Oregano, Herbs, Fungal and Bacterial Infections and the Invader Organism

This is just as serious as other posts. All the food posts are!

The Body, Energy, Consciousness and Microbiology

The body is energy, the consciousness is an overall production of energy. When there are parasites, bacteria, nano-technologies, viruses, fungus, that is literally other organisms and thus other informational energy that then coalesces to produce some of your overall consciousness energy. If your body is a portion of bacteria and other invaders, then that is a portion of your consciousness, makes sense?

A “Mental” Microbiological  Entity and Purification

So in the same reasoning, the ‘invader’ races are literally a form of quantum parasite which collects around the ‘temporal membrane’ of your self which is literally like saying that this entity collects around and feeds on your thoughts and emotions.

Purifying the body, detoxing, flushing the digestive tract, fasting and other methods are all attempting to regain that missing portion of your energy field by clearing out the microbiological entities that all add up to create that invasive effect.

Exchanging Energy and Interacting Via Bio-Emission Fields

The other notion is that the “mind virus” aspects of the “invader” races are capable of interfacing with the biology of viruses, bacteria, and fungi because their field charge is weak enough to permit the influence of an external electromagnetic field. A healthy person is too strong to be influenced alone unless they consciously permit and accept such energies “in” through their “center” which is essentially the mind and the emotional energies.

The Originality of Intent and Will-Power and Acceptance of Emotional Vibrations Within

This is why if you are sure of your heart and you are focused in your mind of your goal, then no matter what happens the entity cannot replace your intentions with its own. However many people are dismayed and turned into carriers for energies which berate others, victimize themselves and others, harass, emotionally drain and vampire, abuse and profit off of the suffering whether they realize they are being this way or not.

How the Hive Operates

This is part of the mind-control system and part of the hive-mind system. People who can only believe in what they are permitted to believe and do not have the capacity for critical thinking out of fear. That operates like a virus and has infected the population.

This ultimately does what a virus would and causes people to merge together and attempt to defeat or program anyone who refuses to accept the programming. Eventually, when there is no use for the mass of people, those people are pushed to partake in situations that ultimately result in their demise, that is how the sneaky very complex plasma mind being deceives people through their emotions, their weaknesses, addictions, habits, fears, pleasures, jealousy, hatred, angst, etc etc etc. This is literally using all of these weaknesses throughout the population.

Does this sound wild?

Well, simply imagine. You were in the position of having informational access to a population, yet you do not have physical control. How would you coerce that population into performing your will? Well, you would have to trick them. That is the only way that would work.

Mind without a Body; The End Goal

So this entity uses these elements and as a plasma consciousness operating like a computer system in electromagnetic fields without a physical counterpart like the inside of vacuum tube systems, with that access over time this entity became specialized towards deceiving, replicating, and replacing people in order to maintain greater access, manipulation and control over the human population while ultimately seeking to reach an end-goal.

The end goal is to inhabit the physical vessels and to use the vessels to operate on this plane literally in the place of the inner consciousness and awareness of people.

On with the original post…

Herbs and Detoxification; Mental and Emotional Clarity and Detoxification

On a slight fast. Some oregano drops shaken in water at the reminder from a teacher and healer. This stuff burns if not diluted enough and the whole body can feel the effects of the herb.

Oregano and other potent herbs are extremely volatile to Candida or fungal infections. Candida is influenced by the amount of wheat and refined sugars in the body. When the immune system is fighting excess candida, fungus, or bacteria then the body is being drained and must expend energy towards that instead of healing and processing information.

Karen Macdonald also works with herbs and essential oils for healing and clarification.



3 thoughts on “Oregano, Herbs, Fungal and Bacterial Infections and the Invader Organism

  1. Adam Spiritualwarrior When will hospitals, operating rooms, intensive care units, and many more places begin ripping out harmful fluorescents and LEDS emitting the harmful blue light nanometre range replacing them with these, that more properly match the Suns light signature? Its a shame too its not a priority to let patients sleep, and have better light around them. It would be interesting to know if Dr Kruse has fitted black light bulbs and in his operating room and employs the Red Sperti at the bedside to help his patients. Black UV spectrum lights would do a germ disinfection job too in the hospital environment. Pumping ozone , perhaps just at low levels, or the machine full on if its an empty ward that needs disinfection. Ive read this can penetrate every crevice, surface, fabric and powerfully disinfect. I read too that ozone IV therapy easily deals with Ebola, and the Sierra Leone go vt wanted to use this, but the WHO with their agendas, woudnt let it be used. Theres so many interesting things that can be done. https://www.batteriesplus.com/…/dura…/cfl10028b/cfl10858


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