a role in the timeline efforts and have felt I help others but could not language what I felt Thank you for this. Feeling the movement and it is encouraging.

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  2. Thank you so much. We ran into each other on a weird forum, I posted as Michaela. I have since gone through much more of your work and I understand more now. I CAN confront it all without going insane. I could help, but I am in a damned-if-you-do, damned-if you-don’t trap, and don’t have much time left before I am taken out. Anyone with Access would know exactly the details, but not going into it here. Just wanted to say thank you for all the data, it is all spot on.

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  3. This clarifies, fills in a few more puzzle pieces, and brings to mind the mandela/mandala effect timeline, etc. talk people trip on, and understandings or missed, of what’s what as far as memories/scenarios/dreams/practice runs, etc.

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