Group Chat: Yvonne, Spencer, Michael and Aug

Great Chat, Great People, Thank you Good Friends
What is reality? What are we looking for when we are seeking to define reality? Who defines reality? How?
Where did existence come from? Where are we going? What’s the true goal?
 Do you benefit from love and self-awareness in your life?

  • What is important

    • that’s what matters that’s what produces change and is where our energy will go to manifest change

    • noise to signal

  • Frequencies and Consciousness

    • Signals and Reality

  • time travel groups

  • We haven’t yet found reality

    • Reality is Within Ourselves

    • Non Linear Sacred Movement Like Rubicks Cube

  • Creator made light to reflect unto itself

    • Light became distorted

    • Quality Control of Creation

    • Distortion and Clarity

    • Intelligence Design

  • Chaos as Change

    • Ascension

    • Immortal Beings

  • Internet is Forever, a New Mind for the Species

    • A New Environment For The Body

  • Mandela; Multiple Simultaneous Realities

    • Who’s Wrong; All are Right?

    • Spontaneity

    • Cosmic Computer Program

    • Love is the Lesson

    • Unity, Division is the Catalyst for Change

    • Expansion from Contraction

  • Global Hive Mind-hacked, Create Subconcsious Impressions to Generate the Image and the Mirror To influence reality and replicate

  • We create reality

    • Fantasies Become Reality

    • The Power to Create

    • Literal Infinite Possible Realities Each Person a Creator Go

    • Agencies Holding People Back to That Until They Are Ready

    • SuperComputer System – Hyperreality, Neural interface with Artifcial Brain, then actual brains, actual times and realities

    • Accept Truth and Harmony, Self-Honesty, Respect and Awareness over deception, illusion and suffering

    • Harmonic convergence and artificial resistance and feedback from mind-controllers seeking to profit off of the suffering and immaturity of humanity (to take advantage and abuse)

    • To live in the false reality that is created by the human illusion

    • Eventually The Truth Will Be Apparent to All, they’re living in the shadows for as long as possible

    • Ascension being when we know more truth than illusion

    • What we have and what we attain, material goods and knowledge and love

    • The Heart “Chakra” and soul of Earth, versus the geneticals or rectum

2 thoughts on “Group Chat: Yvonne, Spencer, Michael and Aug

  1. “Agencies Holding People Back…” that is the true issue. I believe people are naturally ready when they haven’t been held back or “schooled” by the tactics and violations of “agencies” and false agendas designed to degrade. Funny that last sentence.. Yes! the “Heart “Chakra” and soul of Earth” rather than more lube to keep takin’ it… I’ve been talking about the whole lube issue lately – too much looby lube in the whirly world and not enough actual relationship to the Heart and Soul of beings and beingness, etc. Thanks for sharing the video.


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